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A Special Place (Sidney Crosby)

Chapter 2

Gia's POV

I come home to find that mom was on a business trip. I shrugged and went upstairs to do my normal routine of homework, dinner, shower, PJ's, hockey stats, Facebook, and bed. I have to be focused on school and the team first. Tomorrow is hockey practice and I'm the captain of the boys team. I smile to myself all the time. It doesn't bother me at all. It makes me happy and I made Plum High School the best in the high school league.

Hockey Practice

"GOOD GUYS, SHOWER!" I was about to skate over to the showers when the coach called me into his office. I sighed and took off my skates and sat down. "Do you want hear some good news." I smiled knowing what this was about. I was motioned towards the computer and and a cam on video chat. I saw every captain of every team I've ever known. "Hi there, Gia." I hyperventilated. "We are honored to have you be the winner of the competition. And now we are here to know, who's your dream team." It was Ovechkin talking and I smiled knowing I was a Penguin for life. "Thanks for picking me, and I choose the......PENS!!!!" I could Sid smiling. The others were mad, but I bleed gold and black and the occasional blue in my veins. Sidney moved closer to the screen and said. "Well, since you picked me as your captain. Welcome to the team. I will personally pick you up after school and you will come to the practice arena and show us what you've got!" I smiled and said thank you again before closing the laptop. "THANKS, COACH!" He chuckled and said. "Of course now get the hell out of here and get ready for tomorrow. And that's what I did, I went home took a shower cleaned my skates, did laundry, ate dinner, do homework, check stats, went and posted on Facebook, then went to bed. Well, I did until the phone rang.

Sidney's POV

I had her phone number and decided to call her. What am I doing she's probably doing homework and is tired from practice. I shouldn't call her. But I wanted to hear that sweet adorable voice of hers. Now I sound like a pig I'm 9 years older than her. It's wrong to do that. But why do I feel like it's the right thing to do? I sighed and called her because they gave me her number. But how do I act professional when that girl is so beautiful. I sighed and waited for her to pick up the phone. Then I heard her voice, but tried to sound as professional as possible. "Hello?" "Gia?" She sounded scared. "Who is this and how the fuck do you know my name?" I sighed and thought of something. Be professional, be professional. "It's Sidney Crosby." I don't think I heard anything, but her heavily breathing. She calmed and said. "I'm sorry how are you. What do you need?" I chuckled and said. "Nothing, I was just wondering what the address was to your school so I can pick you up?" She told me the address and I told her to look out for a black Range Rover. She said OK, and hung up the phone abruptly. I chuckled. I looked over and saw Kathy walked into the door, and the second I saw her. The second my attraction went away. "Hey, did you guys pick the kid for the competition?" I smiled and gave her a kiss. "Yes, we did." "Oh, and where's he from?" I sighed and said. "He's a she, and she's from Pittsburgh and goes to Plum High School." She looked shocked. "She's playing hockey? That's a boy thing." I sighed. "Well, not necessarily anymore, and so what I've seen her play and her eyes shine through the hockey helmet, she loves it." She was mad I could tell, but I know one thing I'm honored to be teaching a girl.

After School Gia's POV

Everyone wished me good luck on my first practice. I smiled and thanked everyone as I looked for the black Rover with girls standing around it. I laughed to myself and went towards it. "Sorry ladies, but the man in this car is here for me, and has a girlfriend anyways. So be gone!" They all 'awed' and hung their heads walking away from the car. I got in and he smiled. "Hello, You're Gia?" I smiled and said. "Yes, and you're Sidney. Now that introductions are done can we leave before we get bombarded by girls and boys wanting autographs?" He chuckled and we drove out of school. "I thought we hold off on practice and we get to know each other a bit. So where do you want to eat? And pick wisely because for the next few days you'll have the hockey player diet." I laughed, and knew he wasn't kidding. "Well, how about.......PIZZA!" He smiled and said. "Sure, how about we go to my place and we order and watch movies in the movie room. Since you have no school tomorrow?" I nodded and we we were off to his.

Sidney's POV

I'm so glad Kathy's out of my hair and in Europe. I could be myself around her and not have someone nag at me. Gia, beautiful name and a beautiful girl. I loved that about her. I was curious when I heard slapping and then smiled. She found my slap shot range and I could see she was loving it. She turned and she put the stick down. I was confused, she looked like she was in trouble. "Continue, I like how you use it more than I do anyway." She smiled and said. "Well, how about I just look for the movie plus my aim was terrible. I brought her arm back and looked at her. "Don't stop I'll teach you something." I put my arms around her, and immediately felt nervous, my heart started to race and I slowly began to have an erection. Luckily you can hide it easier. "It's like bowling on the Wii. You got to be able to angle it towards the center where the net is. Like this." I was showing her and she smiled she found the perfect angle, brushed me off and slapped shot into the goal. Perfection." She screamed and hugged me. "Good job!" I told her she pulled back and I looked at her. Man, did I want to kiss her lips. I was about to lean in and the doorbell rang she smiled and said. "PIZZA!!!" I laughed and went downstairs with her so we can get our food. Why am I falling for her?


This sucks...but like some it waits to get better towards the end....:)



I know I am...I just posted chapter 4 and I hope maybe you can read it and tell others about it...??



helenabelatrix helenabelatrix
I liked it, though you should continue it =) 3 chapters isn't enough
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