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Girl of my Dreams

1 (repost)

Have you ever had a reoccurring dream? One that you never want to come out of. Well that happens to me; Adam Mcquaid all the time. I keep having a dream of a beautiful girl I’ve never seen in my life. Long dark hair, pale skin, and big brown eyes that had not a care in the world. I keep trying to chase her, but she runs away quickly. I would get so close to touching her but she vanishes, and then comes back on the other side of the room. She seems so real, so perfect. Wanting to know her I stand staring across the room as she flows with no care. Does she see me, I don’t know? When I wake up I can’t help but want her next to me. Wanting to hold her in my arms close to my body and feel her warmth radiating within me. It seems too real and sometimes I wonder if it wasn’t a dream. But then I wake up, look around the room and see it’s only me and no one else. My alarm went off at 3pm. I took a nap before the charity event for the Bruins. The dream played in my head yet again but this time I almost had her. I must be the loneliest man in the world to have to dream about my perfect girl and not find her. She was only a dream; I kept saying that to myself every time I had it on my mind. I decided to take a shower to wake myself up a little. Before getting in my cell rang in the living room, “ugh really?” I walked out of the bathroom with only my boxers on. “Yeah” I answered. It was Brad Marchand, “what?” I answered a little more sharply then I intended. “Wow dude I just wanted to see when you were leaving” he chuckled. “Sorry I was just about to shower and you called” I walked back in the bathroom. “Oh, so when are you going?” “About 5:15” I put it on speaker and took off my underwear. “Sounds good dude” he hung up the phone before I could say anything. I stepped in the shower and let the warm water drip on my body. I cleared my mind of my dream before washing myself. ________________________________________________________________________ It was 5:00 and I left to go to the dinner, I hated wearing suits and going to fancy dinners. Once I got there it was 5:43 everyone was dressed to the nines. I spotted some of the guys and went to talk to them. “Hey Quaider” Greg Campbell smiled. “Sup guys” I waved a little. Apparently my mind wasn’t clear after all; I thought about how everyone looks with their wives and girlfriends. It made me upset that my girl is only in my head. “You seem upset” Brad put his arm around my shoulders. “I’m fine man, just a little tired is all” I lied. “You work on table near me” Brad smiled. “Great just my luck” I joked. “I think you’re lucky” he walked away. ________________________________________________________________________ After the main course everyone was dancing with their significant others. I didn’t want to look lonely as everyone danced, so I walked around the room. I watched everyone dance to the slowest of songs, holding each other close, smiling and laughing. Finally a faster paced song came on and Bergy came up to me. “Have fun, come dance” he pulled my arm to get me up. I didn’t feel like putting up a fight so I got up. “No dates needed” Bergy shouted over the music. I didn’t dance because I stopped in the middle of the floor. A woman caught my attention. She looked like the girl in my dream; she was sitting by herself on her phone. I blinked a few times to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming and to my surprise I wasn’t. I took small steps toward her table and when I was a foot away a man sat next to her. She kissed him. Go figure she’s dating somebody, but it didn’t look like she was happy with him. He could see it in her dark brown eyes. After a few seconds she looked to me, our eyes locked. I couldn’t move I must have looked like a creep. She gave me the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen. I smiled back but it probably looked awkward because she gave a small laugh and turned to her boyfriend. I turned on my heel and walked through two big doors and out into the fancy hall. “I can’t believe it” I said to myself. I stood out there for 10 minutes when I decided to go back inside. I took a deep breath first, then when I turned around I bumped arms with someone. I looked slightly down and saw that girl. “I’m so sorry” I apologized. “No need, I should have been more careful” she smiled up at me. “You look familiar, like I’ve seen you before.” Yes I know I only saw her in my dream but I need to know who she was. “I know who you are but I haven’t seen you in person until today. I’m Christina by the way” she held out her hand. I shook her hand, her warm hand. Our hands fit so perfectly in each others grasp. “What brings you here?” I asked. “My boyfriend runs the gala event every year with your team; I tagged along against my will actually” she laughed. “I don’t like these fancy parties either, but I’d do anything for a good cause.” “Dresses, not my thing” she smiled. She was wearing a black one shoulder dress that stopped right above the knee. It fit her body like a glove. She had her long hair to the side that was bare and I could see more than two earrings in her ears. “We should get back in, you’re boyfriend must be wondering where you are” When I said boyfriend it actually hurt for me to say that word. “Probably, but whatever” she shrugged. “Is there something wrong?” I looked directly into her eyes. “He’s a great guy, but I’m not physically attracted to him, ya know?” “I get it” I nodded my head. “Christina we have to go see Claude Julien” her boyfriend came up behind her. “Okay Steven” she looked back at him. “What’s going on here?” Steven looked at me. “Nothing I just bumped into Sidney and we started talking” she smiled at me then back at Steven. “Steven Henry” he held out his hand. “Adam Mcquaid” I shook his hand. “Nice to meet you, big fan” he smiled. “Thanks it was nice meeting you” I then walked away. He didn’t know what I was thinking or my situation. She didn’t know that I dreamt of her for so long either. She didn’t know that she’s the one that’s constantly on my mind. I was never going to see her again but only in my dreams.


Update soon!!!!
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