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Girl of my Dreams

2 (repost)

(Christina’s pov) “Babe are you okay?” I heard Steven pull me out of my thoughts. “Yeah” I looked at him and smiled. I was thinking about Adam. I’ve had a crush on him ever since he became a Bruin. He looked extra good today and when he started talking to me I felt like I was going to melt under his gaze. I turned to Steven then looked across the room and saw Adam laughing with Bergeron. His smile was perfect. “What are you looking at?” Steven was trying to follow where I was looking. “Nothing I’m just dozing off” I lied. “I have to stay until after cleanup, and then I’ll take you home.” It was finally over and the Bruins were doing last minute socializing. “I’ll just take the bus, I’m really tired and I have work in the morning.” I stood up. “Are you sure?” “Yes I’m sure” I bent down to kiss him, “I’ll see you tomorrow night.” I walked out of the room. “We meet again” she heard a familiar voice. “I see that” I turned around to see Adam coming closer to me. My heart skipped a beat; something that I never felt in the two years with Steven. “Where’s your boyfriend?” he laughed. “He has to stay until the very end; I’m tired so I decided to take the bus home.” “Don’t take the bus, I’ll drive you.” “Really? Thanks” I followed him to where he parked. We rode in silence to my apartment complex. ____________________________________________________________________________ “Thank you again” I smiled. “No problem” he smiled back. “You want to come in?” I asked without thinking. “Sure” he pulled into a spot on the street and we got out of the car. I lead him to the third floor where I reside. “Welcome to casa del mi” I said once I got the door open. “It’s nice” he looked around. “Thanks, I worked hard for this” I took off my heels. “What do you do?” “I’m a freelance artist. I usually paint and draw then go to auctions. It’s only my first year doing it; I also work in an office for extra cash.” I sat and pointed to the couch next to me. He sat on the other side of the couch. “How old are you? If you don’t mind me asking” he turned his body to face me. “23, you?” “26 not that far up from you” he smiled. “Yeah you’re not that old” we laughed. “Would you like something to drink?” I stood up and went to the kitchen. “Do you have beer?” he laughed. “Yeah, I keep it for when Steven comes over” I brought him beer and water for myself. “You don’t drink?” “No because of personal issues” I told him too much. I have a habit of that. Maybe it’s because deep down I really want someone to question me so I could vent my feelings. “Like what?” I knew he would ask. “My father was a big alcoholic and he would just get violent. He would never hit anyone but he’d get verbally abusive. We got him help and he does better now thank God” I sat back down. “At least he accepted the help” he moved closer obviously getting more comfortable. “How’s the season going for you?” “Good, I’m getting used to playing games again.” “That’s good, I’ve been working on like 3 pieces and that takes up my whole day” I shrugged. “May I see your workplace?” he smiled. “Sure follow me” I got up and went to the room all the way in the back. I used the master bedroom as my studio and the guest room as my bedroom. It wasn’t a big room but it wasn’t small, now my studio that’s a different story. I opened the door and looked at Adam’s face. “Wow this is really nice” he looked around. It was painted lavender; the back wall had a mural I painted of a night sky. I had three easels set up around the room. “I love this painting” Adam went to the right wall and pointed to a portrait of a hockey rink, there was one player that is about to take a shot. His stick is lifted slightly back ready to hit the puck into the net. He’s alone in the rink practicing by himself. “I like that one too” I stood next to him. He turned around to the wall that has the closet full of my supplies and on the side is a picture of the Bruins winning the cup in 2011. “Bruins fan?” he smiled and walked to the picture. “Yep all my life” I smiled and looked at him. “Who’s your favorite player?” “This is embarrassing because it’s you” I laughed. “I’m flattered” he smiled and put his hand over his heart. We just laughed until one moment when we locked eyes. The world stopped it looked like he was glowing. We both moved closer until the space between us was closed. His lips were soft and tasted like beer. I ran my hands through his hair once the kiss got heated. He pulled me really close to his body, his hands roamed from my lower back to my butt and then rested on my hips. It was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I pulled away once I realized that it was going too far. “I’m sorry” Adam let go and took a step back. “No” I whispered. “I’ll get going” he walked out of the room and out of my apartment.


Update soon!!!!
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