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Girl of my Dreams


I woke up early on this warm day in late April to go to the park with Christina. It’s a Sunday morning and I drove to a café. I needed to show her that I’ll be there whenever she needs my help. As the months went on, 5 to be exact, I couldn’t wait any longer. She met me at the café near the park. She sat opposite me. “Hello” she smiled. “Hey, what’s going on?” “Nothing except this” she laughed. Her laugh was like music to my ears; it put me at ease and made me happy. “So how’s life?” she smiled. “I don’t know what to say’ she laughed and I did too. We were both awkward at this; my reasoning was that I liked her. Unfortunately I didn’t know her reasoning. “Life is good, you?” “It’s alright” she shrugged. “Tell me what’s up?” “Steven and I are arguing right now. He wants to talk it out and get through, but I’m too mad to talk to him.” “Why’s that?” we got up and started walking across the street to the park. “He’s just never there for me, I practically had to guilt him into going to my art exhibit and leave work early.” “At least he’s going” I looked at her. She didn’t notice as she kept looking straight ahead. “Yeah, but he probably wouldn’t have. Work is more important to him then me” she sighed. “Don’t say that, I think you’re an amazing woman. He probably thinks so too.” What was I doing? She probably is going to be right back in Steven’s arms now. I’m probably drawing her towards him and away from me. I couldn’t help it. It’s like her feelings are important to me and they are. She deserves the best and maybe I’m not the best for her? “Aw thanks” she smiled. “We’ll see on Tuesday” she turned her head to me. We finally picked a bench and sat down. We were admiring the scenery in complete comfortable silence. “Entering the playoffs, exciting huh? I mean you were in the playoffs for a few years in a row, but…” she laughed. I laughed, “it’s always exciting and it’s a new challenge every year. It’s not the same every time so that keeps us on our toes.” “Good answer” she smiled. “Thank you, I should write a speech for the team.” “You should” she smiled. “I’m coming to the playoffs; Steven gave me tickets for every home game. He’s trying to get me to forgive him. He said even if I’m still mad I can keep the tickets.” “Would you like to see a particular player? Like Campbell, or Rask, or someone else” I raised my eyebrows at her. She laughed, “oh definitely you.” “Oh thanks, I wasn’t expecting that.” I laughed and she joined in. “Very cute” she smiled. “Now you think I’m cute” I winked. She pushed my face jokingly. “So what do you want to do?” she asked. “How about we go to Dave & Busters and play games?” “I love that place, I haven’t gone in a year” she smiled and stood up. “We just have to walk to my car near the café” I stood up too and we started walking. _______________________________________________________________________________ At first we ate pizza and then started playing games. We were having fun, talking about life and childhood. I was surprised to hear about her relationship before Steven. The guy used to call her names and sometimes hit her. She was afraid to the point where she didn’t want to leave him because she was afraid of what he was going to do. She lost all her self confidence until she met Steven. He treated her like a princess and she was grateful to him. Now she feels like she’s slowly losing that confidence because Steven is disinterested in her, all he’s interested in is work. I was sad to hear that she doesn’t know why her relationships are failing; and I don’t either. She shouldn’t be ignored by her boyfriends. “Let’s play skeeball” she pulled me by my wrist. “The one with most points wins” I added as we started the game. After a minute of trash talking I won. “Aw man” she snapped her fingers. “So close.” “Very competitive I see.” “Growing up with two older brothers you kind of have to fight for many things” she shrugged. “Right, us guys are the worst” I joked. “You’re not” she put her arm around my shoulders. “So nice of you” I laughed. “No I’m serious Adam. You’re a great guy” she bit her bottom lip and man did that make me want her even more. I couldn’t speak for a few seconds. “Thanks” I smiled. I must have looked like an idiot standing there not saying anything. Then I wound up coming up with the word thanks. “Let’s play more games” she let go of me. “Which one?” “I challenge you on the nascar game over there” she pointed to the other side of the room. “You’re on” we walked over to the game. _______________________________________________________________________________ Once it hit 8:30 we decided to leave. She had to finish her painting up for the exhibit. ‘I had so much fun today” Christina hugged me. I didn’t want to let her go. We molded perfectly together. I hope she sees what I’m seeing. “Me too. We won cool stuffed bears” I held mine up. “Ya know what? I’ll give you this one too” I handed her the bear. “Are you sure?” “Yeah I basically got it for you that is why I asked you what I should get.” “Thanks” she smiled. I couldn’t stop looking at her as we fell in complete silence. All you could hear was cars going by on the streets. I couldn’t help myself I just needed to kiss her again. I missed her soft lips on mine and holding her close to my body. I cupped her cheek, looked in her eyes, and kissed her. It was amazing, it didn’t feel forced as it was going on. She didn’t even hesitate to kiss me which put a smile on my face. We pulled apart after about a minute. That minute felt like a lifetime, not that I’m complaining. She smiled at me, “what was that for?” she gave a light laugh. “I really like you” I came off a little shy. She didn’t say anything she just grinned from ear to ear. We were going to go back to our apartments. _______________________________________________________________________________ (Christina pov) “I really like you” Adam said after he kissed me. I didn’t know how much I missed kissing him until it just happened. Now I want more. He makes me feel like I’m the only girl in the world. He says I’m amazing and that he cares about me and I believe it 100 percent. I really like him too, but I didn’t tell him. Everyday I thought about him and everyday I wanted him more. I agreed to hang out with him because I really like being in his company. We then walked to his car and he took me home. ______________________________________________________________________________ I got inside my house to finish my painting. It was only going to take me an hour to finish. I turned on my playlist and started working on it again. I wanted to start a new painting inspired by my day with Adam. All my paintings are inspired by things I’ve seen or done. I interpret them in how I feel about it. I decided to start right after finishing the other painting. I took out a new canvas and my pencil to draw it out. Instead ot an arcade I made it a carnival game. It was two people holding hands and turned around to play a water gun game. The guy was the one who held the water gun and shooting. I made the bar that rises almost to the top; he was obviously going to win the game. She probably would never admit to anyone that it’s her and Adam. ______________________________________________________________________________ “Babe I’m here” Steven called out. She heard the door close and heard his footsteps coming in the studio. “Hi” I said, not looking up from my painting. “Its 10 right now, we have to go to a gala until midnight. It’s a charity event for at night.” “I would have to shower and everything Steven, it’s too late for that.” “You don’t have to you were home all day, you didn’t get dirty.” He didn’t know I spent the day with Adam and I wanted to keep it that way. “I have things to do, I can’t just drop everything and go with you” I said sharply. “You have all day tomorrow to get your paintings ready.” I can’t believe he just said that to me. He never drops what he’s doing when I have an exhibit or an auction. His job is more important than my job to him. “Are you serious right now?” I stood up and raised my voice. I walked over to him, “I’m not going” I said slowly. “You have to come. If you have a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or a wife, the people expect them to come with the organizers.” “That’s the best you’ve got, well I’m still not going. It’s late and I’m tired. I didn’t sleep today and I really want to.” “Have it your way” he surrendered the argument. “So that’s it” I said confused. “Yeah, I’ll go okay. You don’t have to come I’ll see you tomorrow.” He kissed me passionately, but I didn’t feel anything like I had with Adam. “That was amazing”, he smiled. I just nodded my head and smiled at him. Steven is such a great guy but I just don’t feel anything. He’s such a good friend too. I can’t keep leading him on, but he already left.


Update soon!!!!
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