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Girl of my Dreams


“Quaider, what’s up?” Tuukka said as I walked into the locker room for the game. “Hey man” I walked over to my stall. “I’m doing good as of now” I smiled. “You look like a man with a plan” Dougie came up to me in his full hockey attire. “What’s going through your head?” “I need an idea for a day out with Christina; I’m determined to make her like me as much as I like her.” I didn’t dream last night, but I did think about what to do tomorrow with her. “Ask someone with a wife or something” Dougie shrugged and laughed. “You’re right, why am I talking to you?” I joked. “Someone need advise?” Lucic came up to me. “A little” I looked up at him. “I need to do something for this girl I really want to be with. The thing is, she has a boyfriend but I’m trying to reverse that.” “Well is she happy with said boyfriend” he sat in the empty stall next to me. “I personally don’t think she is.” “Then why would she stay with him. There has to be something more. Get to the core of her situation and then put on the charm, be that shoulder to cry on. She’ll fall for you if she sees that you care about her feelings.” Milan was right, I needed to get in a little deeper and then turn it all around. She needs to feel comfortable with me and that’s how she’ll start liking me. “That’s exactly what I’ll do. Any date like thing that you could pitch to me?” I smiled. “It’s April so you should go to a park or something.” “She does like nature so that’s a good idea” I said as I laced up my skates. “Update me” Milan whispered. I put my thumbs up and smiled. I was ready for the game. I feel better to know what I’m going to do. I have second guessed last night about why I’m doing this. If she wanted to date me she would break up with Steven and go for me. That was my thought process last night and now come to think of it I’m doubting whether I should do this or not. Should I just try? Then again I don’t know what’s going on in her head, it must be completely opposite from me. I wonder if she’s so far out of my reach that no matter how much I try it won’t work. It was like expecting to win the Stanley Cup when your team is in last place towards the end of a regular season. This was like hockey in a way. I had to compare it to something I know. You never know what the opponents are conjuring up in their locker room. There approach will be different every time and you won’t know what’s in store for you at the end of the game. I don’t know what she feels toward me and I’m kind of scared that it won’t turn in my favor. ____________________________________________________________________________ (Christina pov) Steven was annoying me lately and all I wanted to do was be alone. I needed paintings to get done, I needed to enter into the auction and also choose one painting for the exhibit. Ah the exhibit that my boyfriend won’t be able to come to because he has work. I’m used to that by now. I logged onto my computer and entered the auction and also auction off my city nights painting. I heard keys in the lock and knew it was Steven. Great now I have to talk to him. “Hi” he came in the studio. “Knew you’d be in here” he smiled. “Where else would I be? I have to get ready for the exhibits on Tuesday night, it’s not like you care anyway.” “I do care” “Then why can’t you just leave work early for one day and come for me. Support me in my job too. You’re not the only one with a career to tend to” I said sharply. It was a one way street with him when it comes to work. I don’t make a lot of money like he does and that’s why he looks down on my work events. “I’ll come okay” he walked over to me. “I love you” he kissed me. “Thanks for coming then” I smiled up at him. “By the way we are going to the Bruins last game before the playoffs” he pulled out the tickets. “Sounds good” I took a ticket from his hands and looked at it. It had a picture of Adam on it and I smiled to myself. ____________________________________________________________________________ (Adam pov) The game was over and we won in overtime. It felt good to win, we already knew we had a spot in the playoffs, but it was good to see a W for our last regular season game. As I walked to the locker rooms I saw Christina and Steven talking to coach. Someone bumped my arm and I turned to see Milan next to me. “That’s the girl?” he pointed to her. “Yep” I smiled. “I remember her from the gala, she’s pretty” he smiled. “I know, but she has Mr. prim and proper on her arm.” Steven had the looks of a powerful, rich, business man. His hair was always neat and done perfectly, he had the smile that movie stars have. Why wouldn’t she stay with him? Right? “He’ll be gone don’t worry” he smiled. “I hope your right” I said to myself and sighed. ____________________________________________________________________________ I felt hands cover my eyes as I was sitting on a folding chair in the middle of the locker room. “Guess who?” a familiar voice said. You could tell she was smiling. “I don’t know maybe Marshy” I joked. She took her hands off my eyes; “it is me” she walked in front of me. “Good game, nice assist too” she smiled. “Thank you” I smiled back. “So where is your boyfriend I saw him with you?” “Talking to the boss” she rolled her eyes. “Still the same?” I asked and stood up. We were very close but we both didn’t back up. “Yeah, I mean he’s coming to an exhibit on Tuesday. I guess that’s a step in the right direction” she shrugged. “Maybe I’ll just show up too” I smiled and rocked back and forth from my heel to my toes. “You should, I’d love for you to come. I’m also doing the auction so I could make some money.” “What is it of?” “It’s a bunch of flowers and all but one is white. The colorful one is an odd color purple, it symbolizes standing out from a crowd and being your own person” she smiled. When she talked about art and her paintings you could see the passion. “You are very deep” I tapped her nose with my finger. She started laughing as did I. I saw Marshy in the background making a heart with his hands. I looked at him and shook my head. “Are you busy tomorrow?” “No why?” she tilted her head to the right. “I just thought we could get lunch and sit in the park and eat. It’s nice weather again” I had my fingers crossed. “Nah” she shook her head. I looked at her in shock then she started laughing. “Of coarse I’ll go, sounds like fun” she smiled. So much relief there for a moment I thought she was serious. “I’ll pick you up around 11:30ish” I reasoned. “Awesome” she smiled. “Well I better get going Steven must be waiting for me” she smiled then walked out of the room. “Congrats dude” Marshy gave me a high five. “Um, okay… thanks” I laughed awkwardly. “You two crazy kids have fun tomorrow” he patted me on the back and left the locker room. I am one step closer to mastering the plan. I actually saw light in her eyes when she spoke to me. I’m starting to get a sense that she likes me.


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