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Story of Us


“Sign here and here, initial there, and then you’re done.” Kaya said as Patrick signed the paperwork laid out before him.

As he handed her the contract she pulled out another piece of paper, Patrick groaned, “More paperwork?”

“Stop being a drama queen, Kaner. It’s a confidentiality agreement; I don’t have to sign it. But if you’d like me to tell the papers what color your boxers are, I will.” She signed the paper before holding it out to him with a smirk.

Patrick rolled his eyes before outing his John Hancock on it as well. As he handed it back to her, he said, “So I guess this means I kinda own you now, huh?”

Even though Kaya knew Patrick was joking she still scoffed, “You’re just renting me. You could never afford me. “

Patrick raised an eyebrow, “Oh really?”

“I’m like a pair a Louboutins, wanted by all, owned by few. “ She replied with a cocky smile.

Patrick chuckled at her analogy, “So how does someone get their hands on you?”

Kaya shook her head, “I already told you, Kaner, you couldn’t afford me. “

“After what I’m paying you to redo my apartment, I’m going to need my next contract in full.” Patrick joked.

Kaya threw her head back with a laugh, “Hey, you were the one that searched me out. Remember? Now make yourself useful and help me measure.”
+ + +

“Kaner, stop whining.” Kaya said rolling her eyes.

“We’ve been measuring for 30 minutes though.” He whined throwing himself on his couch.

“Actually, I’ve been measuring, you’ve been whining.” Kaya put her hands on her hips, emitting an exasperated sigh. It wasn’t hard work and she really didn’t understand why he felt the need to make it so difficult.

“Can we take a break?” Patrick asked with his eyes closed.

“No, we’re almost done. We only have one window left.”

“Pleaseeeeeeee?” Patrick asked, pouting at Kaya.

She only crossed her arms, “No, Kaner.” Her tone was stern like she was talking to a ten year old. But Patrick didn’t give in; he just kept staring at Kaya, making a puppy dog face. Kaya didn’t plan on caving but his eyes made it difficult to stand her ground.

“Okay! Okay! Just stop looking at me like that.” She exclaimed pressing her fingertips to her temple and collapsing on the other side of the couch.

Patrick smiled triumphantly, “I win.” He said smugly.

“Shut up, Kaner.” Kaya replied with an eye roll.


She looked at Patrick with a cocked eyebrow, “Huh?”

Patrick languidly rolled his head to look at Kaya, his blue eyes looking directly into hers, “My name is Patrick, not Kaner.”

“I know” She replied a smirk playing on her full pink lips. “But I prefer Kaner. “

“What if I called you Speedy Gonzalez?” Patrick countered with a lazy grin.

“I would end your hockey career.” She replied candidly, crossing her arms over the swell of her chest. She didn’t look at him but at the wall that stood before her, jaw set defiantly like she refused to even acknowledge him.

“What, you don’t like the nickname, Speedy?” Patrick mocked the smirk on his face growing.

“Kaner, I will not hesitate to end your life.” Kaya threatened flatly.

“You would never.”

Kaya glowered at Patrick, light brown irises dancing in the light. “Don’t test me, you being a superstar means nothing to me.”

Patrick’s smirk grew wider, “You know, you’re not being very professional. Aren’t you supposed to go out of your way to be nice to me? Isn’t that the professional thing to do?” He asked cockily.

Kaya made a face at him, “You mean kiss your ass?” Patrick stared at her, surprised by her bluntness. She shook her head with a slight grin, “Nope. I’m going to do that because if I remember clearly, I asked you to leave me alone and yet here I am.”

“Well if I remember clearly,” Patrick mocked, “I asked to replace your phone and you didn’t let me. So I’d say we’re even.”

Kaya snorted, “How is that even remotely the same thing?”

Patrick shrugged,” It isn’t, but you asked something of me and I asked something of you, but neither of those wishes was heeded.”

“You’re annoying, did you know that?”

“I prefer perseverant.”

“And I prefer if you’d let me finish measuring so I can be on my merry way.” Sarcasm dripped from every syllable. Kaya constantly shutting him down should have annoyed Patrick but it only made him more attracted to her.

“Let’s go Peek-a-Boo, you’re wasting ti- Oh, am I interrupting something?”

Patrick rolled his eyes, as the male brunette closed the front door.

“Yeah right”
Kaya and Patrick said at the same time. Patrick made a face at Kaya’s response, she simply grinned at him.

Jonathan looked between the two of them, quickly putting two and two together, “You must be Kaya; I’m Jon.” He held out a large hand, she slipped her petite one in his, giving him a nice firm handshake.

“Nice to meet, Jon.” She said kindly.

“So what are you two doing?” Jon asked subtly taking in the appearance of the girl sitting on Kaner’s couch.

“Well, I was trying to measure windows but someone got tired and needed a break.” Kaya said, throwing a good-natured grin at Patrick.
Jon rolled his eyes at his teammate.

“What? I’m a hockey player not a carpenter.” Patrick defended.

Kaya shook her head, “If you excuse me, I’m going to finish measuring that window.” She got off the couch tape measure in hand.

“So Kaya…Pat said you two met the other day.” Jon said, throwing his friend a look.

Kaya snorted, “More like ran into, we collided on the corner of Greenwich and Olive. My iphone bears the scars. “

“I offered to replace it.” Patrick said to Jon.

“And I declined” She replied sharply, “numerous times” She shot over her shoulder at Jon.

“It was only one or two.” Patrick said quickly trying to salvage character. He knew Jon would never let him live it down if he thought Patrick was begging to replace a stranger’s phone.

Kaya smirked to herself as she finished up, “All done, I just have to take these measurements and get a general layout and design. “ She pulled her phone out of the pocket of her tight pants. “According to the schedule you gave me, you have games until December 5. So I can have everything done by the 6th or the 7th. You choose.”

“I have a game on the 8th, so how about the 6th around 5ish? That way we could get a bit to eat or something.” Patrick tried to play it cool but on the inside he was praying she didn’t make a fool of him. But of course the universe wasn’t on his side.

“As polite as that offer is, Mr. Kane , I’m afraid that just doesn’t seem veryprofessional .” A smirk played on her lips as she used his previous argument against him. “How about I meet you right back here at two, on Tuesday?”

Patrick nodded, “That sounds good.”

Kaya smiled picking her purse up from next to Patrick’s front door. “It was nice to meet you Jon, I’ll see you on Tuesday, Kaner.” And with that she was just gone, like all the times before. The floral scent of her perfume trailing behind her

“So…” Jon said with a smirk on his face, “When’s the wedding?”

Patrick punched his friend in the arm, “ Shut the fuck up.”


I found this on Mibba originally and was disappointed when you stopped updating! Glad I found it again!
BexH BexH
This is so good!! Can't wait for the next chapter :D
FreeMySoul FreeMySoul
I will try and make them longer!!!
Electra Heart Electra Heart
I really like this story so far. I only wish the chapters were longer!
Hannah Hannah