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Story of Us


Jesus H Christ, I’m about to commit homicide.

Patrick thought, pulling a pillow over his head but the knocking didn’t cease. Patrick groaned and squinted at the glowing red numbers just left of his head. 6:45. In the morning. It was Patrick’s off day and he didn’t really plan on getting up until at least eight.

“Oh my God” Patrick groaned, throwing the blankets off his body. The cold immediately attacked his warm flesh, making goose bumps rise on his skin.

He rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he wondered who could possibly be knocking on his door at this hour. It couldn’t be his family; they knew how precious sleep was to him. If it was a teammate dicking around, he was fully prepared to punch their lights out.

The doorbell screamed loudly, making Patrick regret not having it uninstalled. He couldn’t stand the noise, he unlocked the deadbolt and yanked the door open so hard that it should have come off the hinges.

Patrick had half expected it to be Jon or Sharpie on the other side of his door ready to persuade him to join them in an early morning workout. But he was pleasantly surprised to be met by the petite brunette from the other day. She was dressed and alert despite the early hour. Her dark brown hair was not straight like the day before but left in its natural state. Her curls held back from her face with a tan bandana. A pair of thick rimmed, tortoise shell glasses balanced on her ski-slope nose. She was wearing tight black shiny pants that reminded Pat of Sandy from Grease. On top she wore a denim shirt that was tied in the front like Daisy Duke and on top of that a thick blue sweater that looked like it was bought at the Salvation Army. She wasn’t wearing heels on her feet, so she stood at roughly 5’6”, which appealed to Patrick because tall girls weren’t really his type.

The little voice in the back of his head told him he was getting too ahead of himself but he told that voice to shut up. “Goo-“

“You have some nerve, Patrick Kane.” She cut him off, walking through the threshold. “Is this some kind of joke to you? Because I don’t think this is funny, why couldn’t you just let me be? I’m not some puck slut, Kaner, and this is not a porno. What did you think would come of this? Seriously.”

Patrick rubbed his eyes as Kaya paced the floor ranting at him. It was too early in the morning to process this many words at the speed she was talking. He knew that doing this wouldn’t make her happy but didn’t expect her to wake him up at seven in the morning to lecture him.

“What are you doing here so early?”

“You wanted to see me right? Well surprise I’m here.” She said with an eye roll.
Patrick rubbed the back of his neck, “Well yeah, but at like ten… not… 6:48 in the morning.” He said glancing at this clock.

For the first time since walking through the door, Kaya observed Patrick’s state of dress. He was standing there holding the door of his apartment in only a pair of light grey boxer briefs. The smell of bed and the grasp of sleep hadn’t quite worn off his form. Kaya put her hands to her mouth. “I woke you up didn’t I?

Patrick nodded, “Kinda”

“I am so sorry. I can come back later; I just figured you’d be up because yesterday we collided around seven. “ She said quickly.

Patrick closed the door, chuckling at the brunette. “Kaya-“

“I am so sorry, I can come back at ten or noon, I’m sure you have practice or something.” She rambled, looking through her purse something.”You know what, just call me at the office when you’re available and I’ll be right over.”

Patrick put his hands on her shoulders, stopping her midsentence, “Kaya, its fine.” He said slowly. “I was getting up at eight anyway.” He lied, like hell he was getting up at eight. He would be lucky if his ass rolled out of bed at noon. She seemed to visibly relax knowing he wasn’t upset.

Patrick held onto Kaya’s shoulders 30 seconds longer than she liked. His blue eyes looked straight into her brown ones, making her feel like he was taking all of her in, it made her uncomfortable. She took a step back, holding a business card out putting space between them.

“Call me when you want me to come back.” Her tone completely different than it was just 45 seconds before. Patrick took the card with a nod, watching her making her way back towards his door.

“I’ll see you later…” Patrick said holding the door open for her.

“Later, Kaner.” No promise was in her words, she left without another word, leaving Patrick,her business card and the scent of her perfume behind.


This is Kaya's [url=http://i44.tinypic.com/2luylxu.jpg]outfit[/url] All credit goes to Sam from [url=http://www.beautycrush.co.uk/] Beauty Crush[/url]


I found this on Mibba originally and was disappointed when you stopped updating! Glad I found it again!
BexH BexH
This is so good!! Can't wait for the next chapter :D
FreeMySoul FreeMySoul
I will try and make them longer!!!
Electra Heart Electra Heart
I really like this story so far. I only wish the chapters were longer!
Hannah Hannah