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I Keep Hoping You'll Forget

Because I Hate Him

We were 15

"Thanks Sidney!" I exploded into Mrs. Jackman homeroom. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" He was finally leaving! I've been waiting for this for months!

Mrs. Jackman wasn't in the room, and I decided to run my mouth. "Slutty Sidney is leaving!" I announced to my classmates who were here, and a group coming in together.

Sidney laughed, "Yes I'm leaving getting away from Asshole Amanda!"

We went on, spitting insults at each other, until Mrs. Jackman walked in, which unfortunatly I didn't notice, "Crap ass Crosby is FINALLY leaving!!! AWWW YEAH! Party!"

Everyone cracked up as Mrs. Jackman glared at me. "Well Amanda, we all know Sid's not the 'crap ass' here." She said, earning a stifled giggle or two. "Sidney's a role model, sitting at his desk."

I was standing at the blackboard, spewing insults at Sidney in front of the class while he sat with proper posture in his seat, a shit eating grin on his face.

I decided to play along, "Yep! He's not in math with me so you never see what a REAL crap ass he is!" I allowed my eyes to get round as saucers and ham it up. "Oh yeah!" I continued, "He calls me a douche and says I had a 69 with that nerd Pierre Bradley!" Which is true.

I'm really the one who starts it all, even on the first day I met him I hated him, and started the fight.

Mrs. Jackman looked confused. "What's a sixty nine?"

The whole class cracked up and Sid spoke up, "Why don't you ask Pierre."

"I've had enough of your crap Shitney!" I said with a smile. "I'll get you at lunch!"

*****END OF PERIOD 7*****
Mr. Howard would NOT shut up about Sidney. How Sid's grades were flawless. Better than all of ours. How he was the best role model in the ninth grade. I rolled my eyes and shouted, "Shitney's no role model! You should hear him in social studies!" Mr. Howard glared at me and continued about Shitney Crysby's kindness and crap.

He brought Sidney up to the front. Apparently it was to say some "parting words" or whatever.

"Well, I've really really loved it here, I had the best teachers who really helped me get the best grades and I had the best of friends here. Except for Amanda. I really love every single person in this school, they've helped me a lot. Even you Amanda, I've been able to practice my come backs that leave people like you speechless." Speechless I was not. I didn't say anything, I've got softball after school, I can't be stuck here in detention. "So thanks guys. This school has really been a blessing to attend.

After school I caught up with Sidney as he was headed to his mom's car. I could see it, I'd done this countless times. I have to get my jabs in when I don't have to worry about being held for detention.

"Sid!" I called. He stopped, just like he did every day.

"What Amanda? Want to kiss me goodbye?"

I rolled my eyes. "No Shitney! I'm actually here to tell you for the last time, how much I fucking hate you. And also how fucking happy I am that you are finally leaving!"

Sidney gave me a smile. "Aw asshole Amanda is happy for me!" He hugged me and I pulled away, repulsed. "

"What the hell! Don't hug me!" I yelled at him.

He smiled that shit eating grin of his. "Bye Amanda. I'm so, so, SO fucking glad I'm finally leaving and I love how I've never had detention, but you have. I set you up real good for detention!" He laughed.

"Bye Shitney Pathetic Crysby! See you never! Thank the damn lord!"

"Bye Assanda!"

I waved goodbye as he walked away from me FOREVER!!!!!

----------------10 YEARS LATER---------------

"Amanda, Amanda, AMANDA!" I turned my head slowly to look at my co-worker and partner in crime for five years, Selena. She was tapping her long nails on the countertop and she looked slighly annoyed.

"What's up?" I asked slowly, last night's sleeplessness starting to fog my mind.

Selena rolled her big brown eyes. "Stop acting so bored!"

"It's not acting."

She was perplexed, I've been saying that for MONTHS. Her lips were pressed in a hard line. "What do you mean, 'you're not acting'? Amanda, you've been saying that for like EVER. Just quit and get a new job!"

I never even thought of that, I pictured myself somewhere I wanted to be, not standing over the counter at some retarted chain store. "Good idea." I said, walked away from the counter.

"Wait, where are you going?" Selena's voice rose and she grabbed my wrist when I was on the other side of the counter.

"To talk to Boss." I said, "Where else would I be going?" I shook her off my wrist and walked on.

"Amanda, you can't just,"

"It was your idea." I pointed out. "I hate this and I'm not going to scan one more fucking price tag!" I yelled from afar.

She shook her head, her brunette curls bouncing. Her hair was so long, compared to my just longer than shoulder length redish brunetteish hair.

I stormed into my boss's office. "Amanda." He said tightly. He hated me as much as I hated him.

"Mr. Boss."

"Bryan Falk."

"Well Bryan Falk, I QUIT." I threw the shirt on his desk, revealing my pink t-shirt under it. "Byeeee."

He wasn't shocked. "Bye Amanda."

I walked out to Serena's worried face. "Well Amanda, you must be done."

I smiled and swung over the counter, "Yes I am!"

She gave me a hug. "I'm glad. Just what now?"

"Text meeeee laterrr!" I grabbed my purse and threw on my old coat, dancing out the door.

"Wait!" She called back.

I turned around back to the desk. "What?"

She held up a wrinkled piece of paper. She took the liberty of reading it. "Shitney Crysby, thanks for all the fucking detentions on softball days! I hope a puck kills you at Shattuck!" My partner and crime looked at me, her face a mask of confusion.

It all came flooding back, that kid Sidney Crosby in all my classes. He made sure to get me detention on my softball practice days. All the teachers loved him and hated me. I hated him. I called him Shitney Crysby.

A smile spread across my lips. "Sidney Crosby. He went to middle school with me. God, I hated that kid. He made sure to get me detention on the days I had softball practice. We would argue in class, all the teachers loved him, could have sworn Mrs. Jackman had a little crush on Sid. Every teacher who had me and Sid in the same class hated me and loved him."

Serena's eyes were wide. "Sidney Crosby? You went to school in Nova Scotia, right?"

I nodded. "Cole Harbour."

"Do you follow hockey?" She asked me eagerly.

"My dad always loved the Patriots growing up,"I answered. She just laughed.

"That's football stupid. You said this Sidney character switched to Shattuck St. Mary's right?" Serena looked unreasonable excited.

"Yeah. So what? He's Shitney Crysby all the same." I snapped, my former anger at classmate Sidney Crosby all coming back to me.

Serena smiled. "Did he have black curly hair and hazel eyes? Was he ADORABLE? Did he have a Canadian accent?"

I was starting to get mad at Serena, stirring up my hate again for that retard who actually got me kicked off my softball team because I missed so many practices because of all the fucking detentions, "The description is pretty acurate but he was NEVER adorable! And he was so kind to every one but me!" The last part had never bothered me. I just needed something to say.

Serena looked a little taken back by my voiced hate for Sidney Crosby. "Um you're not going to like this, but I know Sid too."

I rolled my eyes. "How would YOU know that annoying fuck?"

Serena shrugged, "I don't like KNOW him, but it seems everyone in this town has heard of him except for you. Sidney Crosby is the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins. A hockey team a few hours away from here."

Serena's huge brown eyes sparked with honesty and truth. I knew she wasn't kidding.

Shitney Crysby? Shitney Crysby, my enemy for so many years. I couldn't even string a thought together. I stared at my best friend, and I was speech less. "You, you mean to tell me," I swallowed, "The kid who ruined my whole fucking life from ages 12-15 has it better than me? He's- he's in the NHA?"

"NHL," Serena corrected me gently, "And despite his looks a few years ago, as you say, he's so damn hot now!"

I was disgusted. "How could you think of him as hot?" But my curiosity got the best of me. "Show me a picture." I hoped my gaze frightened my friend. The kid who ruined middle school for me was going to get it, hot or not.

Serena smiled. "He's my screensaver!" She pulled her iPhone out of her huge purse. "Look at him!" She squealed.

I was even more disgusted by her fan-girly-ness that I could barely say anything about Sidney.

He looked like the same person, his eyes were the same hazel color, and his hair was still an uncontrollable mess of black curls. His lips were smaller than I remember, and it looked like he had actually gotten some braces to fix up his whole mouth situation. I couldn't take my eyes off Serena's painfully bright phone screen, I could not stop staring at Sidney Crosby.

He wore a black jersey with a penguin on it, number 87. That was the year I was born, 1987. I remembered Sidney was born in the same year as me, a few months older though. August 7th if my brain isn't betraying me. 8/7/87. I wondered if that's why he had chosen his hockey number to be 87.

I gave the screen a small smile, and Serena noticed. "You think he's hot too! You think he's hot! You think he's hot!" She teased me in a sing songy voice.

"Aw shut up!" I said with a little grin. "Sidney ruined my years of junior high school, I'm not about to fall in love with him. But I have to LEAVE. I'll call you tomorrow."

I walked out of the building to hear Serena singing about how me and Sidney Crosby were going to get married. I told her to shut up one more time before pulling the door open and leaving.

I sat in my car for a moment.

Uh oh, Sidney's back. ‹ Summary Chapter 2


I have the first 8 or so chapters on Mibba that will be posted throughout the day. :)



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An OK start. Might have to take a gander to mibba to see where you have taken this.
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