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I Keep Hoping You'll Forget


2 Days Later

My phone had been ringing all day and finally I couldn't take it anymore. I answered the call and snapped a greeting, not surprised it was Serena on the other end.

She told me, "Hey Amanda! You're going to HATE everything I'm about to tell you!" She said it with a lot of cheer in her voice. She sounded too excited, despite the fact I would probably end up biting her head off in a couple of minutes.

I sighed, "What do you want from me Serena?"

"Nothing! I have an all-girls weekend planned for you me and my sister Sophie! We're kidnapping you on Firday night!"

I groaned. Serena is pretty much right about everything, and usually she makes me do whatever she wants me to do. I feel like a puppet sometimes with my best friend. The strange thing is she's so bubbly and I don't get how we possibly became the good friends we are today. Seriously! I'm pretty much a downer, I can admit that. I'm the first to shoot shit down before it even has te chance to stand up. That's me. Serena on the other hand believes in everything, that if there's a will there's a way. I'm also a firm believer that she is CRAZY. "Look Serena, it sounds fun and all, but I'm actually going in to Atlantic City to see my brother."

"Liar!" She chirped. "I'm picking you up on Friday night with Soohie and we are going to have SO MUCH FUN! Or at least I will!"

At least I will? What the hell does that mean. "Fine," I caved in. "What do I need to pack?"

Serena replied, "Alright you might need a paper and pen, so you can actually get all this. You'll need pajamas for two nights, 2 regular day outfits, an extra pair of jeans and a short black tee shirt." She was specific about my articles of clothing after that. "Sneakers too. Not your gross old worksout sneakers though. Maybe even go out and buy new ones today. You'll need a date outfit, Sophie made us some reservations already! I'm so excited Amanda!"

"I know you are." I muttered. "Alright, so 2 regular day outfits, pajamas, a date night outfit, new sneakers, a black tee shirt, hey, will a spaghetti strap work?"


"And an extra pair of jeans?"

"That's all you should need. Me and Soph packed the rest for you. You need to be tolerant with us, okay Amanda? We actually paid a lot of money for this, so try to ACT like you're enjoying it!"

I'm no actress and my best friend knows that. But I'm too curious about this ordeal they're going to put me through to argue with them. "No problem!" I said, trying to make my voice light and excited. I just want to find out what the hell they are going to take me, and what they'll do to me there.

"Alright Serena," I said partingly. "I have to go buy new sneakers for an ordeal. Gotta go."

"See you tomorrow Amanda!"

"Later." I hung up the phone.

What the heck? Serena, Sophie and I doing something together? Apparently so. And apparently I'm going to hate it. I don't know why they didn't find one of Sophie's good friends; they knownif I hate it I won't shut the fuck up about how much I hate them and hate whatever they're doing.


The doorbell rang and I screamed from upstairs, "COME IN!" I stuffed the extra pair of jeans into my small suitcase that was filled to the brim. I pulled it down, attempting the zipper.

"I'm here Amanda! Move it, Sophie's waiting in the car!" Serena shouted to me up the stairs.

I yelled back that I was coming. I took the small but tightly packed suitcase off my bed and carried it to the landing of the stairs. "Alright, NOW will you tell me where we're going?"

She smiled deviously, "Nope!" She popped the 'p.'

I rolled my eyes. "You guys all are KILLING me!" I complained.

"That's our job!" Serena said with a chuckle. "Now come on get in the car! We really don't want to keep Soph waiting."

I followed my partner in crime out of my house, locking the door behind me. I turned the key and Serena complained, "FASTER! We can't be late for this Amanda!"

I took the key out of the hole and twisted the knob once more for good measure before Serena grabbed my arm and pulled me into the car.

There was a blonde woman sitting in the front seat. She had bright blue eyes and a light complexion. She looked tall and skinny from what I could see.

"You guys are really sisters? You're really Sophie?" I asked in awe, comparing Sophie to her brunette, darker complexioned sister. Serena has these gorgeous, big chocolate brown eyes, while Sophie's are piercing blue and squinty. She has a stare that will hold you in place, that's for sure.

Sophie laughed, a light airy laugh compared to Serena's hearty loud bellow of a laugh. "Yes that's me! Very nice to meet you Amanda." She held out her thin, bony, pale hand and shook it, not applying too much pressure. Sophie looked just BREAKABLE.

"Nice to meet you too, Sophie."

Serena kicked me in the back of the car, despite Sophie's many protest. She said that she should be sitting in the back.

"Don't worry about me Soph," I told her every time she protested me sitting in the back of the car. "Niether of us are Rosa Parks, keep your seat."

Sophie just laughed. She and her sister were just so DIFFERENT. It was so suprising. I was assuming Sophie would be a lot like Serena.

*. *. *. *. *

the whole car ride all Sophie talked about was her boyfriend, James. She also said his last name was Neal, and sometimes she reffered to him as Nealer.

But at the hotel, things got into full swing. Sophie put my hair in the best fishtail braid possible. My hair is thick and redish brownish. Seriously. It looks like I colored it with maroon marker. But anyway, Serena came in and said, "Alright, here comes the surprise! You're going to be blindfolded and we're going to take you some where secret!"

"This is a secret." I pointed out. "I don't even know what part of the country I'm in right now."

Sophie and Serena dressed me (not really, just pulled a sweatshirt over my head. It ruined my fishtal braid so then Sophie redid it.)

Finally I was lead out to the car and we drove for like 15 minutes. Sophie and Serena escorted me out into the cold air. "Hey!" I protested. "This sweatshirt isn't warm!"

"Oh well!" Serena mumbled, and I could tell her hands were in her face in an attempt to make ger warmer. Somethibg cold hit my head. "Whoa, is it snowing?"

"A little."

We finally made it inside, and whe we did, we went down a lot of stairs.

"Name?" someone unfamiliar asked.

"I'm Sophie Hughs. And we have my sister Serena Hughs and her friend Amanda Crow. Um here for James Neal."

"Oh okay. Go on in."

I heard a door squeak open and Serena say, "Alright Amanda, this is the surprising part." She lowered her voice. "Is he here?" I didn't hear the response.

"Can I take this stupid thing off my face now?" I demanded, pulling at it.

Sophie yelled, "Nealer!!!" Wait, her boyfriend is here? What?

"Be quiet and make out with James later!" Serena said, I could almost see her roll her eyes. "Alright Amanda, go ahead, rip the thing off."

I pulled at the bandana, and took it off. It took me a while to take in the scene in front of me.

A bunch of men in suits and baseball caps. I looked them over for a familar face to figure out why I was here. Sophie was beside one of them. He must be her boyfriend, James Neal. Nealer

I looked at Serena, "Umm, who are these guys?" I asked bluntly.

Serena motioned them over, but only one came.

My jaw probably dropped to the floor. I was in shock

He spoke, "Hey Amanda." ‹ Chapter 1 Chapter 3


Alright so somewhere along the way Selena's name changed to Serena AMANDAS SISTERS NAME IS NOW SERENA apparently.



lehtsgokari32 lehtsgokari32
An OK start. Might have to take a gander to mibba to see where you have taken this.
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