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You've Set My Heart Ablaze

Chapter 10-

James’ POV:
I couldn’t stop laughing. Allison had caught Sidney and Melanie having sex. Sidney had came over after the whole situation. “It was embarrassing! She just waltzed right into Melanie’s room and screamed.” Sidney relayed, blushing.
I caught my breath from laughing and replied “Did you at least finish?”
“I had just finished by the time she came in…”
I laughed even harder “Oh shit…”
Sidney crossed his arms “I’m glad you find this amusing.”
“It is amusing.” I smiled
“I’m surprised she didn’t call you…”
“Oh she did. It’s just funnier when you tell it, because you get all red and embarrassed.”
Sid rolled his eyes “I’d kill you, but you’re a good winger.”
I smiled “I know. You have to admit that it’s funny, though.”
“Maybe a little…” Sid confessed
“So you just left though? Like you fucked her, finished, Allison walked in and then you left?” I asked
Sid nodded “Pretty much…well actually she sent me out.”
I blinked “Oh…so are you guys dating or…”
“I don’t know…nothing has been officiated…we just fuck really.”
“So you’re fuck buddies?”
“Yeah, I guess.”
“What happened on your date?” I asked
“Nothing…I took her out to dinner…we went home…and we fucked.” Sid replied
“How many times have you fucked her?”
“I don’t know…four times?” Sidney replied
“Four times? In like three days?” I said. I had no right to judge him. Jen and I were that way weeks before we became official.
Sidney shrugged “Yeah I…shit.”
I could tell by his voice change that the “shit” wasn’t about him and Melanie. I spun around and saw Jen standing there. “Jennifer…”
“Hey.” she said, looking down. I remembered that she knew where I hid my key, but I was confused as to why she was here.
“I should go…” Sid started
“Okay.” I replied keeping my eyes on Jennifer. Why was she here?
“Bye, Sid.” Jen said as Sidney left.
“What’s up?” I asked
Jennifer finally looked up and I could see something was wrong, “James…we need to talk.”
“Okay…talk.” I said motioning for her to have a seat
“James…I’m pregnant...and the baby is yours.”
Allison’s POV:
I couldn’t believe what I had witnessed. I mean I knew Melanie and Sidney have had sex before, but I thought it was a one time thing. I mean, not that I didn’t like Sidney…Sid was nice and all, but he wasn’t Melanie’s type at all and I was confused by why she was sleeping with him. “So…” I said looking at Mel.
“So what?” Melanie asked pouring herself some coffee.
“What’s up with Sidney?” I asked
Melanie looked over at me “I don’t know, really…I guess you could say we’re friends with benefits…”
“Oh.” I said. “Do you like him as more than a fuck buddy?”
“I don’t know. I mean I like having sex with him and it’s nice to have no strings attached sex.” she said.
“I guess…” I replied looking down
“Have you and James…”
“No.” I replied before she could finish. I wasn’t ready to have sex again after the attack. We tried once, but I just couldn’t do it.
Melanie nodded “Well, I’m going to bed. Good night.”
“Night, Mel.” I looked at my phone and didn’t see a reply from James and it had been a while. I sent him a quick ‘good night’ text and headed to bed.
A few hours later, I was woken up by my phone ringing. I looked at the clock it was almost 2am…who would even be calling? I looked at my phone and found out…James. I picked it up and rubbed my eyes “Hello?”
“Allison…” he sounded off…
“James?” I said, sitting up “What’s wrong?”
“Allison…we have to talk.”


I am only half way through. Love nice guy James so far, but why give Allison chance after chance? Why was she really going to Malkins'?
mandiva mandiva
Do a sequel about Melanie
Okay ...so I have chapters 28-30 written down. I just need to type them up and upload them:) thanks so much for reading this fanfiction and I hope the ending doesn't piss you off;p I may do a sequel to this, but I'm not sure. I will be working on some other stories and possibly a sequel for my Seguin fic.
crosbyfan87 crosbyfan87
omg update soooon!
Ojiibikan Ojiibikan
I'm in the process of writing the next chapter, but I don't knw when I'll get it up. Sorry its taking me forever in between updates. Got a lot going on right now. Thanks for reading this story so far:)
crosbyfan87 crosbyfan87