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Her Eyes

says cowboy hats make her look fat, and I'm so glad she's mine.

When Mason O’Rear woke up the next morning and rolled over to glance at the time, she was shocked to find a muscled, tanned chest in her way. She relaxed instantly. Jordan Staal’s arm gently wrapped around her waist, and pulled her body closer to his. She felt his lips on her forehead briefly, and when he pulled away, the two of them laid there. Mason loved the feeling of his fingertips grazing the skin on her arm. She loved the feeling of her body against his, and she loved the way his eyes never left hers. But what she didn’t love was the pressure in her lower abdomen, reminding her that she had to pee.

Reluctantly, she pushed herself up off the bed and made her way to the bathroom, looking in the mirror before she did so. She was used to looking at her reflection, she did it everyday while getting ready for ballet. What she wasn’t used to was the way her skin seemed to glow. She was a pale human being, but there was something about her that seemed to make her usually creamy skin seem almost radiantly translucent. She brushed it aside and went about her business.

Jordan was sitting on the edge of the bed when she walked out of the bathroom. One look at the sinewy shape of his back and she knew that he was hunched over something. Mason padded over to the bed and wrapped her arms around him from behind, laying her head softly on his shoulder.

“What are you looking at?” She watched his fingers curl around a thin piece of paper and turn to her.

“I made a list of things we need to do this summer.” She nodded, knowing that this was the last summer she would have. Jordan turned around and looked into her eyes for a second before attaching his lips to hers. The fire flamed up her face and she found herself being lowered onto the bed.

Jordan was afraid he was moving too fast. Here he was, pushing her body against her bed and crawling on top of her. Normally he wouldn’t push his luck, but there was something about Mason that left him in a constant state of wanting more. His apprehension disappeared when she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. They laid like that for several minutes, kissing and breathing, before he pulled away and looked down at her.

“We need to get going.” She nodded and squirmed out from under him. After a quick shower and changing clothes, Jordan grabbed his keys and pulled Mason out the door and into the cool April breeze.




easydoesit. easydoesit.

Love it. Please post

Futuremrs__ Futuremrs__

when are you going to post the end of this story?

Gigipens Gigipens

This is brilliant!

Aleiksa Aleiksa


hockaayy hockaayy