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Takes Me Back

Gonna Miss You So Much.

It’s not going to be the same without you,” Leah sighed.

I nodded. “I’m gonna miss you so much, Lee-Lee.” Two weeks prior, I had been drafted into the NHL by the Pittsburgh Penguins. I was excited over the fact that I would be playing with some of the best young hockey players in the world, but saddened over the fact I would be leaving behind my best friend.

“Maybe there’s still time and I could transfer my credits to Pittsburgh?” she asked hopefully.

I stopped walking then and grabbed her by the shoulders. We stood in the midst of one of the sod fields.

“Leah,” I said firmly. “Listen to me. You’re going to go to Montreal for university, okay? And you’re going to become an even better writer than you already are. You’re going to publish a book before I win the Stanley Cup, like we’ve always said. And then, when we’re both making shit loads of money, we’ll meet in the middle to celebrate both. Just the way we’ve always planned.” Many a summer night had been spent lying on the dock looking up at the stars and planning our futures out.

She looked at me with sad eyes.

“Lee-Lee,” I sighed. “Don’t give me that face.” She knew I couldn’t take it.

“Which is exactly why I’m giving it to you,” Leah smirked.

“Well look at who has the Staal Boy Smirk now!” I pointed.

Her eyes went wide with horror and she took off running. I knew I could catch her quickly, but I decided to give her a head start before chasing after her.

Whenever I would get close to grabbing her by the waist, she would whip around and laugh. Eventually, I just trucked into her.

We fell to the ground and she groaned.

“Jordan Lee Staal, get your big, fucking, hockey playing ass off of me!”

I chuckled before rolling off her.

“Who’s got the Staal Boy Smirk now, huh?” she smiled.

I laughed louder and watched her close her eyes. Taking her in, I really noticed my friend.

I had always known she was a girl, I mean, come on. I wasn’t one of those guys who has a girl as a best friend and just thinks of her as one of the guys. Sure, Leah was always around and I had never given dating her much thought until Christmas all those years ago, but Leah was most definitely a girl. Like right now, she wore an old, tie-dyed t-shirt that she had cut the neck off of and a pair of cut off denim shorts. Her hair was long and a little lighter thanks to the summer sun. It was windblown and messy. Her skin was dark due to all the time she’d spent out in the fields with my brothers and me.

“Liking what you see there, Staal?” she smiled knowingly.

I could feel myself blush. “I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.”

“Mhmm,” she shook her head. “Sure thing, buddy.”

“You wish I was looking at you,” I countered.

“Not at all,” Leah said sitting up. “I saw Marc checking me out yesterday. He asked if I wanted tickets to a Rangers game when they play Montreal.”

Now it was my turn to have horror in my eyes.

“Relax,” she laughed. “I said I’d only take tickets if it was a game against Pittsburgh.”

“So he wasn’t checking you out?”

“Oh no, he was. I just didn’t call him on it like I did to you.”

“You can be such a bitch,” I groaned.

“But you love me anyway,” she teased using my usual comeback against me.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I muttered. “Let’s get back to the house. Eric’s bringing Tanya for dinner.”


This is so stinking adorable! I absolutely love the flashbacks!
StaalRoar StaalRoar