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Takes Me Back

Fallen in Love.

I know I can’t say that I’m sorry you guys lost- I’ve known you and your brothers too long for that- but what I will say is that you played a great game. I know it’s been a while since we’ve talked, and I’m sorry about that. My sophomore year of university was kicking my ass and I’m glad it’s over. I miss you, Jordy, I really do.

Email me back when you get the chance. We both know we’re better at fitting all of our thoughts into one big message than we are at anything else. It’s the writer in me and the- well I don’t know why it works better for you, it just does. I don’t think I’ll be back in Thunder Bay this year until later on in the summer. I’m getting a book published, Jordy, I’m actually going to get a book published! I’ll probably be spending most of my summer in New York City so that I can meet with the editor more easily.

Missing You,

It was an email from Leah that had been sent three days ago, right after we had lost to Detroit. She couldn’t make it out to the game, but I knew she had been watching from wherever she was.

She was getting a book published. I was so happy for her, and yet, so angry that it was keeping her from me. I knew I should have felt pride for my best friend, but I just felt like I was losing her even more.


I looked around my small condo. It was messy and I couldn’t help but think that if Leah were there, she would be cleaning it. Many times I would come home from hockey practice to find Leah and my mom cleaning my room. I was the messiest of my brothers and Leah tended to be OCD about cleanliness.

Walking into my bedroom, her gift caught my eye. Like she had said, I had taken the frame with me. I had only added one picture since coming to Pittsburgh. Leah had made it out to the game where I scored my first hat trick and the picture was of the two us in the locker room after the game. I had given her the game puck and she wore one of my old Petes jerseys.

That was one of five games Leah had made it to since I became a Penguin. That game was the only game she had come to in Pittsburgh, all the others were when we played Montreal in their city.

Had I lost my best friend? I couldn’t help but feel like we weren’t as close. I knew she was busy; obviously she’d been writing and going to school, but Leah had always been one to stay close to her friends. The last time I had seen her face-to-face was in February when we had played the Leafs. That was four full months ago.

I didn’t know exactly where I stood with Leah in that moment, but I then realized where I wanted to be. I wanted Leah as my girlfriend. Yeah, that shocked me too. This girl was my best friend and somewhere in between hockey, school, working, and being around Leah, I’d fallen in love.


This is so stinking adorable! I absolutely love the flashbacks!
StaalRoar StaalRoar