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Second Chances

Make Your Move

I stared out the window as we drove through the airport parking garage; I was upset, but why? Geno was going to be okay I should be happy right, so why aren’t I?
“Autumn?” I ignored him, he grabbed my hand trying to get my attention. “What are you thinking about?”
“I don’t know.” I shrugged.
We finally found a parking space and as I was about get out Sid pulled me back.
“Stop playing games.” He snapped, he never did put up with my bullshit, I guess that’s what I liked about him.
“Oh so you want to talk about playing games. For fucks sakes Sid you’re the one playing games! The hand holding, the blushing, trying to get me alone, kissing me every now and then. Just make your fucking move and stop being a pussy, you’re Sidney fucking Crosby you should have more game than this!” I yelled.
We both looked at each other shocked by what I had just blurted out; I had these feelings bottled up for months now and it felt so good to finally get it off my chest.
“Autumn,” he sighed, “I thought you just wanted to be friends.”
“How blind can you be?” I was fed up with this conversation and frankly I didn’t have the time for it, Steph was probably already waiting for us and we’re still in the car.
“I’ll go get Steph, wait here.” I got out of the car not waiting for him to respond, I closed the door lightly not wanting to worsen things if I slammed it.

I walked through the terminal trying to spot Steph, it didn’t take long before I noticed a hawks duffel bag hanging off the shoulder of my best friend. We made eye contact and she smiled as she walked over towards me.
“It’s good to see you again.” She said as she tightly hugged me.
“You too Steph. Now let’s go. “ I grabbed her small suitcase before walking towards the parking garage.
“Sid and I just got in a fight and I really don’t want to deal with him right now, so can you sit in the passenger seat?” Leave it to me to always avoid my problems.
“Anything for you.” She joked, “What happened?”
“I kind of just told him off about how he’s playing games, and he said how he thought I only wanted to be friends. I don’t want to be friends; I want to suck his dick! Well that’s a lie. I just want to be with him, and only him.” I sounded like a little kid whining over whatever it is little kids want.
I was frustrated with Sid, I’m completely in love with him and he can’t even see it, but it’s not like he’d ever feel the same. Maybe I’m stupid to think that I, Autumn Reynolds would ever have a chance with Sidney Crosby.
I know it’s not completely impossible, I mean Victoria dated Geno, and Steph is dating Jonathan, if it happened for them, why couldn’t it happen for me?
“He wants to be with you too.” Steph mumbled. I look over at her so fast I probably could have snapped my neck.
“What!” I practically yelled.
“Look I wasn’t supposed to say anything but Jon told me earlier that during Sochi all Sid ever talked about was you. He wanted to know if you were watching the game, if you were wearing his jersey, he just wouldn’t shut up about you. So Jon talked to him, he asked him how he felt if he actually wanted to be with you or if he just wanted to get in your pants. Can you guess which one he chose?” Steph asked smiling over at me.
“He better have chose the first one!” She didn’t have to answer because I already know he did. I could feel the knots in my stomach, this changes everything.
We changed the subject as we walking towards Sidney’s car, I helped Steph put her bags in the trunk and slid into the backseat.
“I completely forgot to tell you, you’ll never guess who showed up at the hospital.”
“Who?” She asked as she slightly turned her head to look at me.
“Beau.” I laughed.
“Oh no, isn’t that the guy Keirstyn hooked up with at Sid’s party?” She joined my laughter as she realized how awkward it must be for Keirstyn.
“Yeah, he randomly came and Keirstyn almost shit herself.”
“That party was insane.” Sid joined the conversation.
“What did Faith say to Jeff again?” I asked trying to remember the best part of the night.
“The way you play completes me.” We all laughed in unison at how drunk Faith had gotten.
She had her chance to hook up with a famous NHL player but he stopped himself once he realized just how drunk she was.
I held my stomach as the pain from laughing struck, I remembered that night too well, it was definitely something I’d never forget.
“The way you play completes me.” I screamed and laughed even harder.
“At least she didn’t yell fuck my ass the way she did at your 17th party.” Stephanie added and once again we were all hysterically laughing.
“She did not!” Sid laughed.
“She did!” Steph and I both said between our laughs.
“Please stop talking about this, it hurts to laugh.” Steph said as she tried to calm down from laughing.
The laughter finally died down and we were singing at the top of our lungs to the songs on the radio, it was almost midnight and even though this day started off horrible it ended okay.
Stephanie was back, Evgeni is going to be okay, and Sidney liked me.
What more could I ask for?



wait what is that it?!?! noooo! too cute

marlene marlene

I love this story!

ayebozie ayebozie

Absolutely obsessed!

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