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No...I Won't Fall For Him (...I Hope Not...)

Chapter 1

“No, no I don’t want to go not tomorrow” I begged my best friend Harper.

I hated when she set me up on dates, I was awkward enough as it was when I knew the person I was getting set up with well, but this match making business just made me clam up. I’d mess up this date so badly and I’d never be able to live it down. 

“Oh come on, don’t worry. Sid and I will be there too so it’s not like you’re alone.” She said

I was well aware that this was going to be a double date, but that just made it worse honestly. I mean she was setting me up with a big time hockey player and her and Sidney were going to be there it just put more pressure on me because I didn’t want to mess this up.

“I can’t,” I said.

“Yes you can, and you will,” She said 
  “No, it’s Jordan we’re talking about. Jordan Staal.” I said
I noticed the look on her face, it amused me honestly, but I could tell that it made her slightly unhappy.
  “Lana he’ll love you.” She said.  

“Really?” I asked.


“Yes,” she said.


I shot her look.


“It’s just I know how much you hate being single, and Jordan’s single and when Sid said he had someone to meet you,  Jordan literally jumped for joy. You’ll have a great time; it doesn’t have to be anything serious yet.” She said


I smiled a little.


However, I couldn’t stop thinking about the guy I had been with not all that long ago.


“Oh Harper I don’t know. It’s too soon isn’t it?” I asked.


“Come on Lana please, too soon? I wouldn’t even call that a boyfriend.”


“Harper, he was too my boyfriend,” I said.


“Two weeks doesn’t make him you’re boyfriend.” She said.


“It was nearly a month!” I yelled back and lightly hit her shoulder.


She laughed a little bit. 


“Listen, Sid and I talked about this for over a month we kept thinking about it, we both decided that it was a good idea.” She said.


I had shock all over my face; they had been discussing this for over a month?  I had been broken up with this guy for like two and a half weeks and was with him for almost a month before that.  That would mean that they... oh Harper!


“But I was still with him...” I said.


“Yep, you were, but Sid and I knew it wouldn’t work out.” She said.


“Oh, thanks a lot...” I said


“Look, just come and if he’s not what you expected then it’s fine. You’ll have a good time. Oh, and it’ll literally be only us four in the whole place.” She said.




“Sid and I were both like ‘Let’s Step up Jordan and Lana!’” She said with a giggle


“Do you and Sid always think the same things?” I asked


“Not always, Sid is usually thinking about sex when it comes to me. But, on occasion we do.” She giggled.


“Oh so you’re a booty call to him?” I asked.


I knew she wasn’t, I did it just to bug her.


Harper and Sid have been together now for a little over a year. I think it was going to make 2 years soon, but I’m not sure anymore. They are seriously in love it is so crazy, sometimes I think they’re too in love, but I think she really got it good.


“Excuse me? You know damn well I’m no booty call. He’s been nothing but faithful for this year and eleven months. Oh, and you do know why else we’re going tomorrow right?” She asked.


I knew exactly what it was tomorrow!


“It’s your two year anniversary tomorrow isn’t it?” I said


“Yes! So if you don’t come I’ll be oh so disappointed that my own best friend didn’t come to support me.” She said.


Harper knew how to make me feel bad but, what kind of best friend would I really be if I didn’t go to her two year anniversary? A pretty bad one I think. I’m just surprised they didn’t want to spend it alone.




“But does Jordan really have to be there?” I asked


“Yes he does.” She said


I just looked at her.


 “Seriously it would be no fun if you came by yourself. Jordan’s your date for the night. If you two feel something, maybe even more than just one night.” She said


“I don’t have to sleep with him do I?” I asked in panic


“Um... no obligation.... You’re not being hired as his prostitute here. It’s a double date.” she said as if I was stupid.


“Alright.” I said and smiled forcefully.


As she went on it sounded better and better.


I looked at all the positives to going:  I was supporting Harper and Sid, since it was only us four, there would be no dumb ass puck-bunnies there. Sid and Harper put thought into this and  I need to get back out there.


 I’m sure Jordan is a nice guy, maybe we’ll hit it off. The only negative would be maybe falling for him. I couldn’t and wouldn’t fall for another guy. Not yet at least, it was too soon to fall and I didn’t want to get hurt again. I mean Jordan doesn’t exactly have the “cleanest” reputation in the league. If anything he is one the Penguins with one of the worst reputations, so falling for him would be a really bad idea and would only lead to heartbreak.


I decided that tonight, my guard was going to be up. There was no way that I was going to let Jordan Staal work his charm on me.


“Harper I’ll do it” I said


“Really?” She asked


“Yeah,” I said


She looked at me in complete and utter disbelief.


“ I mean I want and need to have some fun and it’s also your anniversary. I would be a bad best friend if I didn’t show.” I said


“Alright I can’t wait. Tomorrow be ready six thirty.” Harper said


 “Why so early?” I asked




“Oh well Jordan’s picking you up then, and we’re meeting at my house at seven and we’re going to the restaurant for around eight, that’s why.” She said


Did I hear what she said correctly?


Jordan was going to be picking me up?  


What the fuck!


“Jordan is pi-picking me u-up?” I stuttered


“Yes.” She said


“Why would you do that? Why in your right mind would you let him pick me up?” I asked.


I was starting to get a little frantic now. I was such an awkward girl and she was making me get in the car with him on the first date.


Harper is freaking insane!


 “Don’t be nervous he’s such a nice guy. I’m friends with him and so is Sid. We know him, don’t worry, he’s a sweet guy.” She said




I wasn’t sure what else I was supposed to tell her honestly. I just wanted this conversation about Jordan and the date to be over!


“So how are you?” I asked


Harper was giggling a little bit.


“What’s so funny?” I asked.


“Oh nothing, just this text Sid sent me,” She said


“What does it say?” I asked.


She showed me and my eyes widened.


The text read:


-In a very giving mood, get home soon. ;)


“Oh my,” I said.


She blushed and text him back.


“Well then, get your butt home to your man before he calls your crying.” I said


“Haha! Bye,”


With that we parted ways and I was on my way home.


While I was driving my car all I could think about was the fact that I was going on a date with Jordan Staal. I mean this wasn’t just any date; it was a date with Jordan Staal. I’ve seen the guy around sometimes and I must say he’s on hell of a babe. The fact that I am actually going on a date with him well that’s just insane, completely and utterly insane! Other than being a really attractive man, he was a fantastic hockey player and I enjoyed watching him on the ice.


His eyes were so perfect and I could get lost in them, his arms were so big, I think I’d be able to fit into them pretty well. No wait, what am I saying? I won’t fall for him. It’s just a date to support Sid and Harper that’s all it is.


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