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No...I Won't Fall For Him (...I Hope Not...)


Lana has a best friend, named Harper, Harper decides to set Lana up on a date with none other than Jordan Staal. What will happen from that point forward?

*****Extra Info******

This was written on Quizilla, then moved to Mibba, and now I am posting it here. This was originally written for a friend of mine, but the story never got past chapter 8, I've decided that I want to continue this story, so I will. This means that the first 8 chapters will have been guided and directed by the friend I had (she also helped me with a certain pieces in some chapters so full credit goes to her in those places.) After Chapter 8 it will be and all me and my ideas and seeing where I want to take it! Also take into account that this story is slightly old, so the first 8 Chapters will be edited before getting posted on here! Seeing as they are edited, some chapters may be split into 2 or even 3 different chapters if need be!

I don't own Jordan Staal or any of the other members of the Penguins. This is purely fiction.



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