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The Best Job Ever.

Chapter Ten.

Chapter 10:

"Oh my god! Vanessa!" I yelled as I ran into the living room.

"Annie!" Vanessa said hugging me.

Brandon came down the hallway and leaned against the doorway of the living room.

Vanessa pulled away from me, but still had her hands on me.

"God, Annie. It's been too long!" She said smiling.

Her eyes darted to over my shoulder.

"Ooo! Who's this cutie behind you?!" She said.

I turned around and saw Brandon standing there. I smiled at him and turned back around to Vanessa.

"This cutie is my boyfriend, Brandon." I said smiling.

"Ohh! Hi, Brandon! Nice to meet you!" She said going over and shaking his hand.

"Van, did you know that Brandon plays hockey?" My mom asked.

"No, Marge, I didn’t." Vanessa said turning to her.

"How are you?" She said giving her a hug.

"I'm good sweetheart." She said hugging her back.

I had moved to Brandon's side.

"Now, who is this?" He whispered into my ear.

I laughed.

"This is Vanessa, Sean's girlfriend." I answered.

"So, Annie's boyfriend likes to play hockey? That's cool." She said smiling at us.

"Actually, I play for the Penguins..." Brandon said looking down at me.

"Wait...you play professionally?" Van asked.

"Yeah." I said proudly.

"Wait, so that means you know Beau Bennett, don’t you?" Vanessa asked Brandon.

"Yeah; kid's pretty cool." Brandon chuckled. "Anna's knows him, too."

"And you didn’t yell me?! You know about my small obsession!" She almost squealed.

"It's a little big to call it a small obsession..." Sean piped in.

"Shut it, Sean." She said to him.

"This is wayyy too freaking cool!" She said looking at us.

"Wait, so did you end up with the Pittsburgh job then?" She asked me.

"Wow, I really haven’t talked to you in a while... Yeah! I love it! I get to go to all the games, I
talk to most of the guys, and I get to do what I love. It's the best job ever." I smiled.

"Sweet. I'm happy for you, Anna."

We had moved from standing near a door to outside in the living room, to seats in the living room.

"So, Vanessa, you know what we do, what do you do?" Brandon asked.

Look at him, stepping up and asking questions on his own.

I smiled at him.

"Oh, well, Sean and I graduate in the spring." She said smiling at my brother. "We'll have our degrees in physical therapy. And currently, I'm working in a physical therapy office that has agreed to hire me once I have my degree. So, that's in my future." She smiled.

"Oh, that's sweet!" Brandon smiled back.

"I have a question..." he asked.

"Shoot!" She answered.

"How do you know about Beau, but not me? Not to sound full of myself or anything." He laughed.

"No, no, I understand." She laughed.

"But, I ran into him once when I was in Cali, way back when, and then saw him on TV and found out that he was some fantastic hockey player. So, I did some research, and fell in loveee." She swooned.

I laughed at her.

"Shut up, Annie! I've had to listen to you go on and on about Chris Kunitz!" She said throwing a pillow at me.

"Oh, I've had to go through that, too!" Sean said.

"Me too!" My mom chimed in from the kitchen.

"Oh come on, guys! I wasn’t that bad!" I whined.

"I'll have to tell Kuni about this tomorrow." Brandon laughed.

"Don’t you dare!" I said smacking him with the pillow Vanessa threw at me.

"Whoa, Annie! Don’t scare the boy away!" My mom laughed, walking into the room with a coat on.

"It'd take a lot more than that to scare me away, Margie." Brandon joked.

"True." She laughed.

"Well, if you kids are ready, I just got off the phone with Rob, and he said he was off work, so we can head to Jeddie's now." She said.

"Mum, Brandon and I are going to drive separately, because we're going to leave straight from Jed's." I said.

"Okay, honey." She smiled.

"Sean, are you and Van going to drive with me?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'm going to stay tonight, so I won’t have to speed off like Brandon and Annie." Van answered.

"That's fine with me, honey." She smiled.

"Well, let's go! I miss my little pumpkin." I said standing up.

We all got up and left for our cars.


We were about 5 minutes out from Jedidiah's house.

"So, how did Sean and Vanessa meet? They seem really close." Brandon asked.

"Well, Van and Sean are the same age, so they knew each other in high school, but nothing ever happened. And I played soccer with her, so we were really close. She was always at our house and everything. But, nothing happened until their freshman year of college. They're both in the physical therapy program at Pitt, and so they had a bunch of classes together. Van told me it kinda just happened." I told him.

"That's pretty cool. So, they've been together for awhile?" He asked.

"Yeah. Four years in January I think..." I said.

"Wow. That's a long time. Do you think they'll get married?" He asked.

"I hope so. Sean deserves someone like her, and she deserves him." I said smiling at him.

"God, I can't wait to take you home and have you meet my family." He sighed.

"I can’t wait to meet them either. Though, I do have to say that I will probably ten times the mess you were." I laughed.

"You'll be fine. They'll love you, because I love you." He said quoting me.

"I sure hope so." I smiled.

We continued to talk until we finally pulled into Jed's driveway.

My dad's car was already in the driveway.

"Shit. I have to meet your dad..." Brandon said when he got out of the car.

"Oh, you'll be fine. Come on!" I said grabbing his hand.

We met my mom, Sean, and Vanessa on the sidewalk and walked up to the door. Sean rang the doorbell. Elizabeth opened the door.

"Oh! Hey you guys! Come in, come in!" She said opening the door.

"Jed! Rob! Everyone's here!" She hollered.

"They're upstairs in the living room with Harper." She said as we walked in.

As soon as you walked in their door, you either went left down stairs, or straight up stairs. Up the steps led to the majority of their house. Down the steps led to their finished basement and a way to their garage.

We walked up the steps, through a small family room and their dining room, into their living room. Harper was sitting on my dad's lap all dressed up in her princess outfit, and Jed was sitting in a chair next to their fireplace.

"Hi, daddy!" I said crossing the room and sitting down next to him, hugging him.

"And ohh, here's my little princess! Hi, baby doll!" I said pulling her onto my lap.

She nuzzled her tiny face into my hair and giggled.

"Aunt Annie!" She attempted to say.

She was good on the Annie part...not so good on the Aunt part.

She was adorable. That's all the mattered.

"How have you been? How's Pittsburgh been treating you, Annie?" My dad asked, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.

"Great, daddy. I love my job. I'm doing really well." I smiled.

"Good." He smiled back.

"Hi, Jeddie." I said getting up and walking over to him.

Harper gladly went back to my dad.

She was definitely Grandpa's baby girl.

I sat on Jed's lap and gave him a hug.

"Oh, hi Annie." He chuckled, hugging me back.

"I missed you guys." I smiled, leaving my arms around his neck.

"So, where's this boyfriend of yours?" Jed asked.

"Oh, he's right here." I said, looking over at him.

Vanessa, my mom, and Elizabeth were in the kitchen. Sean had moved to the couch with my dad and Harper and Brandon was just standing in the doorway.

"Hello." He said giving a small wave.

"Come over here!" I said putting a hand out for him.

He walked over towards me.

I decided to stand up and move over to the love seat with him. But, before he sat down, he went to my dad and Jed and shook their hands.

"It's nice to finally meet you two. I got to hear tons of stories today, as well as before." He said sitting down next to me.

"Oh, I'm sure Annie's told you tons of embarrassing stories." Jedidiah laughed.

"I'm sure you have more stories to tell about me. You're the older one." I laughed.

"Well, there is the one where I made you eat a bug because I told you it would
make you better at hockey." He laughed.

"Okay, that wasn’t an invitation to tell said embarrassing stories!" I laughed.

"Oh, Annie, the stories I could tell..." my dad laughed.

"Don’t you dare, daddy!" I laughed.

"Well, guys, its 6:00. Time for trick-or-treating! Are you ready, Harper?" Elizabeth said, walking into the room.


We were walking down a street in Jed and Elizabeth's neighborhood.

Brandon had really hit it off with my dad and brothers, so he was ahead of me, walking and talking with them and Harper.

I was walking a little behind them with Van, Liz, and my mom.

"How's Sean been, Van?" I asked.

"Oh, you know. Typical Seanie." She laughed.

"Annie, who's this mystery man? Where'd you meet him?" Liz asked.

"Well, I was working a closing shift at Mattie's, before I got the trainers job, and he came in with a bunch of his buddies. I was their waitress, and he flirted with me all night, and what not. But, when I came back to clean their table off, I found a huge tip and a folded up napkin. It had his number on it. So, I texted him the next day and we had lunch and have hit it off since then. He also plays for the team I work with, so that's pretty cool." I smiled.

"Oh. So he's a professional hockey player?" She asked, impressed.

"Yeah." I laughed.

"Damn." She said.

"She's met Beau Bennett, Liz. Beau. Bennett." Vanessa said, grabbing onto her arm.

"I'm sure you're super jealous, aren't you?" Liz laughed.

"Oh, so freaking jealous." Vanessa said, completely serious.

"He's sooo freaking cute, but can be sooo annoying!" I said. "I also think he's kinda seeing Sophie."

"The Sophie you live with?" My mom asked.

"Yeah. We all went out after a game and Sophie brought Beau home, and I've seen him in my kitchen in the morning a few times since then." I laughed.

"Have you brought Brandon home yet?" Vanessa asked, wagging her eyebrows and nudging me.

"Not that wayyy. But, yes, he's been to my place and I've been to his." I said.

"Oh, bull! Just tell us what we really want to hear!" Vanessa said.

"Yes! How is he in bed? I bet that hockey trained body is wonderful." Liz said.

"We haven’t done anything yet!" I said.

"Annabelle Rose, I do not believe you." Vanessa said.

"Well, it's the truth. We both agreed to take it slow." I said.

"Well, that's good. I'm glad." My mom said.

"But, I'll probably be able to tell you pretty soon. I think our relationship will be ready for it, soon." I giggled.

"More like you can’t keep yourself out of his pants much longer." Vanessa laughed.

"That too." I laughed.


"I need a picture with my princess!" I said as we walked up the steps of Liz and Jed's house.

I snatched Harper from Sean and stood next to an empty wall.

"You, too, Brandon." I smiled.

I tossed my phone to Sean and stood closer to Brandon with Harper between us as Sean snapped the picture.

"Bran Bran!" Harper said putting her little hand on his chest, wanting him to hold her.

"Here, she wants you." I smiled.

"Oh..." he said taking her.

She curled up into his chest when he took her from me.

I quickly snapped a picture on my phone.

"Awwe! She likes you!" Liz said.

"I think that means we have to let you stay." My dad joked.

Brandon smiled over at me.

"I'm sorry, Harper, but I think it's time Aunt Annie and I head home." Brandon said looking down at her.

She whined and curled more into his chest.

"Come here, baby." Jed said moving to grab her.

"No!" She said, grabbing onto Brandon's shirt.

Brandon just laughed and moved closer to Jed.

"Harper, let go, baby." Jed said, successfully pulling her into his arms.

This caused her to start crying.

"Harper, baby, don’t cry. I'll bring Bran Bran back, and we'll visit real soon. I just think someone's tired..." I said running my hand through her blonde hair.

She stopped crying and just sniffled as she curled into Jed's chest now.

"She is tired. She's had too much fun with Bran Bran. It's gonna be time for bed
soon." Jed said.

"Well, bro, we're going to leave." I said hugging him.

"Bye, Annie. Be safe." He said kissing the top of my head.

"Nice meeting you, Brandon. Don't be too much of a stranger; I know it's hard with your schedule." He said shaking Brandon's hand.

"I'll try, man." Brandon chuckled.

We said goodbye to everyone and headed home to Pittsburgh.

On the way home I posted our picture.

‘Trick-or-Treating with my two favorites<3 twitpic.tbje10’


We decided to just go to my apartment for the night, so Brandon drove us there.

I got out of his car and waited by my door.

He walked over to me and stood in front of me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

"I told you they'd love you." I said resting my forehead against his.

"I know. I should've believed you." He chuckled.

I kissed him softly on the lips.

"Let's take this up to your room." He whispered into my ear before kissing my neck just below it.

I giggled and started leading the way.

We got on the elevator that led up to my floor.

Just before the elevator doors opened, Brandon started tickling me. So, when the doors did open, I took off running for my door and threw it open, rushing inside.

I was greeted by the sight of Beau and Sophie.

On my couch.

Having sex.

Beau was seated on the couch, hands on Sophie's hips as she straddled him, riding him.

"Oh my god!" I yelled.

"Shit!" Sophie said scrambling off of Beau's lap.

She grabbed the blanket off of the top of the couch and threw it over them just as Brandon ran through the door.

"What's wrong?" He asked putting his hands on my waist.

"Oh my god. I will NEVER be able to get that picture out of my memory!" I said rubbing my face.

"We didn’t think you two were going to come here, I figured you'd take her home, big boy." Beau said.

Brandon just laughed and laughed at him.

"Ohhh, I can’t wait to tell the guys about this one." He laughed. "Ya know, Anna, I've walked in on worse with this kid, to be honest."

"You know what, just don’t ruin my couch. That's all I really care about." I said walking
towards my room.

I walked in, grabbed my Mac book, and turned some music on. The two little rabbits would surely be right at it again, soon.

Brandon walked in a few minutes later with just his boxers on, his clothes in his hands. He threw them on the floor and crawled into my bed.

I shimmied out of my clothes in front of him and crawled into bed next to him with just my bra and undies on.

He tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear before lightly kissing me.

Just as things were beginning to get hot and heavy, I heard giggling and then shortly following soft moans.

I pulled away from Brandon, whose lips were headed towards my chest.

"What's wrong, babe?" He asked.

"I can’t do this, and listen to that." I said.

"Ew, you're right. They're just as much of a buzz kill as we were earlier." He said pulling me against his chest and putting his chin on the top of my head.

"Are you up for some really loud Netflix? I have my Mac in here." I said.

"Yes, please. Anything but this." He said as they got louder.

I got up and grabbed my computer.

"How about Lord of the Rings, again?" I laughed.


I decided to post Chapter Ten early, since I've sucked on updating the past couple of chapters...

But here it isss!!!

What do you think?
This was a continuation of Chapter Nine, in case you're a little confused.

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Thanks for reading.


is this gonna get updated!?!?!!? im going through major withdrawal :( this is such a good story!!!!

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patiently waiting for an update!!! lol :)

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I'm glad you like it! It means a lot! Thanks for reading! :)

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