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The Best Job Ever.

Chapter Eleven.

Chapter 11:

They won!!!

They beat the Bruins, 3-1!!!

Anddd, to make it even sweeter, Brandon got a goal!!!

A down point, Bortz got a major for fighting Caron, and I was the lucky one that had to take him back to the dressing room to make sure he was okay.

I hate seeing the boys fighttt.

Any waysss…

We are going to partyyy!!!

Geno thought it would be a nice way to celebrate by just having us all over to his house for booze and loud music.

I was down!

I was standing in my normal stop around the corner waiting for Brandon.

As he rounded the corner, he dropped his back and almost tackled me, picking me up and spinning me around.

“Brandon!” I giggled, wrapping my arms around his neck.

He pressed me up against the wall and encouraged my legs around his waist with his hands.

“Great game, baby.” I said pressing my forehead against his.

“Thanks. I did it for you.” He smiled.

“Shut up.” I giggled.

I pressed my lips against his.

“I’m going to take you home, and finally have you tonight.” He whispered in my ear.

I giggled.

“Wait…” I said.

“What?” He asked. “I mean, if you’re not ready…”

“Shut up, I’m completely ready.” I smiled.

“But Geno is having a party, and I wanted to go…” I said pouting my lower lip.

“Oh…” He said.

“There’s always later tonight. It doesn’t have to be right this second…” I said trying to look cute and innocent.

“I know…but this win and looking at you right now has me so turned on.” He almost whined.

“There could be some activity in the car…” I smiled.

He let me down and pulled me along to the car…


I decided to not tempt Brandon by not going home and just throwing on a shirt I had in the back of my car.

This also allowed us to arrive at Geno’s around the same time as everyone else.

Brandon smiled at me and then grabbed my hand as we walked up the sidewalk to the front door.

He didn’t knock, or anything; he just walked right in, pulling me along.

“It’s Geno. He wouldn’t’ve come to the door anyway.” Brandon chuckled.

The music was already blaring with the lights dimmed when we walked in.

Brandon had already run off and found Tanner and Joe Vitale.

There’s a surprise.

“Hey, Baby Girl.” Someone said in my ear as they pulled me back against them and kissed my cheek.

I quickly reached my hand up to their hair and felt that it was short before I turned to see who it was.


“Hi Beau-Beau.” I said turning around to face him. “No Sophie tonight?”

“Nahhh, she said she had an early start tomorrow.” He said slightly frowning.

Hmmm. Sophie normally doesn’t see clients at the gym on Thursdays…maybe there was a schedule change.

“Wellll, I’ll be your date tonight, since mine just wants to sit and talked to the married guys all night.” I laughed pointing over to Brandon.

“Okay.” Beau smiled.

“Do you want something to drink?” he asked.

“Sure!” I said walking over to Brandon.

He was sitting with Brooks Orpik, Tanner Glass, and Joe Vitale.

“T-Glass!” I said

“A-Jones!” he said doing our little handshake.

“Hi Brooksy; Joey V.” I said sitting on Brandon’s lap.

“Hi Anna.” They both said.

“Hi Brandon.” I smiled, kissing his cheek.

“Hi baby.”He smiled.

“So, I have a question.” I said.

“Oh boy, Suttsy. Look out.” Tanner laughed.

“T-Glass, you are not helping’ me here!” I laughed.

“Sorry, A-Jones.” He smiled.

“What’s your question?” Brandon asked.

“Well, you’re over here with your boys, and Beau doesn’t have Sophie tonight, so, I was wondering if you cared if I danced with him and stuff.” I rushed out.

“If you danced with him and stuff? What does ‘and stuff’ mean?” He asked, sounding a little defensive.

“Brandon. It doesn’t mean anything. I just said ‘and stuff’ as an ending.” I said smacking his chest.

He looked down at his lap.

“I guess. It doesn’t really matter, I guess.” He said.

I gently hugged him and took my lips to his ear.

“Thank you. You can enjoy your time with the boys, and I can have fun dancing. And then we can go home and have some fun together.” I said pulling away biting my lip.

“Go on. Have fun.” He smiled.

I got up and turned to walk away, and Brandon smacked my ass.

“Ohh!” I squeaked.

Brandon and the boys laughed as I shook him a dirty look and kept walking.


I found Beau in the kitchen downing shots with Robert Bortuzzo, Jayson Megna, Geno, and little Olli Maatta.

“Oh, geeze. Look at this crew.” I laughed, walking over to the kitchen counter they were at.

“Anna! Come join!” Geno said when he saw me.

“Ohh, I don’t know Geno…” I said walking up to then.

“Come on, babe!” Beau said pulling me up next to him.

“What are we drinking?” I laughed.

“You chose.” Geno said, gesturing to rather large selection of alcohol on the counter.

“I bet you can’t handle tequila.” Beau said pouring himself a shot and downing it and making a face.

“You’re on, pretty boy.” I said grabbing a shot glass and quickly down two shots of tequila in a row.

I felt my face scrunch up as the liquid burned going down.

A chorus of ‘Ohh!’s met my ears as I slammed the shot glass down.

“Hmmm, maybe I was wrong about you, Baby Girl.” Beau laughed.

A solid five shots later, I started to feel the effects of the alcohol set in.

“Let’s go dance! Come on!” I said grabbing Beau’s hand.

In the living room, there was a huge group of people dancing in the room. I didn’t even recognize most of them.

I dragged Beau into the middle of the crowd and began dancing on Beau.

Moments later Jayson Megna came to join us.

He began dancing on me as I continued to dance on Beau.

“Nice shirt, little boy.” I said over the music into his ear, pulling on his pumpkin shirt that he was made to wear for most of the month of October.

“Thanks, babe.” He said nuzzling his face into my neck.

Have two hot guys pressed up against you was the dream of every girl.

And it was causing my body to betray my brain.

My conscious was screaming no, but the drunken haze in front of it was screaming yes.

I was sandwiched between them, Beau behind me and Jayson in front of me.

They had both started to kiss my neck, nipping at the exposed skin.

Jayson had his hands all over me, feeling everything he could.

I wanted to care, but I really couldn’t bring my drunken mind to care.

It wasn’t until I looked over and saw an extremely pissed off Brandon, still sitting on the couch, that I snapped out of it.

The drunken haze was almost completely gone.

I pushed Jayson off of me, and made my way over to Brandon, still slightly tipsy.

I stood in front of him, but he was acting as though he couldn’t see me.

“Brandon…” I said.

He got up, looked at me and walked away.

I stumbled after him, only wanting to talk to him.

“Brandon!” I said as we walked out of the house and into the cold October night.

The cold air sobered me up even more. It’s what I needed.

“Anna, I don’t even know what to say to you!” he almost yelled.

“Brandon, let me explain.” I said trying to fight back the tears that were building up.

I was suddenly regretting every single thing that I did tonight. I should’ve just taken Brandon home and had a romantic night in bed with the man that I loved. But no. I went, got drunk, and messed everything up.

“What the fuck was that?! You said you were going to dance with Beau. You disappeared for an hour and then the next time I see you, Beau and Jayson are all over you! What the literal fuck, Anna!” He was yelling now.

“Brandon! I was drunk! I went into the kitchen to find Beau and they were in there taking shots. And Geno talked me into taking them with them. It didn’t mean a damned thing to me!”

I started to cry, moving closer to him.

He didn’t move away or move towards me.

He just stood there and looked at me.

“Anna, I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want to share you. I just want you.” He said closing his eyes.

“I know. I was drunk. I don’t want them. I want you, too. And only you. I love you.” I whispered, still moving closer to him.

I was sobbing now, terrified that he was going to leave me standing there.

“Shh.” He finally said, wrapping his arms around me.

“I love you, too.”

I woke up the next morning cold and alone.
Brandon didn’t spend the night.
To be honest, I don’t really remember much of what happened last night.
Just that Jayson and Beau were all over me.
And Brandon and I fought.
I got out of bed and decided that ice cream for breakfast was the way to go.
Also some Tylenol for this awful headache would be a good option.
Comfy clothes would be a good thing, but I’m already in just one of Brandon’s shirts.
I grabbed my phone and checked it as I walked out of my room.
‘(1) New Message: Bran-Bran<3’
I opened the message, hoping that I didn’t drunk text him after I got home last night.
However I got home…
‘You’re waking up alone this morning because, after I made sure you got home and in bed safe last night, I just headed home. I’ll see you later today. Text me when you get up. Love you.’
I should’ve guessed he made sure I got home…
I replied back to him.
‘Good Morning.’
‘Morning. How are you feeling?’
‘Goddd, I am sooo hung over. >.< I honestly couldn’t tell you much about what happened last night.’
‘Really? Not at all?’
‘Just that I was supposed to be hanging out with Beau and ended up doing like 5 too many shots of tequila with Geno…’
‘Yeah, those 5 shots caused you to do some pretty crazy shit.’
‘I know. I remember us fighting too…’
‘Yeah… I’m on my way with breakfast. You didn’t make anything did you?’
‘I was just about to make something. Haha. I guess we can talk more when you get here. See you soon. Be safe. I love you.’
‘I love you, too.’
I locked my phone and walked into the kitchen.
I looked up and saw Sophie sitting at the little island in the middle of our kitchen.
“Wow, must have been some party if I got up before you.” She laughed taking a drink of her coffee.
“It was intense.” I said rubbing my face. “What time is it?”
“Almost noon.” She chuckled.
“Fuck! I missed practice!” I almost yelled.
I grabbed my phone and sent a quick text to Andy, my boss.
‘Andy, I am sooo sorry I missed this morning’s practice. I forgot to set an alarm, and didn’t wake up until just now. I am so sorry.’
He responded in what seemed like seconds.
‘Anna, you have this game off, remember? But don’t forget that you and Brandon have a meeting with Dan, Ray, and Mario at 4 PM today.’
‘Oh, yeah. That’s right! I’m sorry for bothering you then. And I did remember about our meeting! See you around!’
I most definitely did not remember about our meeting today.
God, my brain feels like mushhh.
“Brandon’s on his way with some food, did you eat?” I asked sitting my phone done as I sat down across from her.
“No, I actually didn’t get up that much long ago either.” She replied.
“Wait…Beau told me last night that you couldn’t come because you had to get up early.” I said scrunching up my eyebrows.
“Oh…did he?” She said trying to avoid eye contact.
“Yes, he did. So, Sophie, care to tell your best friend what you really did last night?” I asked leaning over the table to look at her.
“Anna, you have to promise me that you won’t tell him. Or Brandon. Or Robert. Or anyone.” She said finally looking at me.
“Promise. Girl scout’s honor.” I said putting my hand over my heart.
“Anna, you were never a girl scout!” She laughed.
“That doesn’t matter and is beside the pointtt. Just tell me!” I said throwing my hands in the air.
“Okayyy! Well, do you remember that Jordan guy I was telling you about when you first got hired for the Pens?” She asked.
“The hottie with a body? Yeah!” I asked. “No, Soph. You didn’t!”
“No! Don’t jump to conclusions! I don’t need him in bed. Trust me; I get enough for me and you with Beau.” She laughed.
“I can attest to that!” I laughed.
“Well, any ways, we worked together yesterday, and he asked me to go get some drinks last night. And then Beau asked me to come to Geno’s party… And technically I’m not with Beau. He’s actually made that clear a couple of times. And I feel like I don’t fit in with the rest of the guys as well as you do. So I decided to just go with Jordan…” She said looking down at the table.
“Well, from my experiences with Beau last night-“I started.
“Your experiences?” She asked looking up at me.
“Lemme finish! It’s nothing bad; relax. As I was saying. From my experiences with Beau last night, he most definitely wants to be with you, he just doesn’t know how to say that he does.” I said.
“But, I don’t get that from him…” she said.
“He was so sad and lost without you last night. And when I asked him where you were, he got really sad. It was kinda cute. I think you just need to put your foot down and say something. You like commitment, and he’s afraid of it. But, I also think he’s afraid of losing you. So, I just think that you need to talk to him about it.” I said.
There was a knock at the door.
“I’ll get it. It’s probably Bran any ways.” I said getting up.
“But Anna, I feel like you’re right. I’ll talk to him.” She called after me as I opened the door.
Brandon was standing in the hallway with a bag from Panera and a tub of ice cream.
“Hi.” I smiled.
“Hi. I know you like ice cream when you’re hung over, so I brought you some bagels and a tub.” He said.
Did I get a hint of awkwardness?
“Oh, yeah. Thanks.” I smiled, looking down at the ground.
Yupp. Just made it super awkward.
“Well, come in. don’t just stand there. Sophie’s in the kitchen and has some coffee made if you want some.” I said stepping aside to let him in.
He walked past me and into the kitchen.
“Do you want this now?” he asked holding up the ice cream.
“Uhh, no. you can put it away.” I said following him.
If I started eating the ice cream, there would be none left, and I don’t need it.
“Hey, Soph.” He said walking over to the fridge.
“Hi Brandon.” She smiled.
Once he was behind her at the fridge, she looked at me and made a ‘What the hell?’ face.
“What’s up?” she mouthed
I just shook my head and looked down at the ground.
“Brandon, I’m not really hungry. I’m gonna go get dressed, if you want to come to my room…” I said making up a reason to go to my room so we could talk.
“Yeah, sure.” He said following me out of the kitchen and to my room.
I let him go into my room first.
He walked in and stood in front of my bed,
I walked in, closed the door, and leaned up against it.
I stayed there trying to think of something to say; where to start.
“Brandon, I am so sorry…” I decided to say.
He deeply inhaled and let it out as a sigh.
“I know. And I wish I could stop making it awkward, but I just don’t know how to.” He almost whispered.
I could tell he wanted to yell at me again. I could tell he was furious.
But I didn’t want him to yell, or be furious.
“Just stop. That’s all you have to do.” I said walking up to him and putting my hand on his back.
I remember him telling me that when I played with his hair it calmed him down, but I didn’t want to over step him.
I could feel the muscles in his back relaxing.
“I know.” He said.
He spun around, facing me.
I put my hand on his stomach and ran it up his chest, to his neck, and put it in his hair.
He closed his eyes and a small smile formed on his lips.
He brought his face closer to mine and rested his forehead against mine.
“I just love you so much. And I’m so afraid that I’m going to lose you now.” He said, not opening his eyes.
“Brandon, look at me.” I said, waiting until he opened his eyes.
“It didn’t mean a damn thing to me, what happened last night. If it did, I would have remembered it. I remember every drunken night in bed with you. Every stupid conversation that we’ve had while I was drunk.” I chuckled.
“It’s because you mean the world to me. And I hang on to every word you say, drunk or sober. I am so sorry. I can’t even put it into words how much I regret last night.” I said, feeling the tears starting to come.
“I know.” He said. “I love you, Anna.”
He slowly pressed his lips against mine.
“I love you, too, Brandon. More than anything.” I said against his lips.
He smiled as he kissed me again.
I pulled away.
“I need to shower.” I smiled. “Want to join me?”
“Yes.” He smiled taking his shirt off and throwing it.
I giggled as I ran across the hallway into the bathroom, pulling him along.
Once we closed the door his lips were immediately on mine.
His hands went for his shirt that I was wearing, pulling it up and over my head, breaking our kiss as he threw it away.
I grinned as I removed my blue lace bra and dropped it to the floor and just stood there as his eyes soaked in my almost naked body.
He was trying to take his pants off, but that was long forgotten.
“Here, lemme help you with that.” I smiled, undoing his pants for him.
Then, I turned to the shower and turned the water on.
I felt Brandon press himself up against me.
“Do you see what you do to me?” He huskily whispered into my ear.
I giggled as I took off my panties and jumped in.
We weren’t very worried about actually bathing…


Happy early update!!!
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I'm not going to be near internet access on Monday, so I figured I'd update early! And I'm super ahead on writing. :)

I hope you enjoyed it!! :)
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is this gonna get updated!?!?!!? im going through major withdrawal :( this is such a good story!!!!

I definitely NEED an update! I LOVE this story!

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patiently waiting for an update!!! lol :)

I neeed an update!!! lol

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I'm glad you like it! It means a lot! Thanks for reading! :)

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