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I Do, But I Don't


“Kristen, do you like Derek?”
P.J. asked. after releasing me from a hug.
“What!?! Where did you get that idea from?” I respond with a little bit of sass, and sarcasticness.
“Kristen, it is obvious that you like him.”
**Few days later**
“Kristen, I know that you like me, but you also like five other people too. You need to figure out what you want. Then come talk to me.”
He says right before I head off to see my family.
***End of Flashback***

I am sitting right outside of the school's auditorium. As soon as I see him my heart beat picks up. ‘Remember what James said.’ I keep telling myself.
was on a roadtrip with the Flyers and they played against the Toronto Maple Leafs. I was waiting for James van Riemsdyk. I have come to be friends with the ex-Flyer thanks to my cousins, the Schenns, who are now famous NHL players on the Flyers. We hadn't seen each other in a while. I saw him coming toward me and I jumped up and ran toward him. James saw me coming and embraced me in a huge bear hug.
“That wasn't smart of you. You do know that you have a bad knee, and a bad ankle, right? Hows my favorite Schenn?” James said as soon as he pulled back enough to look at me.
“Haha, very funny. I have to live with it every day. And I'm not a Schenn. I am related to them, but I'm not a Schenn.” I say.
“Oh, I was actually wondering how Brayden was. And Luke. But I like Brayden more, since we didn't swap teams. But how are you?” He says as we take a seat.
“Your mean. But I'm good, for the most part.” I say and I tried to hide my depressed look.
“Tell me, what's got my sunny little pal in the dumps? Is it a guy? I’ll be happy to scare them off---”
“James, my heart isnt broken. I'm just trying to figure out what I need to do.”
“Do share.”
“Well I like this one guy, but he is the opposite of me, theres this other guy who doesn't even know that I exist, and there is this really cute hockey player. AND another guy asked me out. what do I do?”
“First off, forgot the guy who doesn't know you exist. Go with who you like.”
“But I don't know if he likes me back.”
“Tell him. You have had enough heartbreak that it has made you the strong talented young lady that I know, and love as a friend. Plus the worst thing that would happen is he tells you that he doesn't like you like that. And I know you, not knowing what he thinks would push you over the edge.”
“You’re right. Thank you James.”
“I know im right. And you're very welcome.”
*** End of Flashback***

“Hey, Derek. How was the session?”
“Hey, Kristen. It was pretty good. I still need to work on some more math with her, but the sessions are going great. I got your text. Whats up?”
“Well, you know how… How you keep saying ‘how are you single.’”
“Yeah, what about it?”
He asks with a questioning face.
“The reason is, that I’m not looking for just anyone. I know who I want to date. And it’s--”
“Piggy, it’s Piggy isn't it.”
He says cutting me off.(Piggy is our nickname for the guy who doesn’t know that i exist.
“No, Derek, its you.”
“I knew it…, WAIT, Its me!?! What?”
“Derek, I know you better than most people and you know me better than most people. We both have been through a lot and we both understand that.”
“Kristen. Look, I like you, but I’m not ready for a relationship.”
“Its not you. Everytime I go into a relationship, they don't last that long. They never have. And I don’t want to hurt you.”
“Derek. My heart has been broken a lot. I have been through a lot, and I still have a lot to go through. You will hurt me, but that will just make me stronger.”
“Kristen, don’t do this.”
“I have to go.”
I said fighting back tears and I walk away until I am out of his view. I ran to the bathroom on the other side of the school. As soon as I get in the bathroom and check to make sure no one else is in there I have tears rolling down my face. I call James.
“Hello? Kristen, are you crying? What happened?”
“James, I told him and I… I…”
I say and start crying harder.
“Kristen, tell me what happened. I can come down. I have off two days any way. Do Brayden and Luke know?”
“You would waste your break to be with me? And no. I called you first.”
“Why would you say that. I would leave in the middle of a Stanley Cup game just to make you feel better. So would all of the guys that you have become friends with. Tyler Seguin, Tyler Brown, Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane, James Neal, and the list goes on. Everyone that you have met loves you like family. We all may hate each other on the ice, but once we are off the ice, we all have one thing in common. You.”
“James! Now you are making me cry again!”
“They better be happy tears. Now when I get there, you will have to tell me exactly what happened.”
“They are. Okay. Thank you.”
I say and we both hang up.


Second Story. Hope everyone likes it. Its based off of a true event in my life, I just changed some of the names around. Please comment, vote and subscribe.


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