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I Do, But I Don't

The most "Obvious"

"HEY PRETTY THANG" Some overly drunk guy yells my way.
I ignore his comment and head over to our designated booth in the back of the tavern. Liz sees me sit and comes over to take my order.
"Hey girl, long time. Hows school and what can i get ya?" she asks.
"Hi, ive been crazy busy with keeping up with all the classes, could i get a Doctor pepper and a root beer, oh half and half."
"The usual, got it." She walks away leaving me to my thoughts until a strong pair of arms wrap around me from behind. I turn to look but another pair of hands cover my eyes. I sit there and start laughing, then i hear James' laugh.
"James, this is getting old," i say before i feel someone sit across from me, "Wait, did you kidnap one of the players?"
"I just brought Tyler, he wanted to come, and like half the team decided to come out as well." He says and i can hear his smile.
Tyler finally removes his hand and i look back and give him a smile, i scoot over to give him room and he sits next to me. Liz comes back over and is basically eye fucking the two athletes. As soon as she leaves we all burst out into laughter. I tell James what happened and pause when Liz brings over all the drinks and a order of fries. James and Tyler both pick up their drinks. Tyler puts his down and lets his hand fall to my thigh. I look over at him and we share a smile. I quickly try to hide the smile by stuffing a few fries into my mouth.
"You starving? They not feeding you?" James jokes.
"haha soooo funny, I seriously just love these fries."
"yeah these are good fries," Tyler says defending me, and saving me from the embarrassment.
We finish our meals and James beats me to the bill. We argue over letting me pay but he still pays for my meal anyway. We head out to the parking lot and James says he is going to head back to the hotel to get some rest and that he will see me tomorrow. He gives me a quick hug and then heads over to his car. Tyler follows suit and gives me a hug and says, "Let me walk you to your car." I laugh.
"Ty, I walked here."
"Well then i guess im walking you home," he says with a smile. He quickly runs over to James and tells him he is going to walk me home. He runs back over once James gets into the car, and we both wave as he drives away. We start walking towards my house and he laughs at how causally i cross the street. Once we cross the major streets and are about halfway to my house, he gets serious all of a sudden.
"Ty, whats up?"
"Its.. nothing, dont worry about it." As soon as he had said that, I stop walking. And stare at him, he stops and turns to look at me
"UGH, its just frustrating, you dont see how you deserve someone better than the guys you settle for." He stops and looks at me afraid of my reaction. I look at him, seriously contemplating how to answer him.
"No, dont Ty me," he cuts me off, "I dont get how you dont see it."
"See what!?! What is there to see!" I half yell at him. He just looks at me and when he doesnt answer i start walking. He catches up to me easily but doesnt say anything. We walk the rest of the way in silence. He only starts to speak when we are at my front door. I can tell he is trying to think of something to say, but instead of letting him i cut him off this time.
"I dont date people, ever, not because i dont have the opportunity, but because i dont want to mess up someone elses life. Im afraid to let someone get hurt by me. thats why. thats why i dont date, and thats why i date who i date."
He just looks at me for a minutes and i start unlocking the door when he grabs my wrist and turns me to face him. I am facing him and he doesnt say anything, he just looks straight into my eyes before he lets out a breath and almost whispers, "Let me change that." Next thing i know his lips are on mine and I kiss him back. My hands go up to his neck and hair, as he pushes me agaisnt my door i pull him closer.


Im sorry for the long gap, Im going to try to post another chapter today.


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