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Living The Dream

Chapter 7


It was Christmas Day and there wasn't a single person on campus besides me. The library was empty, the cafeteria was empty, and my hall was empty. I found myself watching movies and catching up on school work to take my mind off of the quite campus. i couldn't help but think back to the other day at Dougie and Adam's apartment. Everything felt so natural. Those guys were truly the nicest people I knew in Boston. Friends is all they'll ever be. I can't think of Adam like that. Was it sad that I think Adam is probably the best looking man I've ever seen, and i'm forcing myself to be his friend. But there's no way he sees me as anything more anyway, and if he does, he won't after he finds out what's wrong with me.

My thoughts were quickly interrupted by the vibrations from my cell phone. Text Message (2). Unknown number.

"Merry Christmas Dyl :)" attached was a picture of Adam and Dougie smiling infront of their christmas tree.

He actually texted me. Which means he must have been thinking about me right?


I can't stop thinking about Dylanne. She is so much fun to hang out with and talk to. I feel like i've known her for so long, but I haven't. I want to spend more time with her and get to know her better. So i'm going to start today.

The boys and I usually have a Christmas dinner together since we have a game tomorrow, but I opted out this year. I wanted to surprise Dylanne because I knew she was alone, and no offense but i'd rather spend time with her. I decided to head over to her campus at around 5, so we could spend the evening together.

I pulled into the parking lot outside her building, and headed straight toward her room. When I come to room 54A. I knocked on the door anxiously waiting to see her again.

When she opens the door, she looks so surprised to see me.

"Adam what are you doing here?"

"I came to surprise you, I hope that's okay." I nervously smiled.

"Of course. Come in" she moved away from the door. "Sorry for the mess, I wasn't expecting company"

"Yeah sorry about that, I just thought you may be lonely and needed some company"

"That's sweet of you" she smiled back.

We talked and ate takeout for hours. We were laughing, complimenting each other and I honestly felt so attracted to her. The way she laughed, and how her smile lit up the room made me want to be happy. I knew I made the right decision on spending Christmas with her.

"It's getting late, I better head home." I spoke up.

"Oh okay," she sounded sad. "Thank you for coming! You made Christmas much more enjoyable"

"I had fun" and before I knew it my lips were on hers, and it felt as good as I imagined.


Sorry for the slow updates. Its exam season :( Stick with me until June 15, and I'll post more regularly.

Feedback? Suggestions?


OMG cancer?!?! This took a really sad turn!

oh jesus. this is darling. update update update

marlene marlene

good job