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Living The Dream

Chapter 6

Dylannes POV

I've been official a Harvard student for 4 months, and I couldn't be happier. Hockey was going great, and classes were easy. Midterms were done, and it was officially Christmas vacation. My only problem was I am a broke college student with parents who went south for the holidays. So I was stuck in my good old dorm room while my friends, and teammates went home.

I haven't talked much to any of the bruins since my coffee run with Adam and Greg. Just as I suspected, they forgot about me. Not that I matter much to anyone, so why should I matter to a couple of professional hockey players. They were just another couple of my friends who probably saw me as an annoying teenage girl.

It was December 23, and I decided to head out of my stuffy dorm room, and walk over to starbucks for a nice warm drink. I put my headphones in, and listened to John Mayer on my walk. Boston was pretty cold, but growing up in Saskatchewan, I was pretty used to it.

I walked into an empty starbucks, and ordered a venti peppermint mocha to go with my Christmas movies. I was wearing my Harvard sweatshirt, and yoga pants, so I was not dressed to impress. When my drink was done, I put my headphones back in and headed back to campus. When I opened the door I ran into something hard. Or more like someone hard. Wait, more like 3 hard people.

What else is new, except for me running into the bruins at starbucks. "And we run into eachother again" the familiar voice said, which belonged to Adam. Dougie, Torey, and Adam.

"Oh sorry guys, I wasn't paying attention." I apologized.

"It's fine don't worry about it" Torey said.

"What are you still doing in town? I thought you'd be going home" Adam quickly added.

"No I decided to stay in town. Besides I'm a broke college student who can't afford a plane ticket home" I laughed.

"Oh well if you're not doing anything, we were just gonna get some take out and watch some movies, if you wanted to join us." Dougie suggested.

I really shouldn't. But who am I gonna hurt if I say yes? They're a couple of nice guys. "Sure i'd love that"

Adams POV

My night was made when we ran into her. I hadn't talked to her in forever, and it was so nice to see her smile again. And when she agreed to come over, I was so happy. Tonight I decided to make my move, and finally start up something with her.

We watched a couple movies at Dougie and my apartment, when I realised what time it was. Dougie headed into his room for the night, and Torey left. As much as I wanted her to stay and never leave, I knew I had to drive her home.

"Thanks for the ride. I had fun tonight" She smiled at me when we pulled up to her campus.

"No problem, I hope we can do it again soon" hinting that I wanted her number.

"I'd like that" she smiled.

I handed her my phone, and she added her number, and from then on, I vowed to myself that I would never love another woman other than her.


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