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Pucking Around


My name is Rylee Johnson, I'm 22 and a little over two years ago, I moved to Pittsburgh just for the hell of it. I'm a major sports fan and partier, so why not move to a big city with good sports teams and good clubs after graduating from Culinary school?

Want to know more about me? There's not much to say, but other than I was a nobody. Well I still am a nobody, but I'm doing something I'd never do. Back then I was just a girl that'd go to any club or game she could go to, but now I'm a girl that gets to go anywhere she wants and gets to sit in the VIP section in clubs and the celebrity suites at sports events all because of who I'm having relations with.

That person happens to be Kristopher Allen Letang. 26 year old from Montreal, Quebec and top defenseman for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Whenever I moved here, I didn't have a lot of money. Hell, I basically had what I had on my back and still managed, but I had just enough cash to get a small one bedroom apartment and some furniture that wasn’t found on the streets, but once I met Kris and he took pretty much one look at my apartment and moved me out of the 'unsafe neighborhood' and surprised me with a new place to live. He pays for everything; rent, electricity, TV, he even started to pay my car payments. Much to my disappointment, but he's not letting me stress. 'You're too young and beautiful to be stressing over living expenses.' His words, not mine.

Now that seems like nothing to you, that's what a good 'boyfriend' is supposed to do, but where I sit, it's not with the wives or the families. I sit with the girlfriends. The girls the players are messing around with because they're tired of their wives but still love them enough to not get divorced. We're just someone to have wild, meaningless sex with. Someone who's willing to be in a 'no strings attached' kind of relationship, I'm that kind of girl.

Or at least I used to be.

Warning: contains adult language and adult scenes

This is 100% my story
Also found on Wattpad and Quotev
If you find it anywhere else, please contact me ASAP


Catherine Laflamme and Alexander Letang

Catherine Laflamme and Alexander Letang

fiancé and son of Kris

Kris Letang

Kris Letang

main character, engaged, father, defensmen for the Pittsburgh Penguins

Kylie Hart

Kylie Hart

best friends with Rylee, has relations with Joe Vitale

Rylee Johnson

Rylee Johnson

main character, confident, party girl



Love it! Please update soon!!

cntrygrl45 cntrygrl45

Oh, I know. I just feel like I have to say that before I let my eyes feast upon the story. In real life I just don't get that though. Can't be faithful don't be in a relationship.

I don't agree with cheating either, but please remember this is a fanfiction and I thought it'd be a good story line. Also, he's not 'sleeping with everything with a skirt' just Rylee and occasionally Catherine. Boys will be boys. Xx

emilyloren94 emilyloren94

It's pretty good. I like it a lot. I'm not one for cheating at all though. I don't get the I'm in a serious relationship but sleeping with everything with a skirt...etc.. thing