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I want you to stay

Original Six Showdown

"Are they going to murder me?" Carey asked
Hayley snorted, "yeah right, first off they were never like that they don't care that much about me and second.....you're literally like twice their size, so it's bit like they could do anything anyway,"
"You're mean," he chuckled
"I'm being honest," she defended.

"They're here!" Hayley squealed
Carey let go of her hand and she ran out the door, tackling her older brother Will in a hug. Will squeezed her tight and then pulled back.
"Did you grow taller or something?" He asked
She snorted laughter, "yeah right,"

Joey appeared, "What are you wearing?"
She looked down and remembered the Habs jersey.
"A Price jersey," she grinned, "you should talk, I see you wearing Brieres jersey,"
He laughed and hugged her, "I missed you kid, it's so quiet without you,"
"Aw thanks, now let's go inside before I freeze my toes off," she tugged them both towards the door.

Both of them knew that she had moved in with Carey. At first Will was a little reluctant, but then he didn't mind. He'd skype Hayley a lot, and when he did, Carey would be somewhere in the background eating or playing video games or something. He was just a normal guy, not the starting goalie for the Hans. And she seemed happier than she was when she left.

Will and Joseph had always wanted to see a game at Bell Centre against the bruins. Will had it on his bucket list actually. "take road trip up to Montreal, stay at French hotel, order tons of French food, see bruins game at bell centre." To be more exact. The tickets were Hayley's birthday gift from her father. However, he had work so he couldn't be there.

"Carrreeeeeyyyy!" Hayley sing songed, "cmere!"
He walked in, fixing the cuff of his shirt. He looked up to see both boys grinning at him.
"Hello," he smiled
"Shit, this is real," Will breathed.
Carey grinned at Hayley who was shaking her head at her brother.
"It's nice to meet you, man," will stuck out his hand, "I may be a bruins fan but I like how you play,"
"Uh thanks," Carey responded, "that means a lot,"


"What is a Bruins fan doing in the lockeroom?" PK asked
"Chill, it's my brother," Hayley explained, "plus he doesn't hate you guys, he only hates the penguins,"
"That's what I like to hear!" PK grinned, "welcome to the crew,"
Will and Joey stood in the doorway, honestly dumbfounded. Never would they thought they'd be in the Canadiens lockeroom, players and all.

"Are they alright?" Alex asked
"They're just a little....shocked," Carey chuckled, gently squeezing Hayley's hand.
She leant into his side, watching them with a smile.
"This is fucking sick," Joey stated, earning laughs.
"We'll come inside, we don't bite," Brian grinned.

Hayley followed Carey to his stall and sat down on the bench. Her phone vibrated, signaling a text from Mary.

"come get me from the hallway, the security guard doesn't believe me,"

Hayley laughed and replied a quick sure.
"I'm gonna go save Mary from Wally," she told Carey.
He nodded with a smile, "okay,"

Hayley left and travelled down the hallway.
"I swear I'm not lying!" She heard mary say.
"I'm sorry miss, but I can't let you in unless I have proof," Wally explained
"I do, and she's coming to get me right now," Mary crossed her arms.

"I'm here I'm here," Hayley smiled, "it's alright Wally, she's with me,"
He nodded, "sorry miss,"
"It's okay," mary nodded
"Thanks Wal, see ya after the game," Hayley waved
The pair of girls continued back to the lockeroom.

"you excited?" Hayley asked
"a room full of hot hockey players that I've watched almost every night on the TV?" She grinned, "Of course,"
Hayley giggled, "great, they'll love you,"
She pushed open the heavy silver door and the two of them reentered. This time, Joey was busy talking to Danny with a huge grin in his face. Will was having a conversation with PK and Brendan.

"Hey it's another girl," someone called, "hello there,"
Mary blushed, "uh hi,"
Hayley and Mary were hanging around Carey's stall, and Hayley noticed Alex's eyes kept wandering over to them. She caught him staring at Mary and smirked.
She got up and walked over, leaving Mary and Carey in their own conversation.

"Hey Alex... Whatcha up to?" She asked
"Nothing, just getting ready for the game," he shrugged
"Liar," she laughed, her voice lowering, "I see you staring at Mary. Talk to her,"
"I can't just go up and talk to her," he frowned, "she'll think I'm weird,"
Hayley giggled, "no she won't! Just do it,"
He looked terrified. It was the cutest thing ever.

"Okay, I can't see you like this anymore," Hayley shook her head, "hey mary! Come meet Alex,"
Alex's eyes widened, "what are you doing!?"
"I'm helping you," she winked, "watch,"
Mary came over looking just as nervous. Carey saw the look in Hayley's eye and knew what she was up to. He turned away to put his gear on, hiding his smirk of approval.

"So Mary, this is Alex. Alex this is my friend Mary. Her parents are also from Belarus,"
"They are?" He questioned looking at her.
She nodded, "mmhmm, but I was born in the US,"
This initiated a conversation.

Hayley slowly backed away grinning like an idiot.
No words were spoken between she and Carey, they just smirked at eachother and highfived. Hayley sat back watching them talk. Both of them were a hell of a lot more comfortable then they were at first, and smiling. Definitely a good idea.

A half an hour later it was time for warm ups.

"Good luck," Hayley giggled.
"Thanks babe," Carey smiled kissing her.
She let him go and he grabbed his helmet, following the others out. She looked over and saw that Mary and Alex were STILL talking. She rolled her eyes playfully and went over.
"Hey Romeo it's game time," she snickered, "you can talk after the game,"
Mary's cheeks were bright red, and Alex had a sly grin on his face.


"I bet he's gonna score on this sh-" Hayley started but then the Canadiens goal horn started to blare through the stadium.
Her jaw dropped and she turned her head to see Alex in the middle of a celly. She turned back to Mary who had the sweetest grin on her face.
"That's for you babe," Hayley teased looking back at Alex who was looking at mary with a smile.
"Oh my god," she squeaked
Will and Joey were laughing and making kissy faces.


*sighs* I'm sorry! I've been busy... I hope you all still like me


Please update soon :-)

RaeO RaeO

I love this, they're literally so cute:) your stories are really good, keep it up<3

Bruins17 Bruins17

HEPPY BERTHDEY <3 \ ^.^ / partayyyy

i like this very much yes i do :3 PK is suck a dork :P

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This is really good!! keep writing!