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Statistical Chances of Love at first sight

Chapter 7

Abby POV

i woke up in the morning feeling like absolute shit, physically and mentally , i turned over to see travis still asleep, i went out in the living room to call the only person who i trusted at that time, Sam Morin, what people don't know is me and sam are cousins, our moms are sisters, when my parents died, he was busy with his hockey career, and his parents couldn't bring me up to stay with them, but before they died when me and sam were kids we were best friends, we were closer than anything, but we moved to america. He picked up on the first ring

abby im so happy you called, I'm so sorry, about what happened

i have to tell travis were cousins, he needs to know he's gonna get suspicious on why i keep texting you, he's gonna think I'm cheating

tell him then abby, and I'm always here for you

i have to do it again

do what?

that thing i promised you i would never do again

abby you cant

try to stop me

and with that i hung up the phone,

sam texted me saying he was coming over, i went into the bathroom, and grabbed the sharpest thing, i took the razor out of my eyeliner sharpener, and i started slicing, all down my arms, and my thighs, before i knew it there was banging on the door, it was travis and sam
travis was sobbing, i looked down to see blood just blood all over the place, sam was crying too. the door finally came crashing down, and there it was again a look i never wanted to see again, the last thing i heard was, "Sam call 911 right now, abby i love you please stay with us" and travis was holding my bloody body, and with that i blacked out.

Travis POV
im so mad at myself, why couldn't i have been awake, why the fuck am i such an awful person, if she dies i swear i might just die with her.
we were sitting in the waiting room at the hospital, sam called his parents and told them what happened with abby, he was really upset. Sam had told me they were cousins, and I'm happy he did, and I'm happy he came over, and I'm happy abby has someone like him to talk to.

Sam was crying just as hard as i was, it was the hardest thing, two men trying to break down a door to save someones life, but not being strong enough to do it, because we were to weak, mentally.

we just sat together in the waiting, room, pure silence people thought we were insane.

"thank you so much sam." is all i could choke out
"for what being, her cousin, a best friend." he replied
"its my fault, if you never showed she would be dead," i whispered
"its my fault too, i should have called you, and had you check on her, instead i just waited till i got there."

the doctor came out and brought us back
"she's asleep now, but she has over 200 stitches in her arms and legs, she's gonna have to take it easy, she also has to see a therapist, twice a week, are one of you her room mate?" the dr stated

"im her boyfriend, and this is her cousin" i said

"ok good, you guys are responsible to make sure she's okay, and that she goes to therapy twice a week"
we just nodded our heads
"she has to stay here overnight though, you both can stay with her, or go home" he said and walked out

we both just looked at abby, she looked so miserable, and tired. it was upsetting. she looked like she wanted to die, and i think that was her goal.

abby, why. Abby was and still is my best friend, why did she have to do this, when i called my mom she offered to fly down, but i told her no the sight was to depressing and i don't think she could handle it. I knew abby had problems but i never thought she would try to do this again, fuck why couldn't i be a better cousin, this is all my fault. i better call coach and tell him me and travis are going to be late.

"travis, im gonna step out and call coach real quick,"

"oh fuck we have practice, tell him im going to be late"
i just nodded and walked out into the hall

hey coach, its sam me and travis are going to be late

what why?

because, abby tried to kill herself this morning, and were in the hospital with her, she's my cousin and i feel like i should be here a little longer, and travis is a mess right now and im not far behind him, its awful she looks so miserable.

sam you and travis don't have to come to practice, today, make sure abby gets better all the guys love her, and would be heartbroken to hear this.

and with that coach hung up,

"travis we don't have to go" i said and travis was balling his eyes out

"oh thank god" was all he said and when he looked at me for a split second, her eyes opened, abby was awake

"where am i?" was all her tiny voice said, and me and travis just looked at each other and started crying even more.




So much drama! I hope you're still writing. I want to know what happens next!

FlyersFan28 FlyersFan28