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Chapter Two

When I open my hotel room door, he’s quick to push inside of my room and lock the portal behind him. My heart is immediately in my throat. I’m in my light-blue silk pajamas: he’s wearing a white t-shirt and shorts, along with a team ball cap on his head. It’s clear to me that he has come from his room, and that he is breaking curfew in doing so.

“I…” I begin, forcing myself to speak. Oh, god, but I’m nervous…

He silences me by placing his left index finger on my lips. His touch is so warm and unexpected…

He takes off his hat and tosses it onto the chair by my bed: as the only female on the training staff, I get my own room when we travel, something I’m suddenly grateful for. Off comes his t-shirt, which he adds to the chair.

I swallow anxiously, but follow his lead, unbuttoning my pajama top slowly. His eyes rake over my form and then he reaches out and pushes the silk from my body. He slips his arms around my waist and pulls me against him…

I gasp at the sensation of skin on skin, so hot, the crisp hair on his chest upon the softness of my breasts. I can feel his erection pressing to my belly: it’s hot and heavy. His hands dip into my bottoms and he divests me of the fabric in a smooth motion.

I lie down upon the bed at his silent direction and watch as he kicks away his flip-flops and drops his shorts…

Oh, my god… His body is beautiful, muscular and strong from his profession. I can’t help but to stare at him: I’m stunned to see all of him.

Reaching down, he runs the tip of his left index finger over my skin from my left knee upward… I’m breathing hard, my eyes delving into his (they’re so fucking blue), growing more and more turned on and neither of us has uttered a single word… He takes hold of his cock and strokes it slowly while gazing at me…

It’s the final straw: I lose it, jumping up and taking his hardness into my mouth, tip first. He releases himself and lets me have at him, so I slurp at him wildly… I feel his hands on my head and he gently pulls back so that his cock escapes my mouth. Our eyes meet once more and suddenly I understand: he wants it nice and slow. I nod to show him that I get it and he guides me back in…

Mmm, he’s so salty-sweet, so hard. I lick his shaft tenderly, playing with the vein on the underside, moving upward slowly to the tender spot just under the head. He sighs at the sensation and then growls when I lick his slit and collect the wetness there. Now I open my mouth and take as much of him down as I can, his length and girth triggering my gag reflex when I try to take all of him. I stroke him with my hand in tandem with my movements, making love to his cock with my mouth. Oh, yes… so delicious… I hear his breathing pick up and his fingers tighten in my hair as I go until he pulls me away yet again. Damn, I wanted him to come in my mouth, but apparently he’s not done with me yet.

With a playful smile, he pushes me back down onto the bed and climbs in over me. He licks and nips at my throat and then shifts down to my right breast. Fuck, I almost come off of the bed: he is determined to harden my nipple, which isn’t difficult considering how hot I am for him. My left nipple is next and I tilt my head backward, moaning.

It’s getting harder to breathe and he’s making his way down my body, placing sweet kisses on my skin. He pauses to dip his tongue into my navel and I have to bite back a squeal. Lower he goes, his hands brushing over my sides and then coming back together at the junction of my thighs: with a push, he opens my legs and spreads me wide…

I wonder if he can see just how wet I am for him: the thought is taken from my mind as he licks me from my entrance to my clit, literally purring into me. I cry out once more, trying to be quiet, but losing the battle. His tongue is talented, so very warm and wet as he pushes my clit from side to side and then sucks on the bundle of nerves. I’ve been eaten out before, but not like this: there is a loving passion to his movements. My hands fly down to his head, my fingers curling in his short blond hair.

“Marian…” I sigh quietly.

He groans against me, apparently liking that I have used his name. Redoubling his efforts on me, he cups my backside in his hands and feasts upon my pussy.

God help me, but I’m close to the edge already, and he isn’t letting up…

“I’m going to come” I whisper desperately, trying to warn him.

“Prosim…” he answers. “Prosim…”

I only know a handful of Slovakian words from my time working with him and others: but I know that he just said “please”…

That’s all it takes… in between his words and his talented tongue, my body betrays me and I orgasm, hard. The waves of bliss wash over my body and I’m vaguely aware that I’m crying out and squeezing my legs around his head…

Oh, god… when I come back to myself, I feel boneless and warm. My eyes are closed, but I distinctly hear him chuckling in a self-satisfied manner as he presses kisses to my inner thighs and mound. He moves back up to face me, positioning himself between my legs.

Opening my eyes, I reach up and touch his chin: I fall into his blue eyes once more as he returns my gaze. “I…” I manage to squeak out, “I… will you kiss me?”

Marian chuckles once more. “I didn’t know if that would be too… forward…”

“After what you just did to me? Are you kidding?”

Smiling, he leans down over me and nuzzles my face with his own, testing me and prolonging the anticipation. His lips brush over mine, and he places a tender kiss on my cheek.

“Is that what you want?” he queries, trailing his lips up to my left ear.

Oh, but he’s teasing me… I place my hands on the sides of his head and bring him back to face me. “Come here” I plead, guiding him down towards me.

He grins at me and finally presses his lips to mine…

His kiss is chaste, but it feels so good. I sigh and wrap my arms around his neck, daring to open my mouth and press my tongue against the juncture of his lips. Marian opens to me with a low growl: I can taste myself on his tongue and it’s heady. Our embrace is slow and sweet at first, just getting used to each other… but it isn’t long before he tilts his head to the left to get better purchase and suddenly our tongues are everywhere. I slide my left hand upward so that I can twine my fingers in his hair: oh my god, but he’s delicious. His mouth is turning me on, making me ache for his cock, so I wrap my legs around his waist…

“Oh, darling” Marian breathes between kisses, “May I have you again?”

“Yes, please” I answer, my lips against his.

He kisses me deeply yet again and positions himself at my entrance. Anxious to feel him, I wiggle my hips a bit and pull him forward using my legs.

Laughing joyfully into our embrace, he enters me slowly, as if savoring the sensation. I mew into the back of his throat and hold him tight… dear god, but he feels so fucking good inside of me.

Marian buries himself to the hilt in me and then pulls back, nearly exiting me before he pushes back home: it sends shivers down my spine.

Taking my mouth from his, I tell him just how wonderful he feels…

“You’re so wet and hot” he retorts, licking my throat.

“Mmm” I purr, pulling gently at his hair, “and you’re so goddamn hard”

He likes what I’ve said because he growls and starts to move faster and harder in increments. In and out, fucking me so sweetly, his cock pressing to my inner spot so that I cringe with bliss.

“Beauty, my god…” Marian states through clenched teeth. He’s balancing on his right arm, his left hand on the back of my neck and cradling me close. “I’ve missed this…”

I wonder what he means, but now is not the time to ask… instead, I tuck the information away for later and draw my nails over his upper back. “Marian” I cry, “oh god… fuck me… don’t stop”

“Can’t stop” he admits, pressing a hot kiss to my forehead, “You feel too good…”

His cock is so big, like velvet steel inside of me, making me melt around him…

“Tell me: do you want it harder?” he asks, the fingertips of his left hand digging into the skin on my neck.

Oh, dear lord… he’s holding back? He has me completely spellbound as it is! Kissing his chin, I reply, “I want you: all of you… Give it to me…”

Marian releases a laugh of relief… and suddenly, he’s barreling into me harder and faster. His power has to be due to his physical strength and stamina from his profession…

I can’t help it: it feels so incredible that I scream. He’s quick to kiss me so that the sound is muffled. I dig my nails into his skin so hard that I know in the back of my mind that I’m leaving marks on him, but I can’t help it: it’s a reflex. I’m almost there…

He growls deeply all of a sudden and then grunts. I can feel him coming inside of me and I lose it, my own ecstasy crashing over me hard. My pussy spasms around his pulsing cock, milking him. Oh, yes, I love coming with him, I love fucking him… he’s so damn good!

Marian collapses upon me, the both of us gasping for breath. After a few minutes, he gathers his strength and rolls us onto our sides.

The afterglow is delicious. We’re pressed together, our breathing still elevated, caressing each other.

“That was so good” I muse, resting my cheek on his left pectoral.

“Much needed” he agrees, sighing and stretching against me. His left arm is wrapped around me, his fingers playing with my hair.

“May I ask a question?” I ask.

He chuckles. “So formal… of course you can”

“You were hesitant to kiss me… why was that?”

Marian shrugs absentmindedly. “Kissing is intimate… I didn’t know if you wanted that from me. I thought that maybe you just wanted the sex”

This won’t stand: I lean up above him so that I can see his eyes. The beautiful blue seems sad, vulnerable. “Marian, I’ve always wanted you” I confess. “From the moment I saw you, I wanted you”

“And I wanted you, Beauty” he answers, pushing a stray tendril of my hair over my ear. “I just wasn’t sure how to approach you”

My turn: I giggle. “Well, that encounter in the training room was certainly a good way to ‘approach’ me”

“Hmm… I wasn’t so sure that you knew that was me” he teases.

I playfully slap his left pectoral. “You think I would do that with just anybody? I could smell you, your cologne… and I could hear your voice when you asked me for permission”

“I didn’t want to take what you weren’t willing to give”

He’s being his usual, sweet self. He’s a gentleman first before a hockey player. In all of my time with the team, watching him out on the ice, I’ve never seen him go after a rival player with any viciousness, even if the bastard deserved it.

“Oh, I was more than willing to give” I reply. “And I’m more than willing to keep giving”

“Good… I don’t want to walk away from this, from you… I want you to be mine”

Strange, but his possessiveness doesn’t anger me: instead, I find it heady. “How are we going to make this work?” I query, lowering my head and placing soft kisses on his chest. “We both have so much to lose. I have my job, and your wife…”

“We’ll have to be quiet, discreet… more discreet than I was tonight. Handzus won’t tell on me, but I can’t be sure of the others…”

I think about the other team members: the vast majority of them are friendly with me, and they like to tease me and flirt with me. “I guess we’re going to have to be quiet and careful”

“Quiet… that is one thing you’re not”

He’s referring to the way that he made me scream: I can’t help but to blush. I run my hand down his chest to his abdomen, feeling the incredible muscle and strength of his body under my fingertips. “I have to admit… I wasn’t expecting that out of you. You’re always so quiet…”

“Not in bed” Marian clarifies, pressing a kiss to my forehead, “and certainly not with you. You make me feel things, Beauty…”

I blush an even deeper shade of red. “It’s sweet of you to say”

“Mmm… sweetheart, I wish I could lay here all night with you”

Rubbing my leg over his side, I sigh. “I know, you have to get back to your room in case they run a bed-check”

“I’ll see you again” he promises. “You and me, we’re just getting started”




Please let me know if y'all are enjoying this! I have more, and will continue to post if you so desire! ;-P


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