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Chapter Three

I'll always think of you
Inside of my private thoughts
I can imagine you
Touching my private parts
With just the thought of you
I can't help but touch my self
That's why I want you so bad
Just one night of
Moonlight, with you there beside me
All night, doing it again and again
You know I want you so bad
Baby, baby, baby, baby

Oooh, I get so high
When I'm around you, baby
I can touch the sky
You make my temperature rise
You're making me high

-- “You’re Makin’ Me High” by Toni Braxton

I spend my time watching him go up and down the ice during his shifts… of course, I watch all of the boys, but I have to admit that I watch him a bit more closely now. Home games are extremely exciting: the crowd gets into it like in no other town. The other teams can say what they want, but Chicago represents…

Sometimes, watching a hockey game from the training bench can be exhausting. We’re constantly on the look out for injuries on the ice, as well as aiding players who have returned to the bench after a shift. It’s a busy profession, especially on a night like this in which we are playing Conference rivals. The boys give it to them good, though, and win resoundingly.

After the game, there are the usual things to do… the players shower, talk to the media, come to us with any resulting injuries. We refill our medical kits for the next time they will be needed, get guys into hot or cold baths, provide ice and bandages. As always, somebody has a smart remark for me, but I blow it off good-naturedly. I’m not going to be shaken tonight.

Once we’ve closed up shop, I head home to my apartment… it isn’t the swankiest of places, but it fits the bill for me. Upon entering, I turn on the lights and go into the kitchen, finding a bottle of wine and pouring myself a drink. I have to admit, I feel somewhat lonely: I haven’t seen Marian in about a week. We’re trying to keep everything between us quiet, and the opportunity to get together just hasn’t arisen…

Taking a seat on my couch, I sip from my glass and think about him, about how sweet he is, about how he treats me in bed…

There’s a knock at my door, and it takes me out of my reverie. I carry my wine glass with me to answer it, wondering who it could be at this late hour. I gaze out of the peephole… I unlock the door and open it, smiling…

Marian is standing there, answering my grin with one of his own. “Hello, beauty” he states wistfully.

God, but he looks good: he’s wearing a suit and tie, obviously having dressed formally for the game. “Hello yourself” I tease, taking a step back, “Please come in”

He enters my domicile and closes the door behind him, being sure to do the locks.

“Would you like some wine? I just opened a bottle”

“Yes, please”

We’re being abnormally formal, but it’s fun. I enter my kitchen and fill another wine glass before handing it to him. “Are you hungry? I could order something…”

“I’m just fine” Marian replies, taking a drink. “I hope I’m not interrupting you”

I can’t help it: I giggle.

“What’s so funny, beauty?” he queries, his eyes delving into mine.

“Nothing, it’s just… there’s no way that I could ever be upset about you interrupting me” I supply, stepping closer to him. I have to push myself up onto my tiptoes to kiss him, but I do, just pressing my lips to his.

“Mmm” he intones, smiling down at me. “You taste good, honey”

“It’s the wine…”

“No, it’s you” His right arm slides around my waist, holding me close as he kisses me again, more deeply this time. Marian tilts his head to get at me fully, his tongue caressing mine. Oh my god, but I’m breathless when he lets me up…

He smiles down at me innocently. “I have a question” he drawls, drawing the tip of his left index finger over my right cheek. “A professional question…”

“Yes?” I reply, trying to center myself: all I want to do is jump on him after that kiss.

“My neck is a bit sore… I was wondering if I could get a massage?”

Maybe I should be angry with him, but I am a trainer, after all… “Of course”

Taking hold of his hand, I guide him out of my kitchen and over to my couch where we both sit down. We place our wine glasses on the coffee table and I reach out to push his suit jacket from his shoulders.

“Did you strain yourself during a shift tonight?” I query, falling into trainer mode.

“I’m not sure, I just ache a bit” he answers, undoing his tie and taking it off. He places it, along with his jacket, over the back of my couch.

We both work at his dress shirt, undoing buttons and pulling the fabric from his pants so we can take it off. Faced with the sight of his beautiful chest, I want to moan… but he’s quick to get my attention elsewhere.

“Right here” he states, motioning to the right side of his neck.

“Turn, please” I implore, grinning at him. When he obeys, I evaluate his body by touch, my little fingertips tracing his muscles. He doesn’t react with pain, which is a good sign. “Well, I don’t think you have a tear…”

“No… It’s just a bit sore when I turn my head…” he replies, still facing away from me.

Gently, I start to rub the junction of his neck and shoulder: Marian moans at the sensation and leans into my touch. “Oh, yes… right there…”

I can’t help it, I react to his tone; there is pleasure rippling through his voice… a rush of heat goes through me, settling between my legs. The things that he does to me!

I start to massage his neck more firmly, trying to work out the knots in his muscles. Marian must be extra sensitive, because he nearly comes off of the couch. “Are you okay?” I ask, letting go out of fear that I’m hurting him.

“I’m fine” he answers, sighing. “It just feels really good”

I giggle at his response, leaning forward and kissing his back. “I guess you like to be massaged”

Marian shifts so that he’s facing me once more and smiles. “Doesn’t everyone?”

“I suppose you’re right” I answer, taking in my view of his chest. God, but I want him… I’ve missed him so much.

I don’t fight when he swoops in on me and kisses me, his arms going around my body: quite the opposite, I place my hands on his shoulders and open my mouth for him.

Marian growls and roughly pulls me flush against him so that my legs straddle his waist, bunching my skirt up over my hips so that only my panties remain as a barrier. Oh, yes, I can feel that he’s hard and pressing against me. I can’t help but to brush myself over him, driving our desire higher…

“Mmm, don’t tease” he pleads, taking his mouth from mine. “I need you”

His words make me smile. “I need you, too…”

My admission seems to seal the deal for him: using his ample strength, he stands up from the couch, carrying me with him.

“Marian, easy” I warn, “Your neck…”

“Bed” he demands, his hands cupping my backside.

How can I say no to him? “Down the hall…”

Marian is quick to carry me into my bedroom and deposit me on my bed. The second that I’m down, I reach forward and start in on his belt, kissing his belly.

“Darling” he coos, trying to dissuade me. “I want to see you…”

“You will” I promise, undoing his belt and fly. I don’t give him a lot of time to get out of his shoes and socks, but he manages… Suddenly, there he is in the moonlight, his beautiful body standing before me. Seeing him just makes me incredibly horny and hungry for him, but I want to respect his needs. I stand up and get him to lie down on my mattress, switching positions with him.

“Beauty, what are you doing?” he queries softly.

“Showing you” I reply, pulling my black trainer’s shirt over my head and dropping it to the floor. I took my shoes off when I got home, so I don’t have to worry about those… for the moment I leave my black lace bra on and instead I unzip my skirt and push it away.

“You’re teasing again” Marian states, shifting a bit on the bed. “You’re driving me crazy”

I smile, understanding what he means: seeing his erect cock before me is driving me wild, too. It’s taking all of my inner strength not to play with it. I undo the hooks on my bra and allow the fabric to fall away from me, hearing him sigh as I remove my panties. Finally, I pull my hair from its pony tail so that it falls over my shoulders.

“Oh my god… You’re so beautiful”

“You’re not so bad yourself” I quip, stepping towards him.

“Come here” He crooks his finger at me, getting me to climb onto the bed with him.

I’m next to his thighs and his gorgeous cock: I’ll be damned if I’m going to wait any longer. Dipping my head down, I lick the tip of his dick, just tasting him.

Marian groans at my movement: his hands slide into my hair and he guides me down to his cock… I don’t have to be told what he wants, and I’m absolutely famished for him. I take him into my mouth and suck, bobbing my head up and down.

“Oh, yes” he cries, “That feels so good, beauty”

Mmm, it’s so nice to have his cock in my mouth again, to feel his pulse coming through the shaft to my tongue, to taste the salty-sweetness of him. He allows me to have at him for a while, until his breathing is becoming shallow, his moans louder and louder, and then he pulls me off. “No” I argue, trying to recapture him. I want to finish him in my mouth, want to taste his orgasm. “Please…”

“But, beauty…”

“Marian, please” I beg, reaching out and capturing his shaft with my right hand. I can tell that he is holding back, that my touch should be his undoing. “Please let me…”

“Are you sure?” he inquires through gritted teeth.

Oh my god, but he’s trying to be a gentleman again, and it’s insane! He’s denying the both of us, probably because some woman along the line has made him feel that it’s wrong…

“Fuck, yes!” I retort, slipping out of his hold and attacking his dick with my mouth. I slurp and suck before he can stop me and am rewarded when he growls like a wounded animal.

“I’m coming!” he warns, thrusting his hips towards me.

Mmm, his cock swells in my mouth and then spasms as he shoots his load onto my waiting tongue. I swallow greedily and keep sucking, doing my best to extend his bliss. I’ve never heard him make such sounds and it’s so damn sexy… I don’t release him until he has finished and is shivering with sensitivity. I purr and lick my lips as I let go of him: he’s nothing short of delicious.

“Oh my god” Marian intones hoarsely, fighting for breath. “Oh, darling…”

“Mmm, that was so yummy” I declare, tenderly placing kisses on his body as I move back up to him. I kiss his left pectoral and then rest my head on it so that I can hear his heartbeat, cuddling against him.

He absent-mindedly plays with my hair and puts his arms around me, stretching into the mattress. “Dakujem…”

Another Slovakian phrase that I know: he just told me “thank you”. I can’t help but to giggle. “No, thank you for letting me taste you…”

It’s his turn to chuckle. “Sweetheart, you have no idea how wonderful that was for me…”

“She doesn’t like you in her mouth?” I query, referring to his wife without saying her name.

“She, how do you say, tolerated it”

I run the tip of my index finger over his skin, spelling out my name on his flesh. “That makes me sad… You deserve a good blowjob as often as possible”

“Sweet of you to say” Marian answers, pressing a kiss to the top of my head. “You know, you make it difficult for me… I have to speak English with you”

“I’m sorry…”

“No, no, don’t say you’re sorry. It’s good, I need to use it… it’s just that sometimes I can’t find the words right away, so I apologize”

Leaning up, I look at him, reaching up to trace my fingertips over his lips. “You say whatever you want in whatever language you want… I bet I’ll understand you”

I get a smile for my words as his hands cup my face. “May I kiss you, beauty?”

“You’ll taste yourself” I warn.

“That’s all right… I want to kiss you, honey”

Happy that he understands, I allow him to embrace me chastely. He groans lowly and then slides his tongue into my mouth. I can’t help but to wonder if he has ever done this before… the way that he is reacting, it seems that he hasn’t: his responses are so innocent.

Stroking my cheeks with his thumbs, he rolls over me and then breaks our kiss to trail his lips over my throat. His hands find my breasts and squeeze firmly.

“Mmm, Marian…”

“I love your tits” he replies. “They’re so big and beautiful”

I sigh pleasurably as he brings his mouth to my right nipple, tongue teasing, lips sucking and teeth grazing. Beneath him I lift my hips, trying to rub against him.

“Mmm, baby” Marian breathes. He slips his left hand between my legs and cups my flesh. “Do you want me to touch your pussy?”

“Yes” I plead, pushing up towards him.

“Spread your legs for me”

Obeying, I feel his fingers brush over me…

“Oh, sweetheart, you’re so wet… I can’t believe that it excited you so much to have me in your mouth”

I moan as he collects my wetness on two of his fingertips and brings them to his mouth.

“So sweet…” he comments, sucking his digits clean.

Something about him makes me incredibly horny, so horny, in fact, that I can barely believe the words that come out of my mouth although they’re mine. “Do I get a taste?” I query saucily.

Marian chuckles. “You’re a naughty girl, aren’t you?”

“You bring it out in me” I confess, scratching my nails down his chest.

“I’ll give you a taste, I promise” Marian avers, sliding down my body.

I shift my body around on the bed as he positions himself between my legs, watching him as he dips his head down… Oh, yes, his warm, wet tongue slowly lapping at my pussy: it feels so fucking good. “Marian…”

“You‘re so wet, honey… and you taste so good”

I close my eyes and moan, grasping handfuls of the bed sheets on either side of me and wringing them in my hands.

Marian pauses, placing tender kisses on my inner thighs. “Has anyone ever told you that you have a pretty clit?” he asks, his breath hot against my flesh.

“Oh, Marian…”

“So pretty” he intones, teasing my nub with the tip of his tongue. “Would you like me to suck it?”

He isn’t being impertinent: he’s just being his sweet, usual self. He wants to please me and he’s asking a genuine question.

“I…” I answer, finding it hard to think straight.

“I’m sorry, beauty… I just want to hear you say it”

Well, I blush a bit: I’m not too used to doing so, but I’ll talk dirty for him if it’s what he wants. “Yes, Marian, I want you to suck my clit”

He gives me a smile and goes down on me, using his lips on my bundle of nerves. He pulls on it tenderly… “Mmm, darling, may I put my fingers in you?”

“Oh, yes…”

I buck my hips up off of the bed when his digits enter me because it feels so incredible. He starts moving his fingers in and out of me while he alternates between licking and sucking my clit. I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on in my life: I’m melting around him.

“Oh my god” I cry, gasping. “Oh… you’re going to make me come so hard”

“Yes, beauty: just like you made me come, so hard that it hurts”

Shit, but he’s talented, and I’m teetering on the edge… I’m trembling now, shaking in anticipation of my orgasm.

“Fuck!” I wail as the bliss crests. I squeeze his head with my thighs and scream. “Fu-huck! Marian!”

He rides through my pleasure with me, growling into my pussy. The vibrations just add to my ecstasy…

I’m a liquid mess when I come down from my orgasm: my entire body goes slack and I pant hard.

“Beauty” Marian muses, removing his fingers and kissing my right hip bone, “You’re so damn hot”

As he starts to climb back over me, I take hold of his shoulders and pull him upward. “You promised me a taste” I remind him.

Laughing, he gives me the fingers of his left hand to lick.

“Mmm” I moan, cataloguing my sweet flavor. “We taste good together” I state impishly, still able to taste the saltiness of his fluid in my mouth.

“Show me” he pleads, placing his mouth over mine. Our tongues tease and tangle, the both of us sighing.

“So good…” I breathe, placing my right hand on his chest.

Giving me a smile, he presses his body to mine. “I want more of you”

I can feel that he’s hard once more: his stamina is amazing. “Marian…” I whisper in wonder.

“May I have you again, darling? Please?”


My permission given, he gives me another deep kiss and positions himself at my entrance. His big, beautiful cock slides into me easily, sending an aftershock through my body: my toes curl with bliss, but he’s no where near done with me. He starts with a slow and metered pace. I wrap my arms around his neck and hold him as close as I can: god, but he’s a dream. I remember all of the times that I fantasized about him, about doing just this with him, and I have to say now that reality is even better than fantasy.

“Hold me close” Marian pleads, his lips by my left ear. “Hold me close and make love to me…”

He doesn’t have to beg: I have my arms and legs wrapped tightly around him and I’m moving my hips up into his to intensify the sensations of our coupling. I absolutely love the way that he feels inside of me. His pounding is insistent yet loving as he places kisses on my face and lips.

Oh, but there’s a knot growing in my stomach once more, telling me that I’m close to coming a second time. “Marian, I…”

“I know, my sweet, I know… You’re going to make me come again, I can’t fucking believe it…”

I can’t believe it, either. My last boyfriend was a “one and done” kind of guy, but Marian… he’s superior to him in every way, so much bigger and stronger and more passionate. Marian makes me want to love him…

My orgasm steals all thought from me, crashing over me hard and forcing a scream from my throat. I can’t control myself and I dig my nails into his back, scratching him up… My physical reaction triggers his: he shouts and I feel his cock swell inside of me and then expel his fluid, filling me.

“Beauty… beauty…”

Marian is calling to me hoarsely, trying to bring me back to him from my post-orgasmic haze. I can barely even register that I’m in my bed: I’m only aware that I’m with him. Somehow, I’m able to push through the cobwebs and I kiss the first bit of his flesh that I can find, which just happens to be his chest. “Oh my god” I whine, fighting to catch my breath. “Oh my god, Marian…”

I realize that, considerate as always, he has rolled us onto our sides so that he won’t crush me. I stretch against him, rubbing my right leg against his left.

“Are you all right, dearest?” he queries tenderly.

I can’t help but to giggle at his question, which I know confuses him. “I’m sorry” I apologize, “I just… Sometimes you’re too polite, Marian. You give me the best orgasms of my life and then ask if I’m all right…”

“I’m trying to be nice” he responds, brushing a few loose strands of my hair from my face. “Are they really the best of your life?”

Smiling, I pull back enough so that I can see his face: I want him to understand me completely. “They’re by far the best of my life… I only hope that I please you as much”

He grins widely. “You please me very, very much, darling. You’re everything that I could want in bed”

Lord help me, but I blush furiously… I try to hide my face against his skin, but he takes hold of my cheeks and stops me. Our eyes meet…

“You don’t understand what it means to me, being able to be with you like this” Marian informs, rubbing his thumbs over my cheekbones. “You make me feel desirable…”

“You ARE desirable” I interrupt.

“Beauty, let me finish…” he answers. “It means so much to me because I haven’t been treated like a lover for a long time. You’re good to me and I need that”

I want to respond, to tell him all of the things that he does to me, but he kisses me before I can speak. It’s a deep kiss, slow and thorough, and I mew in the back of my throat…

When he releases me, he presses a chaste kiss to my forehead and pulls me into a hug, his chin resting on the top of my head.

“May I stay with you tonight?” he queries.

His body is so warm and solid… I’m growing sleepy as I lie with him. Of course, I want nothing more than to have him at my side during the night. “I’d love it if you stayed here”

“Good… I don’t think I could get out of this bed, anyway. I’m exhausted”

“Me too” I yawn and snuggle close to him, allowing my eyes to shut. “I’ll make you breakfast tomorrow morning, I promise…”





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