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Chapter Four

The morning dawns cold and crisp: the sun is just rising when I awaken. Normally I would be chilly here in my bed, but I’m not alone this morning. Opening my eyes, I find that I’m feeling warm… I’m pressed to Marian’s strong, warm body from head to toe. He’s still sleeping, his breaths deep and even…

Well, we have today off, so there’s no team breakfast to get to, nor is there a morning skate. The both of us can just relax… Yawning, I can’t help but to think about his wife: isn’t she wondering where he is? I know that I would be concerned in her shoes. Then again, from what he has told me, his relationship with her isn’t exactly the best…

My alarm goes off, taking me from my thoughts. “Oh, shit” I mumble, reaching out for the offending item. I slap it quickly, turning it off, but it’s too late, Marian has been awakened.

He stretches and yawns, gazing at me. “Good morning, darling” he breathes.

“I’m sorry I forgot about the alarm and it woke you up” I apologize.

Marian chuckles softly. “It’s all right, beauty… It’s not the least bit unpleasant waking up to you”

I close my eyes as he kisses me chastely, squeezing me close with his arm.

“Mmm, I believe that I promised you breakfast” I state, slowly pulling back and opening my eyes. Oh, but the way that he’s looking at me…

“We have plenty of time for breakfast. I was thinking about a nice, hot shower”

“You’re welcome to use mine”

Another laugh from him. “Darling, I want to take a shower with you”

The idea of seeing his beautiful body under the spray sends chills through me. “All right… but let me use the bathroom first and get the water going”

“Of course” Marian answers genially, smiling at me.

I get up out of the warm covers, not bothering to put anything on, and make my way over to the bathroom. I relieve myself quickly and brush my teeth before I go to the shower and turn on the water… I wait until it’s warm and then I call to Marian to join me.

He appears with a sly grin. “You will forgive me, my dear, but I need to…”

“Go ahead” I answer, motioning towards my toilet. “I’m going to get in…”

Stepping into the shower, I wet my hair and wash it while he relieves himself: I’ve just finished rinsing when he pulls back the shower curtain and joins me.

I was right, he’s gorgeous with the water playing over his muscles. I soap up a washrag and hand it to him, figuring that he would like to wash himself: but no, he has too much chivalry in him, and he uses it to cleanse me. I giggle at his sweetness and step closer to him. “Marian, it was for you…”

“Apologies, beauty… I need to touch you”

“No need to apologize” I retort, taking the washrag from his hand. I draw it over his chest, over his pectorals and lower, to his abdomen. For the moment, I pretend that he isn’t hard in front of me and I move to his arms.

“You’re not being fair” Marian chides, placing his hands on my hips. He pulls me close so that our soapy, warm bodies come into contact.

“Mmm” I moan, lacing my arms around his neck. “Who’s not being fair now?”

He laughs at my words and kisses my shoulder, his lips trailing up to my throat. “Darling… I’ve often thought about doing this with you”

“I’ve thought about it, too” I confess. “I’ve thought of us so many ways…”

Marian growls at my statement and grinds his erection into me. “I can’t seem to control myself around you”

“Who said I want you to?”



“Would you mind terribly spending the day with me?” he asks, running his hands over my back.

“I’d love to spend the day with you” I confess. “But won’t she wonder where you are?”

Marian chuckles sadly at my referring to his wife, lowering his gaze. “She won’t mind being free of me”

“I can’t imagine feeling that way” I respond, drawing the washrag over his shoulders and cleansing his skin.

“You like having me around?”

I giggle and give him a smile. “You know that I do”

“I like hearing that” Marian answers, leaning into me and pressing a kiss to my wet forehead.

“Want to wash your hair?”

“If you don’t mind, honey”

We switch places in the shower so that he is directly under the spray: he wets his hair in the fount and I hand him the shampoo. His hair is fairly short, so it doesn’t take him long to wash it. While he is rinsing, I grab the soap and lather up my hands…

He’s not expecting my touch on his cock and he jumps, moaning as I wash him.

“Oh, baby… that feels so good” he breathes, pressing his forehead to mine.

I cleanse him tenderly, just feeling the weight of him in my hands. I’ve held other men like this before, but it has never given me such a thrill. I stroke him a bit as I clean him and then dip my hands down, cupping his balls.

“Ohh” Marian sighs, pushing his hips forward a bit for more contact.

“You should rinse” I whisper, letting go of him regretfully. “I don’t want the soap to irritate your sensitive skin”

He turns away from me to let the water run over his dick, chuckling at me.

“What’s so funny?” I ask, running my hands over his back.

“You’re such a tease” Marian accuses playfully, pivoting back to face me.

“Marian, we need to get something straight” I retort, lacing my arms around his neck. “I’m only a tease if I get you hot and I don’t plan on fucking you…”

“Mmm, darling” he laments, leaning down to kiss me.

Mmm, he used some of my mouthwash before he came into the shower: he tastes so good. Our kiss becomes deep and searching, loving. He pulls back first, grinning at me.

“We should get out and dry off”

I nod in agreement, reaching around him to turn off the water. Taking his hand, I lead him out of the shower and find two large towels, one for each of us. I dry my hair and wrap my towel around my body, watching as he dries himself.

“Any idea what you would like for breakfast?” I query, trying to make conversation.

Marian smiles at me and closes the distance between us, pulling me into another kiss. He gently backs me up until I can feel my vanity pressing to the small of my back. Using his strength, he lifts me up so that I’m sitting on the edge of the counter, my towel falling away from my frame.

“I want you” he confesses, placing tender kisses on my throat. “I know how sweet you are…”

“Marian” I whisper, leaning forward and licking his shoulder…

He pulls away, tossing away his towel, and goes to his knees, spreading my legs: I cry out as his tongue runs over my pussy.

“Oh my god” I sigh, closing my eyes and tilting my head backwards with bliss. I can feel his every movement as he feeds upon me gently but thoroughly…

“Mmm, so delicious” he comments, moving his mouth to my inner thighs and kissing my flesh. “You’re such a pretty girl”

I place my hands in his short, wet hair. “Marian… you’re so good…”

I feel him smile against my skin. “I want to be good to you, darling: you deserve it”

He goes back to my pussy, laving me again and again until he has me right on the edge… and then he pushes me over it, making me come so hard that I see stars behind my eyelids. Oh my god, I’ve never been with a man like him, one who is so incredibly giving… When I come back down, I open my eyes to find him slowly kissing his way back up my body. He pauses to lick my nipples, which sends aftershocks of pleasure through me.

“Want you” I state, still trying to catch my breath.

“I’m right here for you” Marian replies, leaning in and brushing his lips over mine.

I capture his mouth in a kiss, cataloguing my taste on his lips and tongue. I get down off of the counter and run my hands all over his body as we embrace.

“Beauty?” he queries as we break apart gently.

I press kisses to his chest and capture his cock in my hands, which makes him growl. “My turn”

He protests for just a moment as I go to my knees before him. “You don’t have to”

“Damn it, I want to” I answer, pressing my lips to his cockhead. “I don’t care what any other woman has said to you in the past… I want to”

Marian quiets then and allows me to lick him from the base to the head on the underside, which garners a moan from him. I find the most sensitive spot just under the head and I play with it with the tip of my tongue.

“Oh my god” he sighs, placing his hands on my head. “That feels so good”

“I love having you in my mouth” I reinforce, licking his precome from his slit. “You’re absolutely yummy”

Marian sighs once more, and it sounds as if it’s a combination of bliss and relief. “Beauty… oh god, yes…”

“Tell me to suck you” I implore, looking up at him. “Please…”

He lowers his head and meets my gaze, his eyes glazed with passion. “Suck me, honey… I need it”

That’s exactly what I wanted to hear: I keep my eyes latched on his and open my mouth, taking him in against my tongue. His brow furrows with pleasure, his mouth open in a silent cry. I start to go up and down his cock, taking as much of him as I can and pausing every now and again to lick at him. I firmly intend on giving him a thorough blowjob, one that shows him the way that he makes me feel.

I go at him again, listening to his moans and acting upon them, repeating actions that please him.

“Baby… oh…” Marian cries, rocking his hips back and forth.

I suppose that some women would be upset with the way that he’s fucking my mouth, but I find it incredibly heady and I do my best to move with him as his fingers tighten in my hair. I wait until he stills once more to pull off of him, stroking him with my right hand, my lips against his cockhead once more.

“Will you come for me?” I ask sweetly, watching his face: he’s close, I can see it.

“Do you want me to?” he playfully retorts.

I know what he wants to hear… “Oh, yes… I want you to come in my mouth and on my face… please, Marian”

“Oh, honey…” he whines.

Suddenly, I hear him groan lowly, almost as if he is in pain, and then he grunts… I open my mouth as the first jet shoots from his cock, coating my tongue. As I swallow, more hits my chin and lips: I’m quick to consume it all as he watches me do so. “Mmm” I purr, “You taste so fucking good”

Marian takes hold of my shoulders and brings me back up onto my feet, breathing hard from his orgasm. “Sweetheart… I think I’m falling for you” he confesses, kissing me chastely.

“Marian…” I don’t know what to say: what I do know is that I could fall for him, too, although I’m afraid to. He’s a married man, after all, and part of the team that I work for… I should answer him, but I can’t find the words.

He picks me up again, and settling me onto the counter, he positions himself between my legs at my entrance. “May I?”

“Oh, yes”

We’re both sensitive from our previous orgasms, but shit, it feels so good to be trying for another already. Marian is so hard and as he pumps in and out of me, I can’t help but to wrap my arms and legs around him.

“Beauty” he inquires, his voice in my ear and husky, “Tell me, do you think that you could come to love me?”

He has me in a vulnerable position, literally: my heart tends to open wide when he’s inside of me, so that the truth pours out of me no matter how much I may want to keep it to myself. “Yes” I admit, squeezing him close. “Marian… oh, but you don’t play fair… you make me feel such things…”

“It’s mutual, darling” he huffs, grinding into me. “So mutual…”

The pleasure is too much: I come again, hard, and my orgasm seems to force his. I can feel his hot, sticky fluid deep inside of me as we both fight for air, our bodies pressed together.

Somehow, Marian manages to carry me back to my bed and lie the both of us down on the mattress without breaking our connection. I don’t mind that our hair is wet, and I most certainly don’t mind that he’s kissing me softly and sweetly.

“Breakfast?” I ask teasingly.

“It can wait” Marian replies, running his fingers through my damp hair. “Right now, I just want to be with you…”

Who am I to argue with him?





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