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Chapter Six

It’s Marian’s birthday today. After the game, he goes out with a few of his teammates for drinks and I return to my apartment, figuring that I’ll see him one day soon. We’ve been seeing quite a bit more of each other, but in order to keep our relationship quiet, we’ve still had to occasionally spend time apart. Being that he’s going out to celebrate his birthday tonight, I figure that I’ll have to wait a few days before we’re together again.

Once I get home, I change into a pink silk nightie and robe, feeling a bit tired. I fall asleep on my couch, watching TV, around midnight, thankful that the team has the next day off so I don’t need to set my alarm…

It’s a bit after two in the morning, when I awaken to the sound of Marian unlocking my front door – I gave him a key – and closing it up behind him. I sit up slowly, stretching and yawning as he comes into the living room. “Hi” I breathe, smiling at him.

“Hello, my sweet” Marian answers, sliding his keys back into his left pocket.

Looking at the clock, I’m amazed at the time. “My goodness, it’s late… I wasn’t expecting you”

“I needed to see you” he explains. Moving forward, he leans down and takes hold of my face, kissing me.

He tastes of vodka, but it isn’t unpleasant. “I hope you didn’t drive here” I tease.

Chuckling, he takes off his winter jacket and suit jacket before he takes a seat next to me. “I took a cab” Marian informs. “I’m, how do you say… tipsy, not drunk”

Well, he’s definitely something, because as I watch he takes off his shoes and socks, dropping them to the carpet. “Did you eat?” I query, feeling motherly towards him.

“Pierogi” Marian supplies, scooting towards me. He slips his left arm around my shoulders and pulls me close to him.

“I didn’t get to wish you a happy birthday earlier” I lament, placing my hands on his chest.

“Tell me now” he prods, smiling.

His hands are framing my face, and I can see the lust in his eyes as he gazes at me. “Happy birthday, Marian” I whisper, kissing him.

He groans at my embrace and holds me steady so that he can peruse my mouth with his tongue. Our kiss quickly becomes deep and passionate: he slides his right hand down to my waist where my robe is tied and undoes the silk. “I’m so horny for you” Marian confesses, taking his lips from mine.

Oh, but I can tell: he tries to move in on me for another kiss, but I stop him by pressing my right index finger to his lips. Getting up from the couch, I take off my robe and nightie so that I’m naked before him.

“Baby?” he asks, confused.

I move so that I’m in front of him and kneel down, reaching out for his tie. He gets it now: leaning forward and kissing me again, he helps me undo his tie and get him out of his dress shirt and under shirt. I gently scratch my nails down his naked chest so that his pectoral muscles twitch… It’s then that I take my mouth from his and place my right hand on his crotch. Marian jumps with pleasure when I squeeze him through the fabric of his dress pants: I can’t help but to coo at what I feel. He’s incredibly hard… “Oh, honey” I state, working at his belt, “You must be hurting…”

“Yes” he hisses back, helping me get his pants and underwear off. “I need you…”

I don’t know exactly what has brought him to this state, but I’m amazed at what I see when I look down at him. His cock is fully engorged and red, the tip extremely wet. When I wrap the fingers of my right hand around his shaft, he makes a sound that is a combination of bliss and agony. “Marian…”

“The others were… talking about their girlfriends and I just… I started thinking about you, and…”

His confession is sweet and touching: it also turns me on greatly. I know that he won’t last long in his current state, but I don’t mind. He doesn’t disappoint in the bedroom.

Lowering my head, I gently lave the tip of him, smacking my lips at his salty taste.

“Oh my god” Marian groans, digging the fingers of his left hand into my hair. “Oh, beauty”

I decide to go easy on him so that the pleasure will last a little while and he won’t feel like a burst balloon. I lick him tenderly, wetting him before I take him into my mouth. I want to suck him hard and deep, but instead I make my every movement slow and sweet.

It isn’t long before Marian is huffing and begging me… “Please” he cries, “Oh, baby, please… make me come”

How can I resist when he uses that husky tone of his? I switch up my rhythm and go after him hard and fast… He lasts for another few moments, in which he cries out like a wounded animal, and then he explodes in my mouth and throat. Marian comes hard and gives me all of his fluid, which I swallow greedily: he tastes so fucking good. I stay with him throughout his orgasm, and afterward I bathe his shaft with little licks as he shivers.

“God” he swears, playing with my hair. “Mmm, baby…”

It’s my turn to be surprised as he swoops me up into his arms and kisses me. “Hey” I whisper, gently pulling back, “It’s your birthday… time for me to make you feel good…”

“Mmm, but you always do” he responds, kissing my throat.

God, but his touch has me reeling, goose pimples on my skin. We’ve only been apart for a few days, but I’ve missed him greatly. I bask in his attention, the way that he draws his hands over my flesh while his lips caress me… I can feel his still hard cock pressing to my belly and I wonder at his stamina yet again. I want to treat him well, give him something to remember: a wicked idea comes to my mind. “Marian… Will you come to bed with me?” I query.

“Oh, yes” he agrees, his hands on my hips.

I move back slowly, separating us, and crook my finger at him. “Follow me” I entreat.

He gets up from the couch, smiling, and makes his way into my bedroom with me. We pause at the foot of the bed to kiss once more and then I break our embrace…

“Beauty… what are you up to?”

Winking at him, I climb onto the bed so that I’m on my hands and knees, looking at him over my shoulder. “I want you to fuck me from behind” I implore.

His eyes change: the playfulness that was there is replaced by pure desire. “I don’t want to hurt you” Marian stresses even as he moves closer.

“You won’t” I assure him, reaching backward with my right hand.

He takes hold of my fingers and squeezes them. “Baby… I want to fuck you hard”

“Mmm” I purr, trying to bring him closer to me. “Please, Marian… take me from behind. You won’t hurt me: you never could”

He draws the fingertips of his left hand down my spine, which sends shivers through me. “My god…” he muses, “You’re so naughty”

I can’t help but to giggle at his words. “I haven’t even asked you to slap my ass yet” I tease.

“You like that?” Marian asks, resting his left hand on my left buttock.

Oh, but I can’t take it anymore: I turn back around so that I’m facing him, pressing my chest to his. “I want you to let go with me” I confess, nuzzling his face with my own. “I want you to slap my ass and pull my hair… I want you to do things with me that you’d never do with her…”

His breathing has picked up: he kisses me hard and deep, his left hand sliding into my hair…

I cry out in a combination of surprise and bliss as he pulls my head back roughly, his mouth attacking my bared throat. Oh, yes, this is what I want! Marian nips at my left shoulder and then turns me around forcefully, pulling my back to his chest. His strong hands find my breasts and squeeze… I push back against him, wanting more contact.

Marian pushes my head downward and I raise my backside in response, moaning…

“Please” I beg once more.

Holding onto my ass, he moves in behind me and enters me in a hard thrust.

I yelp with happiness, arching my back. “Oh, Marian…”

“So wet” he answers, leaning down to kiss my back. “I love that you want me”

I want to tell him that I couldn’t possibly do anything else: but I don’t get a chance because he starts to thrust in and out of me, moving so deeply that I can only cry out. I grab fistfuls of the sheets… I scream the first time that he slaps my ass, giggling with bliss as the pain abates.

“You like?” Marian queries, gasping as he moves.

“I love” I correct, licking my lips. “Don’t you dare stop”

“Not until we both come” he promises. He holds me by my hips and barrels into me: I’ve never been fucked so good. His pelvic bone is jarring mine in this position, but I love it.

I moan loudly, which earns me another slap on the behind, and before I can catch my breath Marian grabs my hair and pulls on it, forcing my head back. “Oh, god!” I scream. “Yes!”

“Beauty…” he warns.

“Keep going: I’m so close!”

He fucks me hard and deep, not letting up for a second. I can feel myself teetering on the edge of an intense orgasm… Marian delivers another slap to my ass and I can’t take anymore: I scream as I come, my entire body seizing up with pleasure as I spasm. Bright lights flash behind my eyelids…

I’m vaguely aware that Marian is growling loudly in the middle of my orgasm: I feel his cock swell inside of me as he gives me his come in thick jets. He grunts with each one and he thrusts into me raggedly, lost in his ecstasy.

We fall forward onto the bed together, his body pressed to mine. There is the wonderful sensation of breathlessness, and I’m lost in a haze of pleasure…

Somehow (I seriously don’t know how), Marian finds the strength to roll us onto our sides, without breaking our connection, so that he’s snuggled up behind me. I feel him yawn as he places his arm around my waist.

“Baby…” he breathes hoarsely, “My god, you’re so sweet”

I smile and place my hand on his arm, enjoying the feeling of his warm breath on the back of my neck. “I like it when you’re rough with me” I retort.

Marian chuckles. “I’ve never been asked to before”

“What?” I ask, incredulous. “You’ve got to be kidding me”

“I’m being honest” he insists, kissing the back of my neck softly.

I try not to get too involved in or angry about his other relationship, but I can’t help it this time. “She doesn’t know what she’s missing” I state firmly.

“Sweet of you to say” he states, brushing his face over my left shoulder.

“Can you stay tonight?” I inquire, hoping that he’ll say yes.

“Of course, beauty… I’m staying right here with you” Marian promises, cuddling against me. “I hope you don’t mind if I sleep now”

I can tell from his voice that he’s tired: after all, he did play a game, go out with his friends to drink and have two orgasms with me. “Get some rest, birthday boy” I answer, closing my own eyes.

He falls asleep quickly, but I don’t mind: instead I focus on the sound of his breathing and let myself drift off…




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