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Chapter Seven

On the road again…

We just got into our hotel rooms and I’m feeling pretty exhausted. It took us a long time to get in from the airport due to bad weather… it’s fucking freezing and snowy as hell outside. Even better, the hotel rooms aren’t very warm, either.

Getting into my room, I drop my gear by the door and release a heavy sigh: my back is aching from the long trip, and even with my coat on, I feel chilly. I go over to the thermostat and try to turn it up to no avail… wonderful. Well, maybe if I get ready for bed and get under the covers, I’ll feel better: at least that’s what I tell myself.

I don’t even bother with my usual silk pajamas… instead I opt for a pair of Blackhawks sweatpants and hoodie, leaving my socks on. I brush my teeth and relieve myself, then go back into the main part of the room and turn on the TV, shutting off the lights. The local news is on and the anchors are discussing the horrid weather… I’m tempted to say “No shit!” when there’s a knock at my door. In the past, some of the guys have tried to get me to go to the hotel bar to drink in an attempt to warm up, but I’m not in the mood tonight. I get up from my bed and make my way over to the door, looking through the peephole… all I can see is a bottle of alcohol that is being held up to the hole. “Guys” I breathe, opening the door, “Not tonight… it’s too cold…”

Standing in front of me, wearing his own Blackhawks gear, is Marian: he seems to be handling the cold better than I am. “Vodka?” he queries, holding the bottle out to me.

Afraid that we’re about to get caught by one of his teammates, I take the alcohol from him and grab his hand, pulling him into my room. He chuckles at my nervousness as I shut the door and lock it.

“What are you doing?” I whisper hotly.

“Hello to you, too” he teases, sliding his hands into the pockets of his hoodie.

“It’s fucking freezing out there” I swear, looking down at the bottle in my hands. Dear Lord, it’s some sort of Eastern European vodka, the kind of stuff that could be used as jet fuel. “Where did you get this?”

“Brought it with me” Marian answers simply, shrugging.

Well, we do travel on a team jet, so he can get away with stuff like this… “Is it any good?”

He laughs again and takes the bottle back from me, cracking it open. I watch as he takes a swig and swallows… Marian offers it to me, and for some crazy reason, I accept it and sip. Oh my god, it burns like hell as it goes down my throat…

“I guess you don’t like” he states as I cough.

“Oh, shit” I reply, slapping my chest. I hand him back the bottle and try to get my bearings. “How do you drink that?”

“It’s good” Marian retorts, taking another drink. He puts the cap back on and twists it shut. “I thought you could use a drink”

Granted, I do feel a bit warmer… but damn, I don’t think I can handle anymore of it. “I’m surprised to see you” I chirp.

He smiles and wanders over to my bed, sitting down on the edge of the mattress and kicking off his sandals. “No bed checks tonight: most of the guys are heading to the bar”

I knew it… Well, at least they wouldn’t dare to get drunk with a game tomorrow. Padding across the carpet, I sit down next to Marian on the bed, folding my legs under me. I can’t help but to shiver at the cold. “Is your room like this?”

“Worse” he answers, putting the bottle of vodka on the floor beside his feet. “Zus stole both of the blankets”

“He did?” I inquire, trying to sound nonchalant: it would seem that Marian is planning on staying the night with me in my room, which sends joy through my heart. I’ve had such a rough day, I could use some of his company.

“Mmm-hmm…” Marian retorts, placing his right hand on my back. He rubs in circles. “What’s wrong, beauty?”


“I know my sweetheart… you’re, how do you say, tense”

I smile at his perception: he’s right, I am feeling tense. “It was just such a long day and I’ve got a bit of a backache”

“Do you, now?” he asks. He puts his strong hands on my shoulders and turns me a bit so that my back is to him. “Let me help”

I shiver a bit at the cold as he lifts the back of my hoodie and slides it up over my head so that it bunches on my chest. I’m about to mount a protest when his large hands find my upper back and he begins to knead my flesh. “Oh, god” I whine pleasurably, my eyes shutting with bliss at his touch.

“Where does it hurt?” Marian asks, kissing the back of my neck.

“All over” I confess, leaning into his ministrations. His fingers are good and his thumbs are even better as he works at my muscles: he’s giving me goose bumps, but I love it.

“You shouldn’t get so stressed, baby, it’s not good for you” he laments, brushing his chin over my shoulders. He’s beginning to get some stubble on his face: the sensation against my skin is wonderful for me and I sigh happily.

Marian works at me until the muscles of my back are liquid, and then he slips his hands around my front to my belly, just holding me against him.

“I want to keep you warm tonight” he whispers into my ear. “Is that all right with you?”

It’s one of those times that I have to remind myself that he’s not being cheeky, he’s genuinely asking my permission to stay. “Oh, yes” I answer, placing my hands over his.


As I watch, he gets up from the bed and grabs the comforter from the twin that’s beside us, placing it on the bed that we’re going to use. I stand up as he does so, doing my best not to tremble from the chill in the air: I fail miserably, but Marian is there to guide me under the covers.

“One more sip” he entreats, handing me the vodka.

I raise an eyebrow in question, but I trust him too much to say no. Grasping the bottle, I open it and sip some more, coughing yet again before returning the drink to him. He swallows quite a bit, but I know it won’t be enough to get him drunk: he has an incredible alcohol tolerance. I scoot over in bed while he closes the vodka and puts it on the nightstand, making room for him.

Marian veritably jumps under the covers with me, no doubt beginning to feel the cold himself: I can’t help but to giggle at his movements.

He takes off his socks and hoodie, letting them drop from under the comforter to the floor. “You too” he pleads, gazing at me.

“But I’m cold…”

“Skin on skin will make us warm: trust me”

I’m a bit skeptical at first… but then I figure, what the hell, why not? Once I’m out of my socks and hoodie, he reaches down to my waist and yanks at my sweatpants: I answer by doing the same to him. Suddenly, we’re both laughing and fighting with each other’s clothes underneath the covers… Marian gets mine off first: he cries out with satisfaction and throws my pants onto the floor.

“Hey!” I cry as we wrestle together, “Not fair!”

He gives a growl of pure playfulness and kicks his way out of his sweatpants. I grab them and hold them to my chest, using them as a barrier between us.

“Beauty” Marian warns, grabbing the clothing. “Give them to me…”

“I don’t know” I tease back, “Something tells me that if I let go of these, you’re going to pounce on me”

“We need skin on skin” he responds, quickly capturing my mouth with his own.

Oh, but the taste of him, the way that he rubs his tongue to mine and feeds on my mouth… it isn’t long before I let go of the sweatpants and wrap my arms around his neck, holding him close to me.

He tosses the clothing off of the bed and turns his head to the left, giving himself better access to my mouth… I moan loudly when he places his hands on my hips and presses himself to me from head to toe. Oh yes, he feels so warm against me, and his muscular body is so hard… not to mention his erect cock.

“Mmm” Marian groans, pulling back and licking my neck. “That’s what I mean…”

I find his left ear with my mouth and dare to nibble on the lobe, which garners a reaction from him: he pushes his hips forward, silently begging for more contact. Reaching between us with my right hand, I capture him, wrapping my fingers around his shaft. I stroke him up and down firmly…

“Oh, honey” he growls. “Just like that, yes”

I’m not about to stop anytime soon, and he knows it… I feel his left hand sneak between my legs: he uses the palm of his hand to put pressure on my clit. I cry out with bliss and spread my legs for him. Marian slips two fingers into my pussy and begins to move them in and out of me. “Oh, fuck” I whine, finding his mouth once more.

We kiss and tease one another until we’re both aching… I finally let go of him as he brings his wet fingers to my lips: I lock my eyes on his and take his digits into my mouth, sucking them clean.

“You’re so fucking hot” he intones, kissing me. We share my flavor for a few moments as he rolls over me and settles himself between my legs.

This time, I’m the one to take hold of his cock and guide him inside of me. Oh, god, but as he sinks fully into me, I can’t help but to cry out. “Marian… your big cock feels so good…”

“You have the sweetest pussy I’ve ever had” he replies, licking my neck. “I want to fuck you forever”

It’s not like him to talk dirty: I take it as a compliment and allow his words to send a flood of desire through me. “Fuck me” I entreat, bringing his mouth to mine. “Please, babe… I need you”

He must like what I’ve said, because he begins to thrust in and out of me smoothly but forcefully. I clench my inner muscles around him and draw my nails down his back. He’s right, skin on skin is warm… and it doesn’t hurt that he’s making love to me just right. I cry out and move my hips up into his…

“My sweet” Marian breathes, gasping. “How I love you…”

How is it that he finds a way to make me feel even more incredible? I smile for a few moments before another wave of pleasure makes me moan. “I love you, too” I answer. Reaching up with my right hand, I dig my fingers into the hair on the back of his head. “I love the way that you fuck me” I whisper hotly.

“Mmm, baby” he retorts, increasing the strength of his thrusts.

The way that he’s giving it to me sends shivers of bliss through my body. I wrap my legs around his waist and squeeze him close to me: I even dare to tease him a bit by clenching my inner muscles around him. This forces another growl out of him…

“Beauty, I want to fuck you harder” Marian states huskily.

I know that he’s asking for permission once more, and I’m so hot for him that there’s no way that I could deny him. “Oh, yes” I agree, pressing my lips to his. “Don’t hold back…”

He chuckles throatily and gives in to his needs…

I’m breathless suddenly from the raw power of his body: he’s fucking me so hard that I almost think he’s trying to put me through the mattress. I claw at his upper back and hold on for dear life until I can’t hold back any longer. Releasing a scream, I come hard around his cock, milking him with my spasms. Oh my god, bright lights flash behind my eyelids and my entire body seizes up.

Halfway through my orgasm, I hear him cry out and grunt: I feel his cock swell inside of me, followed by the steady, rhythmic pulses of his come shooting into me. I’m lost in the moment, in the white-hot ecstasy that we share…

After a few moments, Marian rolls us onto our sides, keeping our connection in tact. We’re cuddled close and gasping for air together: somehow, he has enough presence of mind to pull the comforters tight around us.

“Beauty” he breathes, brushing his lips over mine. “Are you warm?”

Placing my hands on his chest, I can’t help but to smile at his considerateness. “Mmm, very… You’re staying with me tonight?”


“I’m glad” I tuck my head under his chin and press my nose to his skin. “I love being with you”

“I love being with you, too” he answers, wrapping his arm around my waist.

I can hear and feel him yawn: I imagine he must be as tired as I am… “Marian?”


“Sleep, honey: I’m not going anywhere”

Releasing a self-satisfied chuckle, he kisses the top of my head. “Okay, baby… good night”




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