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Stay, Stay, Stay

Chapter Two

My first meeting with the Pens captain left me a bit weak in the knees. I’d never been one to get excited over people who were in the spotlight, or so called celebrities, but I’d never shaken hands with one of modern hockey’s most legendary players until that day. Our conversation was brief and afterwards Dan was summoned to meet with the general manager. I made my way back to the medic offices, searching for a bathroom on my way. I got lost twice and ended up back in the dressing room. I couldn’t cross my legs any tighter and snuck into one of the stalls. In typical twenty-first century fashion I pulled out my phone while my bladder did it’s thing. I had to tell someone about my encounter with Sidney Crosby.

You’ll never guess who I just met

I sent the message to my three older brothers.


The Queen?

Why are you texting me before noon? I thought we talked about this.

Simon, where would I possibly meet the Queen in Pennsylvania? Andy, it’s 11:30am, close enough.

Would you please tell us who you met, B?

Noon means noon guys. But tell me anyway, I don’t like waiting.

SC 87

Is that some new text lingo? I can’t keep up with you kids.

Isn’t that Crosby’s brand name?

10 points to Andrew. Simon you’re an idiot.

Shit! How did you meet him? Did you tell him we’re all Flyers fans?

Why would I tell him I’m a Philly fan? And I didn’t want to tell you guys until everything was settled but I quit the gym and got a new job working for a hockey team.

Quit? Why?

What kind of hockey team?

Because I was sick of the bullshit. A well known hockey team. Their logo is some penguin

You’re working for the enemy?

Holy shit kid! Congratulations!

Are you kidding right now?

I heard someone come into the locker room.

Not kidding, not the enemy, it’s a good job. Which I should go do instead of texting you losers. xo

Give ‘em hell kid!

Bring one home for Thanksgiving will ya. Well done Trix!

Pictures ASAP. Lol. xo

I locked my phone, pulled up my pants and flushed the toilet. I made sure my zipper was zipped and took a deep breath. I washed my hands and double checked my appearance in the mirror, making sure there was no red lipstick on my teeth and my sleeves were pulled down. When I left the bathroom and turned the corner I came face to face with three men, all in various states of undress.

“Oh shit!” I cried covering my eyes with my hand. “I am so sorry. I couldn’t find another bathroom and I didn’t think anyone would be here until later.” I sputtered, trying to heading towards the door.

“Don’t worry about it.” One of the men said in an amused tone, he had a thick accent that I recognized to be from Quebec. “You must be Beatrice?” He asked walking towards me. I kept my left hand covering my eyes and put out my right to shake his.

“I am.” I replied smiling, still not looking at him. He shook my hand gently and I could hear the other men laughing.

“Marc-Andre” he said. “You can uncover your eyes Beatrice, Beau put his pants on.”
I lowered my hand from my eyes and smiled at the men in front of me. I was educated enough in the world of professional hockey to know who they all were. Rookie Beau Bennett, goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury, and Russian forward Evgeni Malkin. I felt my cheeks getting hot and was about to formally introduce myself when the door flung open.

“Beatrice.” Dan said walking towards me. “There you are. I thought you might have gotten lost.” He smiled placing a firm hand on my shoulder. I smiled at him and watched more of the team, along with trainers and the other medics come into the room. I’d already met the other medics, four older men who had been polite, but didn’t seem eager to talk to me during our first encounter.

Once the team, both players and staff, had arrived, Dan introduced me and suggested I say a few words.
“I’m Beatrice Keller.” I began. “But please feel comfortable calling me Bea. I was born and raised in Prince Edward Island, Canada, I graduated two years ago from Penn State with my masters in Sports Medicine and I look forward to working with all of you, but hopefully not too often.” I tried to remain calm and composed. I was generally okay talking to large groups but I was acutely aware that I was the only female in the room, and while I’d prepared myself for that reality it was going to take some getting used to.

We left Dan and the team to get ready for their practice and sat in the medical offices. The head doctor, Larry, was for more welcoming than the rest of the medical team and went over everything I’d need to know. He assured me that I’d get the hang of it quickly and in no time it would all become second nature. I would be training under him and a senior medic behind the bench. The teams version of first response. We spent the rest of the day going over procedures and protocols while the team practiced and by the time I got home my mind was full of information and my eyes were heavy with exhaustion. But, I couldn’t sleep, I was too excited about what was to come.


This is my first real attempt at fan fiction. Let me know what you think.


This story was great and very relatable because of the beliefs that Bea and I share. You really captured the struggle of being in a relationship and making a marriage work. Keep up the good work and don't stop writing. :)

RoxPensChick RoxPensChick

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!! Thanks for sticking through and reading :D :D

TheoAirplane TheoAirplane

Well, that was sooo good. I loved their story. I still do. Their love, strenght, humor..this all made me fall in love. So thank you for a chance to be a part of K.C. family.

melindaone melindaone

Thank you for new chapter. I know this feeling too. I lost my grandmother a year ago and it's still painfull. Im happy for you to graduate and wish you luck with job searching. xx

melindaone melindaone

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmother. I'm glad to hear that things are improving and that you graduated! Hopefully soon you will find the job of your dreams. Best of luck to you. xx