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Stay, Stay, Stay


When a new girl joins the Penguins medical team she's not what anyone would have expected, especially not superstar Sidney Crosby.

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I adored Bea's and Sid's vows to each other. So sweet. And as a book lover, I know exactly which book quote I would want to weave into my vows some day.

I love that Beau's character finally got fleshed out a little more in this last chapter and he seems more than just a background character anymore.

And Bea called the baby her "crotch creature." That's hilarious.

Congrats on 50 chapters!

lizzy2826 lizzy2826

i love the princess bride quote!

maddibaddi826 maddibaddi826

I'm glad you liked it :D
I don't blame you for not wanting to dig lol I'm happy to answer questions because I know where to find everything (at least I should hope I do.)
In chapter 13 Bea passes out while at a game, after she is admitted she gives Sidney permission to be in the room while the doctor discusses her condition, at that point he mentions the pills she is on and her past struggles. From then on Sid is very aware of what she takes and has a vague idea of why but it's never explicitly mentioned that it's categorized as an anti-psychotic because there are a number of different uses for it.

In short he knows, but yeah he's never seen the real reason she needs them or how they actually impact her daily life.

TheoAirplane TheoAirplane

I disappear for a week to go on vacation and there's a new update. Best return home surprise ever!

Okay, so we know Sidney has never seen Bea hit rock bottom before, but does he know about her anti-psychotic meds at all? I don't want to have to dig back through 40+ chapters to jog my memory, haha.

BeastxInxRepose BeastxInxRepose