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Love Me

Chapter 3.

I lock the door behind me and began walking to the arena . It's a great atmosphere. People are screaming and having a great time. I walk up the stairs and go through security. They scan my ticket and I walk inside the arena. It's huge and the food smells wonderful! I'm a bit early, I thought the game started at 7 but it starts at 7:30.

I finally find my seat down by the lightnings bench. They're having a pregame warm-up. The arena is almost full and I feel great! I look out onto the ice and immediately see Hedman. He's even more perfect in person. He's stretching with some of the other players. Fans are surrounding the glass taking pictures and holding signs. The warm-up is almost over and I swear I saw Hedman look at me. He looks so tall compared to some of the other guys.

About 15 minutes later after showing videos of the,bolts the players come back out onto thrie ice. When Montreal skates onto the ice all of the fans boo. I boo with them. They sing the anthem and the game begins. In the first 2 minutes in the game Ryan Callahan scored a one timer! The horn is super loud and the whole arenas roars to life. I can tell that they have some great fans.
Montreal unfortunately tie the game 1-1. The refs call a penalty on Subban and the bolts get a power play. Hedman passes the puck to Stamkos and then passes it back to Hedman. He takes a slapshot and it goes right through Prices legs. The fans jump up and so do I. Hedman and the other players celebrate right in front of me. I give Hedman a thumbs up and he smiles right at me. I blush and I hope he didn't notice. The lightning end up winning in overtime with Stamkos scoring a beautiful goal.



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