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Love Me

chapter 4.

I'm so happy I went to this game. It was really good. Going made me forget about things I didn't want to think about.

I sat there while they told us who the 3 stars were. Bishop was 3, Hedman was 2 and Stamkos 1! Hedman threw his puck over and I caught it! He winked at me and then skated off. I was blushing way to much.

I grabbed a water before I go. I was walking and saw people surrounding the back of the arena. "Hey, what'going on?" I asked a lady. "We're waiting for the players to come out!" she explained. Maybe I should wait? I decided to wait, but it was getting late. It was Friday but I was thinking of going out tonight. I got home and put on a cute fitted dress. I looked up clubs on my phone. I ended up finding local club.



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