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Don't Let These Boots Fool You


Kelly has just recently graduated college, which puts her around the same age as the guys who are on the ice. She doesn't get start struck like the guys assume, which sends them into confusion and wonder how she will do her job. Kelly believes in keeping work separate from her personal life but these guys are in need of more than just a community liaison. They need another lesson in manner since they think they don't need any now that they've made it. Will Kelly keep her work and personal life separate or will she fall into the same hole that other young women her age fall into?

[A/N: To those reading, there will be vulgar language at times.
Also, Jordan and Max will still be a part of the team just for clarification. Also, I understand Geno is Russian and all but I'm not going to make him sound like an imbecile and try and recreate his broken english. Deal with it, please.]



I love it! It's a great start!

Hey. I really like it! You should finish it! And just write it as it goes! Figure out who is actually married or who actually has a girlfriend then figure out the pairings! that should help!

Psquared91 Psquared91
continue ?!
laughin_lizzy laughin_lizzy