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Here To Stay

Chapter 9

*WARNING: Contains Sexual Content*
*More Sexual Content*
*This is your last chance.*
–How long should I wait to update between chapters? Up to you guys!–

The next day at the station was fine. I got to do most of the segment on the Blackhawks recent games. Then, Dean covered the Cubs and possible trades they might make in the future. He also brought up the lockout in the NBA and explained what it meant, whether it was coming to an end anytime soon, and so on and so forth.

As I walked back to my dressing room to get my purse, I saw Kenny standing in the hallway, staring at me. It's not like he had to be at the station after the morning shift was over, so why was he there? I walked into my room, his eyes still on me, got my bag, and hurriedly got out, hoping he would have left. He didn't. Kenny just gave me an annoyed look and walked in the opposite direction towards the main floor.

I ignored this and drove home. It was about half-past six by the time I got in. I ripped out of my suit and slipped on a pretty black dress that came just above my knees. It was tight, hugging my mid-section perfectly. I put on a black cardigan, because it was a little bit chilly outside. I snatched the nearest necklace I could find and then did my makeup. After my make-up was enhanced a bit, I pulled a couple strands of hair back into a simple half-up/half-down style. Just as I was sliding on my flats, Logan walked in. She wolf-whistled when she saw me as she stood in the doorway.

"Where you going, hotstuff?" she giggled excitedly as she skipped in and flopped onto my bed.

I readjusted my shoes and stood up straight. "Dinner with Jon. How was work today?" I glanced over at her for a minute and then looked back to the mirror in my room to do a once-over. However, I could have sworn I saw something on Logan's neck. I turned back around and studied her.

Logan quickly clasped a hand to her neck and coughed. Yeah.. real smooth Logan. Act natural? "Uh.. yeah, work was great... I-" I stood up and charged toward her. She winced as I came closer but continued talking. "I uh... I got a lot done and-" Just then, I pried her hand from her neck to see a big, fat, pink and red hickey, blatantly placed on her neck. She huffed and glanced down.

I gasped, flinging my hand over my mouth as I started to smile."Got a lot done, huh? I'll say!" I nearly cackled. For once, Logan blushed instead of me. "Where'd you get that-?"

She shook me away. "Eh- a story for another day. You and Jon patched things up?! When is Jon coming?" she pushed on, pretending the red mark didn't exist. This isn't over...

"Well, he'll be here-" There was a knock at the door.

"Now?" Logan laughed.

I nodded. "Now." I snatched my purse from the couch and walked over to the door. "Hi."

"Hi El-Wow." Jon sighed as he looked me up and down. I struck a quick pose and smirked.

"Is this okay? Too much?"

"You-I... it's-no. It's perfect. I can't-wow..." He shook his head and laughed at his word-less-self. Jon stuck his hand out for me to take. "Ready to go?"

I nodded. "Bye Logan!"

"Bye!" she called.

Once in the hall, I surveyed Jon up and down. He wore a dress shirt, dark suit pants, and a blazer. "Lookin' good Captain." I complimented with a smirk. My eyes traveled over the beauty that was in the form of a man. As was expected, my eyes lingered over the famous ass of Jonathan Toews. There is no way it was that big last night-

"Quit starin'," he teased, tapping my chin up from its previous position. Jon smirked as he locked eyes with me.

"Sorry..." And again, I blushed. He just chuckled and lead me into the elevator. When we hopped in, he pressed the up button. "Jon-" I reached to press the down button. Car garage is definitely at the top of the building, last time I checked at least... like duh.

He gripped my hand gently and pulled it away from the button. "No, we're going up." I looked at him with a confused expression, only to be met with a secretive smirk and a shrug. "Just have to wait and see..."

I pouted and then opened my mouth to say something childish when his phone rang. It made us both jump. Guess I'm not the only one who's nervous. Jon looked down at his glowing pocket and slid out his phone. He tensed as he gazed down at the caller i.d. before quickly shoving it back into his pocket. First off, if the tensing up and the whole trying to get rid of the phone as fast as possible thing didn't give him away enough, I saw the phone for myself... meaning, I saw that Diane was calling him. Then, I was pouting for real.

"What?" I gave him a look. "Just ignore it. Tonight, it's about you and me. Look." Jon took out his phone and powered it off. "No more distractions. I couldn't care less about what's wrong with her."

I was glad that he didn't mention her name, but I was also curious as to why. Maybe he thought it would upset me... or maybe it upset him.. but I wasn't going to ask and be the first one to say it anyways, so I kept my mouth shut.

He looked me up and down and smirked. "I have other business to attend to." he cooed in the best husky voice he could muster. To be honest, Jon's sexier when he's not trying... When he's really making an effort, he's as seductive as a tree... and I have never seen a single woman fawn over any evergreens. Still, the voice was pretty funny. I rolled my eyes as he scooted next to me and held me close to him, hand on my waist.

"Yeah yeah, cheesy." I laughed, leaning against his chest. It was nice to listen to his hear beat.

When we finally reached the roof-top, The elevator was ready to ping open. Jon placed his hands over my eyes and guided me out of the elevator onto the terrace. A cold wind brushed my forearms and legs and I was soon covered in goosebumps. I shivered as we walked across the area. "Chilly..."

"Sorry, almost there though." About a minute later, his hands were off my face and I blinked my eyes open. I looked around to see the terrace covered in flowers, roses to be exact. There was a small opening where a picnic blanket was set with two plates of food and two wine glasses. A mini Eiffel Tower sat in the middle of the blanket.

I gasped and threw my hands to my face. "Paris." I laughed.

"You like? I couldn't really bring the real eiffel tower, but the roses I got." he gestured to the dozens and dozens of roses surrounding the roof. I followed the walkway to the blanket and sat down. "How'd I do?"

I shook my head, still beaming at the whole set-up. "Definitely earned yourself a couple hundred cool points. It's perfect."

"Thanks, just... don't tell any of the guys about it, okay?" he asked with a playful smirk. I nodded and looked down at the plate.

We ate fish, croissants, and a couple veggies. I also had a glass of wine. Throughout the dinner, we conversed about an array of things. I told a couple childhood stories, and he told me a few in return. We talked about our families, growing up, and how we got where we are. Still, I wasn't fully equipped to answer his last question.

"What made you want to become a newscaster?" he asked as he took out some chocolate covered strawberries from a nearby basket. He leaned toward me and let me take a bite of one before he finished it off himself.

I was thankful that I was eating the strawberry, because the words got stuck in my throat. All of my confidence had suddenly evaporated. Worst topic. "Uh... I don't know..." I sighed. Jon passed me a strawberry and waited for me to continue. I took a bite, trying to temporize until I had an appropriate answer. Just tell him the truth. "I kind of fell into it... everything else I tried... never really worked out. I mean, I worked hard at everything, my heart just wasn't in it and... I never really succeeded like I wanted to- let myself down- but, when I started at the station, I thought I might have found something... finally, that I was good at." The words kind of tumbled out in a rush, and I could feel my face grow hotter as I realized I had no control over my tongue.

Jon just gave me a hard stare. "What?" I coughed and finished my strawberry in silence.

"You're good at a lot of things... you didn't honestly believe that you weren't good at anything." he insisted in a deep voice.

I shook my head. "I don't know... I just... I never felt like I lived up to everyone's expectations..." I explained about how I tried to be all these different things, but none of them worked out, and I let so many people down, including myself.

"That's what the frames were in your living room? You have got to be kidding me! Elle, you are a wonderful person. You're a great newscaster, you're intelligent, kind-hearted, and funny, and how you could think you weren't good at anything is beyond me. You've done so much! Didn't you ever think of those frames as things you have accomplished." he nearly roared.

"You're not just saying that to suck up are you?" I joked quietly. One look at Jon's face and I knew it wasn't anything to laugh at. I sighed and glanced up at the dark sky. "I never thought about it like that... I guess it is pretty great." For once.... I honestly felt good about myself. As I looked back at Jon, I noticed him staring at me still. "Quit starin'," I jibed. He smiled sheepishly and looked down at his hands. I don't know why he was embarrassed... it was better than me staring at his butt...

Just then, a wind blew past, grazing my skin and causing another shiver to rise through my body. I tried to stifle the movement, but I was caught. "Come here." he commanded. Jon started to wriggle out of his jacket.

I shook my head and waved a hand at him. "No, Jon, seriously, I'm fine."

"Come." Jon barked in his 'Captain Serious' voice. I looked up to see him glaring at me. I knew he wasn't really mad at me, but I had to admit, it was pretty intimidating. I gave in with a sigh and scooted over to him. Jon placed his blazer around me and pulled me next to him. The two of us leaned on the empty shed, me snuggling up to a very warm Jon. I closed my eyes, breathing in the sporty scent of Jon, combined with the comforting grip of his arms. "Better?"

I nodded and smiled. How lucky... I looked up to see Jon staring at the stars. I joined him and tried to find the little dipper. It was difficult, because the Chicago lights obscured most of the stars. "So pretty..." I sighed.

"They're nothing compared to your eyes." he whispered.

I glanced at him and burst out laughing. He let out a bit of a chuckle too. "Way to be cheesy, dork." I lightly punched his stomach.

He shook his head, grinnig. "Worth a shot."

The two of us sat in silence for a while, just soaking up the atmosphere, and more importantly, the stars... well, the ones that were visible at least. After a moment, I glanced about the terrace and finally appreciated the amount of flowers that there were surrounding us. "How did you get them all up here?"

"Lots of hands and legs." he laughed, snatching a rose from the opposite side of him. He handed it to me and rested his hand on his stomach. "I ordered a bunch and then just paid some of the workers at the shop to help me put them up here. They were having a slow day and were more than willing to accept any money they could get I guess."

"That's insane... you really didn't have to do all that." I sighed, sniffing the rose. My nose was a little cold and I couldn't completely enjoy its fragrance. "I'm a pretty low-maintinance girl."

Jon nodded and smirked, stealing a glance at me. "Right... so next time, I'll just pick up some McDonald's and we'll eat out of a paper bag?" he teased.

I hit him lightly again, but couldn't help but laugh. "Providing there is a next time." I joked back, "Besides, I'm much more high class... I'm a Burger King girl."

"Oh, my mistake." Jon laughed, putting his hands up in defense. I stuck my tongue out at him childishly only to be prodded in the stomach a few times, producing several involuntary giggles from my mouth.

"Stop." I whined, trying to catch his swift hands.

"What?" He jabbed his fingers into the sides of my stomach, making me squeal. I leapt away, onto my feet, and held my hands up against him.

"Jon, seriously!" I grumbled as I backed away slowly.

He mirrored my movements, following closely. "But your laugh is cute." he ribbed. I backed up, down the rose-less path to the door to the terrace. Cornered, I reached for the door handle, but as I did so, Jon lunged forward, grabbed me around the waist and almost tackled me to the ground.

He plopped me back down on the blanket and tickled my stomach repeatedly. I started laughing so hard, I couldn't breathe. Jon found my laughter funny, evident by his small chuckles. I tried to fight back, but Jon wasn't ticklish, so, I went for his hands, as usual. After a minute or so of wrestling, I got a hold of his hands and I pulled him off me, allowing me a moment to catch my breath. "Stop-stop-I... I..." my voice trailed off.

"You give?" Jon pressed against my weak hands, attempting to reach me. It was cute, him letting me believe I had a chance against his brute strength. "Say it." He smirked.

"I give... you win." I sighed, letting my arms fall to my sides. Jon sat on top of me, legs straddled across my waist. He put his hands on his lap and sat up, still on top of me. He stared down at me, not saying anything, for what seemed like forever. "What?"

Jon's face was serious, but the corners of his mouth twisted in protest. "You don't want to know..." He shook his head and looked away. If I'm not mistaken, I was pretty sure I saw him blush a little at whatever thoughts he was conjuring up in his head.

"Mr. Toews, are you blushing?" I cackled.

He whirled around and glared at me. "Shut up."

I opened my mouth to tease him more when his phone buzzed in his pocket... again. Because it was within reach, I stuck my hand in his pocket and took it out. He was frowning at me. "Must have sat on it...turned it back on..." he groaned.

I shrugged and clicked the answer button. Fine, you want to interrupt my date? You can interrupt, but you're going to regret it, I guarantee it. Jon gaped at me as I held the phone to my ear. "Hello?"

"Jon I- hello?" Diane stuttered on the other end, "Who is this?"

I yawned. "Who is this?"

"This is-where's Jon? This is his girlfriend-" she began.

"Ex-girlfriend." I corrected.

She hissed, "Okay, who the fuck is this? Is this some sort of joke? What's he paying for you to answer the phone, you slut."

Jon was wincing as the acidic words crackled over the phone. He looked at me nervously, wondering what I would do next. I just grinned, flashing my teeth at him. "Oh, this is Ellie, remember, from the other night?"

Diane didn't say anything. Her end fell completely silent for a whole minute before I heard anything. "Ellie?" She said it as if it tasted funny as it escaped her mouth.

"Yeah, I'm on a date with Jon... didn't he tell you?" I asked, hoping to drive the knife into her back a little further. "I can see you didn't take my advice about Jon."

She was fuming now. "Who do you think you are? You and Jon are nothing! I've known him for years and you think you can just slither up next to him-no, sorry honey, that's not how it works." I held the phone away as she rambled on, annoyed with the sound of her whiney voice. All I heard was "Mwah-Mwah-Mwah-Me-Me-Me-Blah-Blah-Blah!"

"Right, well, who has Jon sitting on top of her right now?" I shot back. Diane was speechless. Jon was too, but more because he was suppressing a laugh. I looked up to see him covering his mouth as tightly as he could. "That's what I thought... You may have had Jon, but you messed up, and now he's with someone who has a pretty face and a good heart... oh, and someone who can tell the difference between real and fake Jimmy-Choos. You'll probably want to get your money back. Bye." I tossed the phone over my shoulder and heard it land on another part of the blanket. Don't worry, I didn't break his phone. Jon was gaping down at me, but I didn't know if it was in admiration or disgust. I bit my lip. "I'm sorry, was I allowed to do that?"

Jon laughed a choppy laugh, jagged with bursts of breaths he had probably been holding through most of my conversation. "That.... that was awesome and-" He was smiling down at me when the phone rang again. I groaned and slapped my forehead. Jon frowned and stitched his eyebrows together. My eyes were closed, but I felt him shifting above me. I opened them to see Jon grab the phone, then return to his spot above me. I waited, wondering what he was going to do. He looked from me to the phone, and then back again before he pressed the answer button. I let out a mournful sigh. "Hello? Diane?" I heard her yapping away in the background like an obnoxious chihuahua. "Yeah... uh, what Ellie said." He took the phone and stood up, winding his arm behind his head. He wouldn't. Jon chucked it over the edge of the building. I heard it smash a neighboring building before it fell to the ground, a hunk of plastic and wires, now rendered useless. He would. Jon sat back down and stroked a strand of hair from my face. "Now... where were we?"

Impulsively, I grabbed at Jon's tie and yanked him forward. At first, he resisted, purely because of the surprise. Then, when he focused his attention back on me, he obliged my demand and came closer, putting his hands on the blanket on either side of my head. He bent lower until his face was nearly touching mine. I lifted my head a little, put my hand on the back of his neck, and brought him in for another kiss. His eyes were on my lips until we touched, and then we both simultaneously closed our eyes.

Jon slipped his tongue in the kiss, making it even better. I put my other hand on his head to keep him there, hoping we could stay like that forever. Jon backed out of it, removing my hands from his head. He laid my arms flat on the ground. I stared up at him quizzically, mind still racing from the kiss. He tugged at his blazer to take it off me, and I saw what he was getting at.

I sat up and slipped it off myself. I reached forward to untie his tie, when he pinned my hands back to the ground. "No. We're doing this my way." he asserted with a smirk. I shrugged and allowed my arms to rest on the cold blanket. Jon took off my cardigan and slipped the dress's straps off of my shoulders and then carefully slid it down my upper-body and eventually lower-body. I kicked it off once it reached my ankles. "Consider it your reimbursement for last night..." he chided.

It was freezing, and I was in my underwear and my underwear only. Jon surveyed me up and down. I was wearing black, silky bra and matching panties. His eyes roved over several places repeatedly. I awkwardly covered up, partially because of the temperature and partially because I didn't feel like I was remotely attractive in comparison to him.

"Oh, NOW you're shy?" he chuckled quietly, leaning down at pecking the side of my stomach. I shivered at his touch, his lips temporarily covering up my goosebumps.

I shook my head and lied, "Just cold..." The lack of alcohol had completely changed my persona compared to last time... I suddenly wished I had had more wine.

He moved his head up farther, kissing just below my breast. Jon sluggishly made his way up to my neck and gave me a meaningful and long kiss. I tried my best to stifle a sound, trying not to let him know my weak spots so easily. A small moan escaped my lips and my hands couldn't have flown to my mouth any faster. Jon smiled against my skin and laughed as brought his face in front of mine. "Weak spot?"

I blushed and covered my eyes with my hand. "Every time!" I growled. I couldn't look at him, embarrassed by my own inability to keep quiet. My body betrayed me in such a cruel form. "I can't help it..." I sighed.

He gave a quick nod. "I'll remember that." He chuckled.

I pointed at him angrily. "You do not have permission to use that against me!" I argued with a giggle.

"Who said I was asking your permission?" he questioned, eyebrows arched, as he returned back to his exploration.

Jon nipped at my ear, but I soon grew impatient. I hate to be blunt, but I was pretty fucking ready to go. "Jon! Come on." I laughed, pulling his face to mine. "I'm cold!"

"Right, sorry..." he laughed, shaking his head. Jon slipped from underneath my grasp and moved down to my legs. He slipped a finger under my panties, when I stopped him.

"Ah-ah-ah! Stop right there-" I playfully tugged at his shirt, hoping he would strip down somewhat too. Jon gave me a pleading look but I crossed my arms and shook my head. "Only fair." Jon reluctantly took off his shirt and tie, but left on his pants. "Better." I laughed, admiring his stomach.

"Quit starin'," he laughed again. I rolled my eyes as he reached down for my panties again. He gingerly slipped them off and tossed them elsewhere. He spread my legs apart and pressed his lips to my throbbing slit, causing me to groan in appreciation. His tongue slipped in between my folds, pulled back, and went back in again, generating an unexplainable sensation throughout my lower body.

Moments later, he added his fingers to help with the job. In fluid motions, he pushed himself inside me repeatedly. His fingers worked their ways over my clit, forcing me to move to his pre-established rhythm. After the third time, I couldn't help but wail. "Ohgodyes..."

I buckled under his intense, hard motion. I felt as though I were completely coming apart from the inside out. I was desperately trying to crush the powerful urge to come right then and there. I couldn't let him win that easily, not again. Jon must've felt me resisting because he pulled back for literally a second, even if it seemed like forever, and then dove back in, full force. I couldn't contain myself any longer, and I came, hot and wet, letting out a couple quiet sobs.

As I lay there gasping quietly, Jon lapped at my secret spot. I could feel him smiling at me as he sat up and stared down at my face. I closed my eyes and heaved a sigh. "Nice try..." he chuckled. My eyes fluttered open to see Jon unzipping his pants and chucking them with my things.

"What?" I asked, as I watched him slip off his boxers. Dear. Lord. Was it that big last time? I pried my eyes off of him and looked at his face. He opened his mouth, no doubt ready to say 'Quit Starin'. "And don't even think about saying it." This most certainly was NOT a 'Quit Starin' ' moment!

Jon chuckled and crept forward toward me. He was soon laying on top of me, his hard-on throbbing against me. "We're not done yet... and I win." He gave me a peck and then lowered himself into me.

"I don't know what you're-" I began. Jon interrupted my previous thought as he pressed his cock midway inside me. He repeated this twice before pushing himself far. I bit my tongue, fighting the impulse to scream his name. He twisted his body around and slipped his hand under my body to grip my ass. He brought me forward while simultaneously pushing into me.

I cursed under my breath, allowing him the small satisfaction of making me explode... a little. He smirked and stared at me, waiting for me to completely come apart, but when I didn't something in his eyes changed. I hugged him closer and messed with his hair.

Suddenly, Jon started moving a little slower. He forced his free hand down south and tweaked my clit to the new, moderate pace. This only made it worse for me. Each motion caused more and more pleasure and desire for the finish line. I whispered, "What are you playing at?"

He chuckled as he rubbed my sweet spot, causing me to jerk forward. "You're so... set... on... waiting... me out... I'll just.. make you... wait longer..."

This killed me. Now I nearly begged for him to finish. I tugged at his hair as he calmly pushed on. "I give! Just go!" I whined. Jon's kiss on my neck turned into a smile at my request. I closed my eyes as he continued to move at the same pace and closed my eyes. "Harde-" He made his final effort and left me trembling and whimpering. I froze, back arched, breath caught, allowing Jon to drain himself inside me, simultaneously enjoying his own orgasm.

He soon let himself rest on top of me for a moment, protecting me from the cold, Chicago air. I was panting as he kissed my neck and pecked and nipped at my breasts, which I hadn't realized were somehow exposed. Where did my bra go? "Oh... my... God..." I breathed as I pet his hair.

Jon glanced up with a triumphant smile. "Next time, don't try and outlast me. You'll always lose." he teased, pecking me on the cheek.

I shook my head and moved my hand along his abs. He jerked backwards at my touch and let out a small chuckle. Ticklish spot. Remember that. "Competitive, much. Not fair, I have easy sensitive points." I tickled at Jon's stomach again.

"Okay, seriously, stop." he laughed as he backed away.

I questioned, propping myself up on my elbows. "What? Ticklish there, Captain?"

"N-no." he shook his head, attempting a serious face.

I reached forward with a smirk. "Alright, then come here." Jon reluctantly snuggled back up to me, but I tickled him in a surprise attack. Jon convulsed and laughed uncontrollably. "Who's losing now?" Stupid, persistent boy had to flip back on top of me and and attack my feet. He bent my leg towards him and gripped it tight, allowing him a perfect tickling opportunity. "Don't you d-"

He grazed his hand over my foot, just enough to make me giggle. "I'm sorry, what was that?"

"Jon! You-" Jon tickled some more. He beamed down, seeing me smiling and laughing. "I give, for good. You win forever." I breathed, lunging forward and hugging Jon. He chuckled and stroked a couple strands of hair from my face. After a minute, we both just looked at one another. We were naked... on a roof... outside... in Chicago... in November...

"Come on." Jon reluctantly gave me my clothes back. I, however, stole his shirt and tie and forced him to walk shirtless back to my place. He didn't mind and actually tied the tie around my head. We quietly snuck into my apartment to find Logan snoozing on the couch. I shook my head and laughed quietly, turning off the television which was on the Food Channel. Jon was kind enough to carry Logan to her room, and I tucked her in. Then, Jon and I hopped into my bed and snuggled together.

"Thanks for that... Logan would be way cranky if she slept on the couch all night..." I sighed, entangling my foot between his.

Jon nodded and smirked."No problem... So... how was the date?" He looked down at me with a flirtatious grin.

"Alright, I hung out with this really cute guy." I joked, smirking up at him.

He chuckled. "Right, sounds like an awesome dude."

"Yeah, but then we had sex and he was kind if disappointing..." I shot with an evil, playful glare.

Jon gave a childish frown. "Oh really..."

"Yeah... I was great though." I sat up in my comfy sweats and yawned, stretching my arms over my head. "I did all the work." I continued.

Jon yanked me back into his grasp and kissed me on the cheek. "Thats likely." he chortled. Jon gripped one of my hands and held it up to his, comparing the size. "Baby hands." he mocked as he bent the tops of his fingers over mine. I tried to fight back, but my hands were too small.

"Kaner's gonna flip... you know that, right?" I asked, closing my eyes.

He grumbled, "Nick's gonna flip, YOU know that, right?"

"LOGAN's gonna flip when she sees us in bed, you know that, right?" I countered.

Jon thought about this for a moment, looking up at the ceiling for God knows why. Eventually, he said, "Why don't we just ignore all of them." I rolled my eyes and stared into his. "Alright, maybe it wasn't the most realistic plan, but it was a plan..."

Jon traced his finger over my shoulder in circular and round designs. I closed my eyes and started to fall asleep. "You're real competitive, you know that?"

"It's one of my finer qualities..." he agreed, pecking my neck, not hard enough to affect me.

I questioned, after a yawn, "What are your bad qualities?"

"Stubbornness, seriousness, and anger I guess..." he responded, removing his finger from my shoulder to my hair. As he twirled a piece, Jon asked, "What about you?"

"I don't have any bad qualities, " I giggled, opening my eyes for a moment. I turned to see him staring at me. When we made eye contact, he didn't break it first, I did, purely for the intensity of his dark browns eyes. "You always stare at me."

"Another flaw, I can't take my eyes off of pretty things," he laughed.

I shook my head. "Yeah yeah yeah, such a charmer. Uh... I guess if I had any bad characteristics, it would be self-esteem, over-thinking, and intolerability for obnoxious and ignorant people." After the silence stretched on, I looked up at him to see him smile and start laughing.

"You are one interesting individual, Elle..." he sighed into my hair before he gave my head a kiss.

I lifted his enormous hand and traced the creases with one hand while I held it up with the others. He flinched at first, but soon grew accustomed to my touch. They were slightly calloused and rough. "Hands of a hard-worker... You know, you're the only one who calls me 'Elle' instead of 'Ellie'?"

He nodded. "I like it... is that okay?"

"Yeah, it's fine... it's different." I added, poking his thumb. His thumb poked back.

Jon took his hand away and placed it around my waist, laying on his side, looking at me. "So, refresh my memory, how long have you had a crush on me?" He was glowing.

I blushed again. Hate this topic. "That's off limits." I laughed. He pouted and whimpered, a rarity for Captain Toews, except for when he's around me. "You're so conceited, can't you just enjoy knowing that I like you now?"

"Come on, I think it's adorable." he pleaded.

I shrugged and frowned. "I don't know, I just watched you play through your rookie year and thought, yeah he's kind of cute. I kind of had to watch the games because of Kaner and Nick, but I did like watching you too... That's where it started, I guess, I just liked seeing you play, especially because you COULD play, and well, I might add." He smirked and I shook my head with a smirk. "Alright, is that good enough for now, big-head?"

"Yeah, that's fine..." he sighed, resting his head on my stomach.

I twirled his hair and countered, "Well, when did you first realize you had feelings for me."

"First day I saw you... but I only knew you from Kaner and Nick's description. I honestly wished I could dump her for you." he confessed. That is the only statement in which I will allow her to be spoken of.

I patted his head. "But that would be wrong..."

"Of course... but when I broke up with her, I thought about just bursting into your apartment and stealing you away from Logan and... well, doing what we did earlier, a couple times over." he sighed sheepishly.

I busted out laughing and patted his head again. "That probably would have been appreciated."

"You know I-"

Knock-Knock. Jon and I stared at one another and then glanced to the door of my room. "Uh... come in?" I called cautiously, biting my lip.

A groggy Logan stumbled in through the doorway, rubbing her eyes. "Who are you talking to? I heard voices... and how did I end up in my-" she began. Logan blinked her eyes open and then gasped at the sight in her best friend's bed room.

Jon popped his head up and smiled, waving at her. "Hey." he greeted.

"Hi, Logan." I smirked guiltily and looked down to Jon. Logan just looked from Jon to me and then back again a few times. Then, she closed her eyes, and backed out of my room, attempting to start a sentence every couple seconds but failing to locate the words. She closed the door and reentered, eyes completely open and awake. "Why, hi there, Logan."

She waved and plastered on a smile. "Hi Ellie, and Jon, and bed you are both in... together... right now... This is completely normal and I knew it was happening the whole time... obviously." she lied to herself.

"Right, totally." Jon chuckled as he rolled to his other side and buried his face into a pillow.

Logan shook her head and crossed her arms. "You guys didn't-"

Jon, not facing Loge, stuck a hand in the air, pointing upward, and answered excitedly, voice muffled, "Oh, but we did!" He let his arm drop and relaxed again

"Oooh! Can't wait to tell Kaner!" Logan rubbed her hands together in an evil-villan-type-way.

I whispered to Jon, "So much for keeping it a secret." Completely changing the subject, I turned back to Logan and questioned, "Right, Logan, so what about that hickey we were talking about earlier?" Jon's ears perked up and he flipped over to face Logan.

Her face went pale within a second's time. "Oh.. uh... I don't know what-" She readjusted her arms to cover her still red hickey. "you're talking about...."

"Spill it, you promised." I frowned at her, hoping it would gain some sympathy.

Logan rolled her eyes and then stared at Jon for a while. "Come on, Loge, you can trust me. I won't say a word about it if you don't want me to..." He patted the end of the bed friendlily. Reluctantly, she plopped her butt on the comforter and looked down to her lap. "Go ahead..."

"Well... during work today.. when I was making the blue-prints and what not for another event... I kind of... sort of... may have... possibly... I mean... there's a chance that... I... well, it wouldn't not be completely false to... believe that... I-I didn't intentionally or unintentionally become-" she rambled, buying some time.

"Logan! Spit it out, for my sake!" I groaned, throwing my hands back, theatrically.

"I hooked up with Kaner!" she blurted. Logan immediately flung her hands to her mouth and gasped as the silence ensued.

Jon stiffened, as did I. I couldn't look at her. How is this possible? I don't understand. They hate each other, with undeniable passions of dislike... right? I coughed to break the silence. "Gross..." Jon whispered teasingly, to break the tension.

Logan glared at him and smacked his head. "You promised you wouldn't say anything." she whined, covering his face with her hands.

"Circumstances change when Patrick Kane's name is mentioned." I laughed. Logan groaned. "Well... what do you mean 'hook up'? like just hook-up or HOOOOK-up?"

"Just hook-up..." Logan sighed, falling back on the bed.

"Well that's not so bad..." I commented, a little relieved. No sex. Praise the lord. There is a God!

Jon sat up and looked down at Logan. He immediately smiled and fell back. I turned to him and gave him a look. "That's not all there is to tell..." he huffed.

"What am I missing?" I questioned, tugging at Logan's elbow.

She grumbled boisterously and flipped onto her stomach. "Nothing!" she hissed. Jon poked her repeatedly in the shoulder and chuckled to himself. Did she tell him something? "No! No-I don't want to!" she growled in response to his prodding.

"Logan, what?" I repeated.

"I like him..." she nearly whispered like a middle-schooler.

No words came to mind to respond to this shocking news. "What the fuck?" Okay, except that... "When did this happen?"

"I don't know... he's been nice to me lately and... it kind of just happened..." Logan nearly whined.

"Do you think anything is going to happen between you two?" I asked, leaning forward. As I asked this, Jon snored. Finally, Logan now felt like she could talk without being interrupted or embarrassed by Jon.

She shrugged and sat up. "I don't know... I.... It's weird... I don't know if I want to..."

"Why not?" I pushed.

Logan confessed,"...'Cause I care about him too much."

"I don't get it..."

"You know very well I don't date people frequently and I enjoy the occasional fling... I could easily hurt him... it would be too easy, and it's not worth our friendship..."

I shrugged and smirked. "Maybe he could be a game-changer..." Logan gave me a look and the two of us laughed uncontrollably. "Alright, probably not, but who says he wants a real relationship? He enjoys...'the occasional fling' as well... but, you never know... you may actually like being with him..."

She shot me a skeptical look and scrunched her eyebrows together.

"He's really a good guy... deep down..."

Logan shook her head and yawned. "Whatever... I have a lot to think about I guess... I'm going to bed..." she stood from my bed left my room, and closed the door quietly, so as not to awaken the sleeping Jonathan.

I sighed and snuggled back into my spot and turned to see Jon's eyes slowly peer open. I gasped. "Nosey!" I lightly tapped his nose in response.

Jon just smirked and closed his eyes again. "I only heard a little...."

"How did you know that she liked Kaner?" I asked after a couple minutes of silence. I just sat there and watched him breath. It was interesting. He looked more like a well-oiled machine, pumping energy in and out of its system, rather than a guy... breathing.

He smiled, eyes still closed. "You had the same look on your face that one time we went out to dinner, a little bit before Logan blabbed that you had a crush on me..."

I shook my head and ruffled his hair. "Go to bed, Captain..." I yawned as I switched off the lamp and let my head rest on the pillow.

I awoke to silence. I rolled from my side of the bed to cuddle with Jon, only to feel a couple of pillows and a comforter. I sat up too quickly and had a head rush. Not again... Alone the morning after... I groaned and fell back onto my bed, ready to cry. I smacked my head a couple times. "Stupid... stupid... stupid..." I mumbled to myself.

"Morning, stupid..." Jon chuckled. I sat up again to see him standing in the doorway, holding two cups of coffee. "Want some coffee?" He set one cup on the bedside table next to me, put the other on the opposite bedside table, and slipped into bed.

"Morning..." I sighed, rubbing my eyes.

Jon smirked and pecked my cheek. "How'd you sleep?"

I shrugged. "Alright, you? When did you wake up?"

"Slept fine.. I woke up an hour ago...." He breathed, moving some of my messy hair from my face. "Watched you sleep for a bit."

My eyes flew open. "What did I say?" Sleep talking is my worst habit by far... I was desperately trying to remember the dream I had last night, hoping it was nothing too embarrassing.

"Nothing special... you just said 'penalty' and my name a whole bunch... then you giggled..." he explained.

The memory flooded back to me in vivid detail. Long story short, it involved Jon and me... at the United Center... and Jon in his hockey gloves and nothing else... "Oh... okay..."

"Yeah... so, why are you stupid?"

"No reason..." Jon gave me a look and I gave in. "I... I thought you were gone... when I woke up, I thought you left." He frowned and scrunched his eyebrows together in concentration. "I know... it's stupid..."

Jon scooted closer and wrapped his arms around me. "You honestly believed I would do that?" he grumbled incredulously. I shrugged. "I'm not like that... I promise."

"I know... I told you, it was stupid." I kissed his arms and rested my head on his chest. "So... what's on the agenda today?"

He shrugged. "Practice later this afternoon, but then, I'm free. Tomorrow I have practice, nap, warm-up, game. How about you?" Jon tipped my chin up playfully.

"Going with Dean to interview a couple Bulls basketballers, then recording the program for tomorrow, then I'm free until tomorrow." I replied, letting my eyelids drift close.

"So... when do you have to go in?" he questioned as he gave me a quick peck.

"Not for another two hours." I replied, glancing at the clock. Jon gave me a devilish grin and pinched my sides, forcing a squeal from my mouth. "Knock it off!" I whined. I sat up on the bed and gripped his wrists tightly. He pushed against my hands with mock-force until I gave in and let him wrap his arms around me yet again.

"I have an idea of how we could kill some time." he teased, giving my neck a light kiss.

Just as we had finished wrestling, the door burst open. Kaner was standing in the doorway with a more than surprised expression. "So it's true! You guys fucked!" he cackled and doubled over as his laughter consumed him. Within seconds, Jon was on his feet and chasing after Pat. I remained in the bed, covering my pink face with my hands. Why did it have to be breaking news that Jon and I had sex? Seriously, I was surprised I wasn't getting emails from people in Hong Kong asking me how it was...

Moments after Jon chased his friend from my room, Pat barged back in and hopped onto the bed next to me. He grinned at me and it took all of my will power not to let my fist permanently disfigure his face. "So..." Before he could continue, Pat was yanked from the bed by Jon. "Sorry! Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt!" he chuckled as Jon tackled him to the ground.

Jon stood up and left Kaner in a lump on the floor. "Asshole." he scoffed as he sat down on the edge of my bed.

Kaner sat on his knees and leaned on the bed. "When Logan said you guys were- well I..." Pat couldn't continue talking without laughing out loud. "Can I just say one thing?" Jon and i exchanged glances and sighed, waiting for the worst. "I told you so!" Pat jeered. I rolled my eyes and glared at him. Pat raised an eyebrow and grinned wider. "So... how was it?"

I blushed and sank deeper into the bed. Gripping the edge of the comforter, I brought it over my face to hide my embarrassment. Jon chuckled at me, but yelled at Pat. "Kaner!" He reached forward to hit him in the back of the head. "Shut up."

"Aw, I just wanted to get a rise out of her. So, you ready?" he questioned as he stood up, patting Jon's leg as he got to his feet. I uncovered my face and looked quizzically from boy to boy.

Jon wondered,"Wait... ready for what?"

Pat cocked his head to the side and shrugged casually. "Babysitting baby Sharp?"

Jon groaned and fell back. "Shit..." He flung a hand to his forehead and let his head hit the pillows.

"You didn't forget, did you?" Pat mumbled under his breath. I frowned at the lack of Jon-and-me time now sitting in front of me. "You did forget! And for once, I remembered!" Jon closed his eyes, blocking out the world. "Wait... I'm the responsible one? Something is wrong... You're not backing out on babysitting to hang here, are you Tazer?"

Jon sat up, annoyed with the sound of his friends voice. "No...." he growled.

"Good! Because there's no way I can handle a little runt all on my own. What if he like needs like... holding or something? Or like... what if he cries and stuff?"

I rolled my eyes and rested my head on Jon's shoulder. He chuckled, "First off, Madelyn is a girl, secondly, you can hold a baby on your own, and if she cries, you figure out what's wrong." Pat threw his hands in the air, exasperated. "You're ridiculous... but Patrick and Abby do need a day off..."

Jon looked to me and opened his mouth to apologize. I shook my head and smiled. "Go." I huffed. Jon smirked gave me a quick peck, and then rushed out of my room with Kaner, leaving me alone.

"He's so perfect!" I grumbled, falling back onto my bed. "Oof!" A heavy mass fell onto my stomach and my eyes flew open. "Logan! Get off" I violently shoved her off to the side.

"Talk!" she laughed uncontrollably. I hid under my covers, cheeks ablaze. "Oh, no you don't!" Logan yanked the covers down. "Tell me everything... Now!"

I attempted to get away from her, but even as I walked through the kitchen, scrounging up food, then returning to my bedroom for coffee, she trailed close behind, nagging me the whole time.

"Tell me."


"Tell me."




"I'l tell Nick..."

"I'll tell Nick..."

"About what?"

"You and Kaner!"

"That's different!"

"So what? I'll do it anyways..."

"Ugh... please?!"


"I'll do your laundry for a week."

"Two weeks."


And with that, I promptly gave in and gushed about everything: Paris, the dinner, after dinner... Logan was grinning from ear to ear as the story concluded. "Well, you have to do something for him in return... you realize that, right?"

"What do you mean?" I asked. Logan made an inappropriate gesture and I promptly slapped her in the back of the head. "I actually did that last time!"

"Last time?!" she screeched. Shit... "There was a last time?!"

I coughed and looked down. "I meant... I thought about it-"

"Elizabeth Teagan Bennett!" she screeched, slapping my arm.

I yowled in pain as my skin turned pink. "Bitch..." I mumbled as I rubbed the blotchy spot. "Talk." She commanded.

When I eventually told her everything, she was more than surprised. She gave me an expression that I had never seen before. "I-I... Who the fuck are you? Where's the real Ellie?" I shrugged and just stared at her. I was expecting a pat on the back or something. Instead, I got a, "Where did this come from?"

"It doesn't seem like me..." I huffed, awkwardly scratching my neck. Logan, mouth drooped open, just nodded her head silently. "I don't know! He's... he- Jon makes me... I-" I stumbled through my words, not able to finish any of the sentences I began.

Luckily, Logan finished them for me. "He makes you a cooler... better you... and you love him."

"What?! I-no. I don't- we hardly- No." I sputtered.

Logan gave me a skeptical look. "Yeah, okay... but you can't deny that he has changed you. You're more confident, you're more assertive, and more... crazy!"

I shook my head. "Maybe I changed a little bit, but it's not a bad thing..."

"No, of course not! It's... refreshing..." she laughed, smiling at me. "It's like a new Ellie."


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