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Here To Stay

Chapter 13

*Yo... I'm only saying this once.... SEX*
*True Story*.

The week and a half leading up to Christmas was interesting to say the least. Jon and I ran around a couple days and bought gifts for Logan, Nick, Kaner, our families and friends, and even a couple of the guys on the team. Jon, who wasn't seeing his parents this Christmas, created a gigantic present for them next time they came to visit, and he gave them a call. Turns out, they had planned on visiting relatively soon, so they would get the present not too long after the holidays.

I sent my parents Chicago souvenirs, which my mom was going to love, and a letter about how I was doing. Nick was getting a cool, futuristic looking sports watch; it was waterproof and green, Nick's favorite color. Kaner was getting a new miniature set of speakers because at his last party, he broke his. Logan was getting a cute pair of boots she mentioned wanting when we went shopping one day, as well as a necklace with her birthstone on it and her name engraved on the back.

I had done pretty well, in my opinion. I was still stuck on one person... Jonathan. I couldn't shop for him when he was with me, obviously, but even if I was alone, I couldn't think of anything to get him.

I asked Logan who stared at me and then left the room without an answer. Typical.

I asked Kaner who responded with, "....I could tell you, but it would risk putting myself in harms way. You won't like the answer and you'll probably think it's inappropriate." I hit him anyways for thinking whatever it was he was thinking.

I asked Nick too, who shrugged and smirked. "Anything you give him... I'd sure he'd love it."

Yeah... real touching... but not helpful in the slightest! I need something creative and awesome. Something that will let me out-do him on the relationship scale for once, because so far, he's been perfect and I've been a completely deranged bitch. Or at least, that's how I see it.

Eventually, I broke down and did the one thing I vowed I would never do. I broke the golden rule, in my book, regarding Christmas. Most people didn't care, but I did.

I bit my tongue hard before I said it. "Jon, what do you want for Christmas?" I asked one day as he was driving me back from a major shopping adventure. Jon looked at me and smirked, then returned back to the road. "I'm being serious for once, you ass!" I slapped his shoulder playfully.

He rolled his eyes and glanced at me for a second. "Elle, you know me well enough now to know that, even if I DID want something for Christmas, I wouldn't tell you because it's not necessary. You're company is-"

"Yeah yeah, I'm great company, I get it. In all honesty, what do you want?" I pressed. Jon laughed at my forcefulness. "Why won't you take me seriously? Christmas is the time of year where I can actually pay you back for your kindness these past few months, and you won't tell me anything? Not even a hint?"

Jon shrugged. "First off, we're even for favors, okay? Clean slate. And secondly, Christmas isn't about presents, it's about spending time with one another and being thankful and about God and Jesus, for those who believe in the Bible. Can't we focus on just being happy together?" I gazed at him long and hard. He chuckled as I scrutinized him. "What?"

"There were words coming out of your mouth, but they didn't make any sense to me... I'm trying to figure out if you were raised right or if you are just trying to impress me." Jon shook his head and kept driving, ignoring my comment. "Captain Perfect is more like it..." I mumbled under my breath.

After what seemed like a couple hours, Christmas was here. Christmas eve, to be exact. Nick and Logan had gone to visit their family back home, Kaner decided to hang out with Carcillo and Stalberg, and Jon and I had his apartment to ourselves.

I dressed in a knee-length red dress, heels, a necklace, and my hair up in a pretty braid-bun. Jon was wearing a black dress shirt, black dress pants, and a green tie. When I walked into his apartment, I was surprised to find a beautifully decorated living room. There was a tree in the corner, decorated with multi-colored ornaments, and lights. the coffee table had a couple candles and some holly on it. There were stockings hanging on the wall, because they didn't have the fire place.

"You and Kaner decorated all this?" I asked with a skeptical grin.

Jon closed the door behind me and smiled. "Actually, all the guys helped out. The ones that live alone or with a teammate usually come here, put their presents under the tree, and then we celebrate Christmas a couple days after the 25th. Most guys travel back home, but when they come back, we do a secret santa and share some gifts."

"That's so cute!" I cheered, clapping my hands. I turned to see Jon glaring at me. "I mean... manly... very manly." I tried with a deeper, more gruff tone.

He chuckled, "Yeah, couple years back, coach thought we needed more bonding with all the new players... this was his idea. Works out I guess... So, ready for dinner?"

I nodded and smiled as Jon took my hand and lead me into the 'dining room' which had been hidden from me until now. It wasn't anything huge, but nice considering they lived in an apartment. It was complete with candles and holly and a couple Santa and snowmen trinkets. "Nice, what are we having?" I asked as I sat down in the nearest chair.

Jon sat down and pointed to all the plates on the table. "So, this is the turkey, here is some mashed potatoes, some sweet potatoes, bread rolls, asparagus, gravy, hollandaise sauce, and some corn."

I gasped at all the food. "You cooked all this?" Jon passed me some turkey which I thankfully placed on my plate.

He cackled, startling me. "No. I may be a gentlemen, but I'm not that great. I found a restaurant that will make Christmas dinner for you, all you have to do is pick it up." I rolled my eyes. Okay, so he is human. "But, it is supposed to have a great reputation and-" Jon was passing me some potatoes when he heard a knock at the door. He froze and looked at me. I shrugged and stared back. He met me with a shake of his head before standing up to go see who it was.

I followed closely behind, curious as well. "You expecting someone?" I asked, Jon shook his head as he looked through the peep-hole. Jon stiffened as he backed away from the door.

"No... but uh... we have some unexpected guests...." I gave him a puzzled look and he nodded at the door. I inched closer and checked the hole. On the other side of the door was an adult couple holding a couple large bags. They looked insanely familiar, but I couldn't place the faces. When I looked at Jon with the same confused look, he explained, "Elle, those are my parents...."

My smile couldn't be wider. "Well, let them in!" Jon glared at me, probably knowing exactly what I was thinking. He shook his head, so i opened the door for them. They were surprised at first, but Mrs. Toews was quick to accept the turn of events.

"Hi!" She raced forward and gave me a full on mom hug, something I missed a lot recently. I laughed, returning the hug. Mrs. T let go and then moved onto Jon whom she hugged and kissed repeatedly on the cheek. "Hi honey!"

As Mr. Toews gave me a less enthusiastic hug, Jon moaned, "Mom! Please." She backed away rolling her eyes as she and Mr. Toews walked into the living room to make themselves comfortable. Jon looked at me and mouthed the word 'See'. I smirked and joined his parents in the living room, plopping my butt in a chair. "Uh... Mom... Dad... what are you doing here?"

Mrs. Toews glanced into the dining room and frowned. "Oh... you two were going to have dinner together.. alone, weren't you..." Jon sighed and sat in the other chair. "I'm sorry- we didn't-"

"No no! There's plenty of food! Besides, the more the merrier, right Jon?" I asked. Jon gave a nod and an attempt at a smile which came out to be a grimace instead. "It will be fun."

Mr. Toews sighed and he looked remarkably like Jon just then, with a slightly less intense serious demeanor. "We really appreciate it, Elizabeth. Our house is being renovated and... it's not the nicest looking place to spend Christmas right now-" I was a little surprised to hear Mr. Toews using my name considering we had not been formally introduced.

"And, we just had to meet Jon's new girlfriend! He never stops talking about you." Mrs. Toews beamed, looking to the two of us.

Jon blushed a bright shade of pink and immediately looked to his feet. "Seriously Mom?" It was amazing how fast Mrs. T could embarrass him when it took me months to accomplish the task. Mom's are just skilled I guess...

"Oh really?" I asked with a smirk.

Jon's Mom smiled as she turned to me. "Yes, of course. He cares a lot for you-but you must already know that, since you are dating him." she giggled as she stood up.

"Yeah..." I turned to Jon who was shamelessly staring at me. "I do...."

Mr T. stood up too. "Right, well, It was a long trip and I am starving, so, shall we eat?"

Jon got up and brought two more chairs to the table. He and I sat next to one another at the table, leaving the other side for Mr. and Mrs. T. Two extra plates and place mats were set aside for them as well before we began to eat.

"What was up with your last game, eh?" Mr. T teased as he took some turkey and put it on his plate. "Couldn't manage a goal?"

Jon laughed and smiled, a genuine and rarely seen smile. "Yeah, sorry, I was too tied up, holding off a defender so that Kaner could score..." he jibed as he took some potatoes.

They joked back and forth for ten minutes, and I was content watching it all unfold. It was interesting to see the different sides of Jon. There was Jon with the guys, Jon with his family, and Jon with me. I loved seeing each one make an appearance, even for just a moment.

Mrs. T eventually interrupted the mini argument for far more important reasons. "Boys, stop it. Save the nonsense for later, okay? Now, Elizabeth, what do you do career-wise?"

"Oh, well I used to do the sports segments on Channel 8 News, but I was recently picked up by the Blackhawks organization and they signed me as one of their reporters. I'm on during the intermissions, analyzing the games and such." I rambled.

She nodded and I could see her eyes grow wider as I continued on. "Wow, do you have a hockey background at all? Or just a love of sports? I mean, it's not as common to see women reporting on sports, especially hockey."

I smiled a little and shoveled some asparagus onto my platter. "Well, I grew up with Patrick Kane and Nick Wright, so they kind of had something to do with it."

"Really? Were you guys neighbors or-" she questioned, letting her sentence drop as she took a bite of her food.

I gave a half-shrug and took a sip of my wine. "Well, I was neighbors with Nick and his family, and I was best friends with his sister Logan. Our families became close because Logan and I were with each other all the time, and before I knew it, I was roped into going to the boys' games and playing street hockey with them."

"You played?" Mr Toews chuckled skeptically.

I laughed and grinned across the table at him. "Well... not exactly. It was more like whenever the rest of the boys on the street were busy but Nick and Pat wanted to play, they dragged us in for their personal practice. It consisted of Logan and I... we put on goalie gear that was several sizes too big... and we took turns standing in net, waiting for them to shoot at us."

"Sounds like loads of fun for you girls." Mrs. Toews giggled.

I shrugged. "I didn't mind so much, because it gave me an excuse to hang with the guys... I was kind of a tom-boy growing up. But, Logan, she'd argue otherwise, especially since she was the one that ended up with all the bruises." The Toews family laughed heartily at my story, pausing from their delicious dinner.

Once we all quieted down, Jon commented, "I didn't know you were a tom-boy..."

I turned to him and smirked. "Yeah, well... there's a lot that you don't know about me, Captain Serious." Mr. and Mrs. T stared at me like I was a mad woman. after my response. "What?" I asked innocently.

Mr. toews gazed at me quizzically and inquired, "He lets you call him that?"

I looked to Jon then back to his parents. "Yeah... it's his team nickname, right? It's kind of catchy, so why not."

"He hates it." Mrs. Toews explained.

I glanced at Jon. "Really?" Jon reluctantly nodded. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"It's not a big deal... and it's not as bad when you say it I guess." he elaborated. "Seriously, don't worry about it." Mrs. Toews was sparkling with her smile, that reminded me of Jon, when I turned back around. I didn't exactly know why, but I didn't question it either.

The meal went on with embarrassing stories about Jon and his childhood. To keep him sane, though, I divulged a few tyke tales form when I was a kid too. It felt like a couple minutes had passed when in actuality, it was eight thirty, over two hours after dinner started. I was about to stand up to clear the table when Mr. and Mrs. Toews stood up and announced their departure.

"It was lovely meeting you, Elizabeth. I'll be looking out for you on tv." she goodbye-d as she walked over to my side of the table and gave me a squeeze. "Keep Jon out of trouble for me." she teased as I stood up, confused.

"It's more the other way around." Jon countered quietly as he gave his dad a handshake-hug thing.

I backed out of Mrs. T's hug and stared at her with a frown. "You're leaving? I thought you two were going to stay the night. Nobody else is going to be in the apartment anyways-"

"How sweet. Thank you, honey, but we have a couple friends in Chicago that we promised to visit. Besides, you two should enjoy the night without two old people in your way." she laughed as she collected her purse and jacket from the living room.

Mr. Toews gave me a small hug and smiled. "Old? Speak for yourself. I still got it." Mr. T did this funny walk as he joined his wife in the living room to get his coat. It was a classic 50's cool-kid-greaser stride, but ended short because his hip started hurting him.

I didn't realize how close Jon was until he said. "Dad... seriously?" I shoved him playfully and followed his parents to the door. Jon did the same and opened the door for them. Mrs. Toews gave him a few more pecks before finally exiting the apartment, unlike Mr. Toews who simply walked out with a wave.

Jon and I spent the next half an hour cleaning up and putting away the leftovers. He couldn't resist flicking the sudsy water in the sink at me several times during the process. Eventually, we got it done, and when we did, we collapsed onto his couch.

"That was certainly not how I expected the night to go." Jon sighed as he rested his head on my stomach. I ran my fingers through his hair as he heaved another sigh.

I smirked down at the almost-sleeping-Toews. "So I take it you aren't the best host then?" Jon stuck his tongue out at me. "I like your parents." I twirled a piece of his hair that stuck up in the front.

"They loved you." He blinked his eyes open and looked at me, waiting for my reaction.

I grinned. "How do you know?"

"My mom's smile? I know you noticed it." he laughed, letting his eyes rest again.

I poked his cheeks in hopes of rendering the same smile from his lips. It didn't work. "Yeah... it reminds me of you."

"Well, she smiles a lot, but that particular smile is one that not very many people see. Take it as a major compliment. If she's happy like that, then she more than approves of you." he yawned, grabbing the hand that poked his cheek.

I wrenched it free and went back to fiddle with his hair. "I'm glad... So... you talk about me a lot?"

Jon opened his eyes and glared at me. "Elle... don't-"

"I just want to know what you said!" I laughed as he sat up.

He shook his head. "You have a big enough head already." Jon's smirk grew wider as my frown became more pronounced. "It's safe to say I did not plan for this conversation either."

That caught me attention. I was interested enough that I forgot my last topic. "Right, well, what exactly did you have planned for the evening, Jonathan?" I was grinning at the thoughts swirling around in my head.

Jon smirked and shook his head. "Trust me, not what you think, Bennett."

"Try me."

"You're right... this is not what I thought." I agreed.

About ten minutes after my last conversation, I found myself watching a handful of old christmas movies with Jon in the living room, both in pajamas. We snuggled under mounds of blankets, eating cookies and drinking coffee to stay awake (why, I don't know).

"Told you..." he chuckled. Jon looked down at me as he cradled me in his arms. "Why, what were you expecting, exactly?" I laughed and blushed at the thought again. "Get your mind out of the gutter, Elle."

I ribbed, "Yeah, yeah, Rosie." One of the stories Jon's parents told was how Jon liked a girl in kindergarten and he wanted to impress her. He wanted to bring her roses, but all he could find was a rare plant that he happened to be allergic to. When he walked up to the girl, he was sneezing until his face went red. The little girl was somewhat impressed, because that day, her teacher took her to the nurse's office to say hi to Jon. Unfortunately, Jon sneezed right in her face. "Such the romantic." I joked.

His face grew red with a mix of anger and embarrassment. "Hey, you're going out with this romantic. How about I sneeze on you, eh?" Jon squeezed me tighter, predicting my attempt at escape. Jon tickled me relentlessly on the couch. He and I wrestled around for a couple minutes until I fell onto the floor.

I sat up and growled at him. "As I said, such a romantic..." Jon hid a sheepish grin as best as he could when I climbed back onto the couch, on the other side of it. He slowly scooted closer until we were together again, and I didn't mind.

The two of us fell asleep that night to an old Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer movie and awoke to the cold, wintry, white Chicago christmas in the morning. I woke up before Jon did. I was lying on top of him, completely hogging the blanket. I smirked as I stood up, careful not to wake him up. I took the blanket and placed it over his relaxed body. He didn't look half as intimidating as usual with his eyes close, drool dripping, and hair messed up.

I quickly and quietly skipped into the kitchen and went to work making breakfast. Actually, it was the breakfast of champions: hot chocolate, coffee, and a variety of cookies. I brought everything into the living room and placed it on the coffee table while I waited for Jon to wake up.

I looked over at the Christmas tree which now had an abundance of presents under it. A couple were for Jon, most from me. Others were for Kaner and some other teammates. I knew that a couple were for the Sharps and that Jon and I were invited for a 'real' christmas dinner, on Christmas night. Our Christmas Eve dinner was more just something for Jon and I to do so we could have some time alone.

I walked over to the tree and picked up one of his presents. It was a smaller box with pretty green wrapping paper and a red bow. I went to sit back down when I heard some of the pillows brush up against each other. I turned to the couch to see Jon yawning and stretching, eyes still closed. I snuck over to him and kneeled by the couch with the present in hand.

Jon blinked open to see me a couple inches from his face. I gave him a light kiss and smiled. "Merry Christmas, Jon." I handed him the small box and waited for him to open it.

He beamed at me. "Merry Christmas. It's nice to wake up and see your face." Jon leaned forward for another kiss, but I blocked my face with the present. Jon chuckled as he sat up straight on the couch. "What is this?" He sluggishly took the present from my hand while simultaneously rubbing his eyes.

"Open it." I laughed, pushing it at him.

Jon shook his head as he cautiously untied the bow around the box. He glanced up to see the coffee table filled with my Christmas snacks. He chuckled, waking up somewhat. "What's this? Hearty Breakfast?" I rolled my eyes and handed him a hot chocolate. Jon took a sip and sighed. "My compliments to the chef."

"Thank Nestle Hot Chocolate packets." I joked as I slid myself onto the couch.

Jon set his cup down and began tearing at the wrapping paper until the white box was visible. There's nothing better than the feeling of opening a present; it's classic and it never gets old. Jon was trying to show disappointment in my showering him with gifts, but I could see it in his eyes that he was excited to get to the box and see what I had gotten him.

When he did open the box, he was smiling, which made me excited. Jon took out the watch and examined it. It was a completely black and sleek, and the actual face of the watch was an LED screen which showed the date and time in red. "Aww... this is so cool." Jon started pressing buttons and playing around.

"Hold on!" I laughed. I took the watch from him and held it away. "The settings are already set. But watch." I clicked a button and the numbers blinked away. Soon, there was a message rolling across the screen, like one you would see at the bottom of a news broadcast or sports channel. It read 'Merry Christmas, Jon! :)' I handed it back to him and he gaped down at it in his hand.

"Wow, Ellie, that's so awesome. Thank you, really." He leaned over to me and gave me a deep, forceful kiss, pushing me back into the couch. I bit his lip to shorten it. "Ouch! What?" he chuckled.

I rolled my eyes. "Read the inside, ya weirdo." Jon flipped over the watch and looked at the inscription. To the best friend I know, on and off the ice. Jon smirked and dove back into the kiss. I was tempted to ask the guy at the store to have it say I love you, but I thought it was kind of soon, and I didn't throw around the word all willy-nilly. Plus, it seemed a little cheesy to me.

"Wait here." Jon smiled against my mouth. He backed away as he slid the watch onto his wrist and fastened it shut. It fit him pretty well. Jon stood up and jogged into his room. "Close your eyes." He called from inside. I put my hands over my eyes, but kept a couple fingers splayed just enough so that I could catch a glimpse on the room. "No peaking!" He joked. I groaned and did as I was told.

He was rummaging for something in his closet I assumed and stumbled out with a thud. "Keep 'em closed. Almost there." He jogged into the living room and I felt the couch move as he plopped down next to me. "Alright, open, Chief."

I removed my hands to see a big brown box with a bow on top. I glared at him. "Jon-" I began in a disapproving tone.

"Just open it. So, I messed up the bet. Get over it. You didn't actually think I was going to ditch your presents." he laughed, placing the light box on my lap.

I gasped at him, my eyebrows furrowing even more than they were before. "You-you agreed you wouldn't buy me anything!" I scolded. My hands were secretly burning with curiosity regarding the contents of the box.

Jon shook his head and pointed a finger at me. "No, technically I said that I would not buy anything for you from that point on if I lost... you said nothing about me buying you anything before hand. And besides, not all of it is bought."

"How many did you buy?!" I was astounded that he outsmarted me like that. It wasn't that he wasn't smart enough to do it, but I had firmly believed I had won this fight! "This is not fair."

Jon rolled his eyes, still smiling. "Elizabeth Teagan Bennett, you open that present. It's rude to reject someone's gift!"

I glared at him before I took off the bow and opened the box. I knew it was clothing of some sort before I opened the box because of this thinness and its lightness. I took out the tissue paper and pulled out the best present I had ever gotten. Not even just because of what it was, but because of what it meant and who it was from.

I fall back on the couch laughing when I caught sight of it. "Jon... you're too perfect," I giggled as I took the black and orange jersey and held it in front of me. "Sucked up your pride?" I laughed as I scrutinized the Flyers symbol on the Winter Classic jersey. "It's really nice, thank you." I put it back down in my lap and moved to give Jon another kiss when he pulled a 'me' and held the top of the box in front of his face. "What?"

"You didn't look at the best part." Jon scooted next to me and flipped the jersey over so that we were looking at the back of it. I laughed even harder at the number ten and the name Schenn spelled at the top of it. I fell into him and slapped him playfully. "Yeah, does it make up for that stupid shirt we burned? Now you can have a stupid jersey."

I hit him harder. "It's not stupid, it's perfect." I looked down at it, tracing the outline of the number one with my fingers. They soon fell on some black writing that I missed. When I got closer, I saw that there was a message on the jersey in marker. "What's this?" I asked, glancing up at Jon who shrugged with a hint of a smirk. I stared back down at the words to see exactly what they said.

Hey Elizabeth, I hear your a big fan. Thanks for the support. It takes guts to be a proud Flyers fan in the windy city. Hang tough though. My next goal is for you! Thank you again

-Brayden Schenn

I sat there on the couch, speechless, for what seemed like days. "Ellie?" Jon pinched me lightly when my grip on the jersey grew tighter. "You okay?" he chuckled. I answered with the biggest and tightest hug I could give. "I take it you like it then, eh?"

He wrapped his arms around me as well, keeping me close. "Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" I cheered into his neck. "How did you even get it?"

Jon just looked at me like I was insane. "I have a couple connections. Next time they come, he agreed to come say hi if you wanted." I gave him a skeptical look. "What? You're welcome." he chuckled, letting me go completely.

"I didn't expect that from you... you hate the flyers, and from what I can tell, you don't like Brayden Schenn either. And you're kind of protective. Yet, you're letting Brayden and Schenn and I hang out alone?" I teased with a raise of an eyebrow.

He laughed as if it was an insane question. "Yeah, no, you guys aren't spending any time alone. And, I don't hate him or his team. I just can't like them when Playoffs roll around. I can't really like them during the regular season either, but I respect them, because they play well and they're not stupid.... usually. Oh, and Danny's not such a bad guy and he played for them so... And besides.... even if I hated them, I would have put up with it because you like them." I had to stop myself from crying because Jon was being such a sap, and it was Christmas for God's sake. "Don't cry... seriously, don't."

I shook my head and giggled at my own emotional self. "Sorry." I sniffled. "I just really liked that response."

He smirked. "I told you I could be romantic."

"Yeah, well, you just out-did me completely. Nothing I bought you is as awesome as this." I sighed, gazing down at the jersey.

"It's the thought that counts. Besides, I've told you several times, I don't need gifts." he reminded me with a smirk.

I shrugged as I went back to the tree and snuck out another gift. It was blatantly obvious what it was, so much so, that Jon tried his best to stifle laughter as I handed it to him. "Well, you are a hockey player. I got what I thought hockey players would want."

"Gee... I wonder what it could be?" He chuckled as he unwrapped the hockey stick-shaped present. I rolled my eyes as he cleared the paper and examined it. "Wow... this is really nice- and its Bauer's newest model." He smiled at me. "Can't wait to test it out."

I winced, "Are you sure it's okay? I mean, I know you like Bauer, but I didn't know if you liked that specific one-"

He stood up and placed the blade of the stick on the floor. He pushed on it to see how much give it had before flipping it around and scrutinizing the blade up close. "It's great. I was actually going to get it and test it out myself, but now I don't have to. Thanks." Jon sat back on the couch, scooted closer and gave me a quick hug.

"You're welcome. Glad I got something worth while." I hugged him back. I rested my head on his neck and just sat like that. Jon kissed the side of my neck that was exposed up and down several times. I squirmed away, laughing at his touch. He smiled against my skin and gave me another kiss.

I jerked away and grabbed his head with my hands. Jon stared at me and I stared right back, refusing to break first. He smirked and furrowed his brows at me. I raised my eye brows and slowly dropped my hands to his chest. "So... what do you want to do until dinner with the Sharps?" Jon questioned with a flirtatious grin.

I winked and sprinted for his room like my life depended on it. I heard his footsteps trail after me as I grabbed his Christmas-y tie that was lying on the ground and playfully tied it around my head. Just as I finished the knot, I felt a pair of hands scoop me up around my waist and throw me onto his bed. "Oof-hi." I laughed as I reached forward and pushed Jon mockingly off of me.

He smiled. "Hi... uh, can I have my tie back?" Jon moved to take the tie and I dodged his hand. "Really?"

"You have to work for it," I teased, sticking my tongue out at him.

Jon shook his head and smiled. I tugged his shirt and brought him closer, allowing him to kiss me. I moved my hands to his hair and encouraged him while playing with a few strands. Jon cupped and carefully stroked my breasts with one hand. I moaned softly into his mouth as he jokingly bit my lip.

He concluded the kiss, before I had liked. I opened my eyes, confused, to find Jon dangling the tie directly in front of my face. I tapped my head, realizing the tie was no longer there. I gasped and crossed my arms over my chest, astonished. He shrugged, "What can I say? I'm a hard worker." Jon chuckled quietly as he got closer for another kiss.

I reached forward again to rid Jon of his shirt only to feel Jon pinning both my hands to the pillows above my head. I let them rest there as our tongues danced together in happy unison. I felt a tug on my wrists and my eyes flung open again. I glanced up to see Jon had tied my hands to the headboard. I gasped. "Jon!" He certainly is fast with his fingers.

He smirked evilly as he rid himself of his shirt and pants and soon helped me do the same. "What?"

"Uh, I was not aware this was part of the plan." I giggled nervously. I yanked my hands against the tie but nothing changed. I don't know that I like this...

Jon shook his head as he carefully slipped his fingers between my lacy white panties. "I really like these...." he sighed.

"I know." I laughed as I twisted my hips in protest. "What's going on?"

He chuckled,"Trust me?" Jon slowly dragged my underwear down over my hips.

"Not at all." i scoffed, rolling my eyes.

Jon crept forward and gave me a peck on the cheek before sliding down to my chest area. He tore the old tee-shirt of his I wore, completely turning me on as the shirt made a loud "Riiiiiip!". Jon placed both of his hands on my breasts and slowly massaged them. I closed my eyes as he felt me up, slowly becoming more aggressive.

He moved his hands to my waist and brought his cool tongue to my chest. He then traced his was down my stomach with his tongue the whole way. I know he was trying to be serious and sexy but it tickled and I was fighting the urge to laugh.

Jon moved his hands so that they had a firm grip on my ass and lifted my lower body up so that is was aligned perfectly with his mouth. He licked my wet, throbbing slit teasingly, forcing me to jerk forward. He spread my legs farther apart and probed my g-spot with his tongue. I squealed at the pressure. He roved over it gingerly, back and forth.

"Oh Jon...." I huffed breathlessly as he toyed with it again. Jon moved up and sucked on my clit, causing me to scream his name louder. "Don't stop." He complimented his tongue with his fingers, as was normal, reaching far into my slit. I unintentionally groaned as he established a rhythm. He practically kissed my peach and had me mentally begging for an orgasm.

"Wait for me..." he whispered. I opened my eyes to see Jon moving up on top of me. He slowly pressed his throbbing hard-on inside me. I groaned as he pushed forward, fingers still lingering inside me. He drew back.

"Thanks for joining me." I laughed. I moved to grab his face but remembered I was tied up. I shook my head as he pushed himself into my sweet spot, making me lose my breath. Jon took note of his because he moved back and dove back in twice as hard, hitting the target with full force. I whimpered his name quietly with a smirk as my eyes shut. I couldn't bare looking at his beautiful body and not be able to touch any of it

He slid himself out and pushed back in again. "No problem. I like being up here." He chuckled breathlessly as he switched gears and grabbed my ass again. He gave it a pinch, making me laugh before he pushed me up to meet him as he finally dove back as hard as he could. I couldn't help but scream, "OhGod!" Jon wailed as he came, letting his body rest in a hump on top of mine.

The two of us laid there, a tangled mess, as we regained control of our breathing. The fireworks sensation that radiated throughout my lower region slowly evaporated. Jon let his head sit just below his neck; he kissed and pecked my chest leisurely. I reached forward involuntarily to pet Jon's head only to shake the headboard and have it hit the wall.

Jon jerked his head up at my restrained hands and smirked. He chuckled, "You don't like being restrained, eh, Chief?"

I glanced up and scowled at my tie. "Don't get me wrong, it's been fun, but I hate not being able to use my hands."

He shrugged and pecked my neck. "I don't know... I like having the power in these situations." Jon grinned. "I like making you squirm."

"You're so evil." I giggled. "Now, untie me!" I hissed, desperately trying to undo the knot.

Jon frowned and shook his head. "That's no way to get what you want Elle. You catch more flies with honey-"

I rolled my eyes. "Alright, fine, what do I have to do to get free?"

He raised an eyebrow. "I have a couple ideas." Already a step ahead of him, I looked down Jon's still hard cock as it hung by his thy. "Still wasn't the most convincing plea I've heard." Jon chuckled.

I huffed. "Oh please, Captain Toews, I'll do anything I have to to get out of these cuffs." I jerked my hands to emphasize my point.

He pressed his lips to mine. "Oh really? LIke what, exactly?"

"Well, I've heard I'm pretty good... with my mouth." I licked my tongue around my lips in an "O" and winked at him. Jon fell next to me cackling at my feeble attempt at being 'sexy'. "I tried, okay."

Jon shook his head. "No, you are so absolutely sexy, sorry, continue."

"I could... help you.. relieve some tensions..." I sighed. "Anything for freedom."

He was still laughing. It was his damn fault in the first place! If I had my hands, I would have hit him, but I just kneed him in the stomach instead.

Jon smirked, sat on his knees, and brought his dick to my face. I wrapped my lips around the tip of his cock and licked it playfully. Jon groaned and put his hands on my head to encourage me. I leaned forward and pushed his cock further back into my throat. I sucked on his shaft and licked the perimeter like a lollipop. "God Elle..... keep-"

I grazed his shaft with my teeth and got a moan from him again. I moved my mouth up and down his shaft, tracing it with my tongue. I sucked his cock and pushed myself on him harder and harder. He grunted with each push until he finally came. The liquid seeped into my mouth and down my throat as I licked his head clean.

Jon shook his head and fell backward, breathless. I laughed as he regained his breath and calmed down. "My... God...." I smirked as he sluggishly sat back up and untied my hands from the headboard. I lunged forward and moved my hands over his abs and his ass. "Whoa!" he coughed with a smirk.

I traced the outline of each ab and squeezed his butt playfully. "You don't know how badly I've been waiting to do that." I giggled as I sunk on top of him. "I gotta say.... that was fun...."

Jon kissed the top of my head and tickled my ears with his fingers. I giggled and looked up at him. "Merry Christmas..." he whispered. Right then, Jon gave me the biggest grin I had ever seen. I thought I was that special girl who saw Jon smiling like really smiling all the time while most saw his captain exterior, but I realized that this wasn't true. Similar to his mom, he had one of the most sincerest smiles anyone could imagine, and if you were lucky enough to catch it, it meant that you were indeed special. This was one of them.

I smirked back and sighed, "Merry Christmas Jon." I leaned in and gave him a long kiss. In fact, it would have lasted longer if the house phone didn't ring. Jon didn't even move to answer it, just pulled me into him. Still, seconds later, we both froze at the sound erupting from the answering machine after the obnoxious 'beep'.

"Hey, Jon... I know you're home. I don't know what you and Ellie are- actually, I don't want to know. But we thought you two were going to come and help prepare dinner and-just get out of the fucking bed and come over-" Patrick Sharp's voice boomed over the speakers.

Moments later, Mrs. Sharp could be heard berating him for his language. "Pat! Madelyn is in the other room!"

"Sorry! Look, just hurry up yah lazy bums, its Christmas. Alright, see you soon." With that, there was a click and the voicemail concluded.

Jon and I exchanged frantic looks as we glanced at the clock which read 2:37 p.m. "Shit!" I squealed as I leapt from the bed and scurried around the room, gathering the clothes I had set aside for that night. "We're so late! We're so so so sooooooosososo late!" I gasped as I slipped into another nice dress.

He was right behind me, hopping into some dress pants and a nice shirt. "How did that much time pass?" he questioned incredulously as he tripped putting his socks on. "We were supposed to be there half an hour ago... AND we forgot to go to the grocery store for some supplies. I'm so dead-"

"It's okay, it's okay... I mean, it's Christmas, right? Nothing could be better." I insisted. As Jon and I raced to his car, we made a quick list of things the Sharps wanted us to pick up. Once at the grocery store, we split up and gathered all the groceries they needed in a record ten minutes. We miraculously made it to their house at 3:15 p.m.

I knocked on the door and put on a big smile as we waited for the Sharps to let us in. We had bags and bags of groceries in our hands, just waiting to be turned into a delicious meal. I tapped my foot nervously as I waited for the door to open.

"Elle!" Jon gasped. I looked at him with a puzzled look to see him staring at my neck. I didn't know what was on it or what was wrong because i couldn't exactly see it so I glared at him. "Your neck! You have a hickey." he whispered.

"What?!" I groaned. We were so close. SO CLOSE to making it to this dinner without any problems. "I have to-" Just then, I heard footsteps coming from the other side of the door. Thinking quickly, I threw my hand to the side of my neck awkwardly just in time to have Mrs. Sharp open the door.

"Hey, guys. Way to be fashionably- Elle, what's wrong with your neck?" she asked as she moved from the doorway and welcomed us in. Karma... I suddenly regretted making fun of Logan and her hickey.

Jon and I walked to the kitchen to put the bags down, me keeping my hand on my neck as subtly as I could. "Oh... well, I-I just slept kinda funny, you know? So now my neck is stiff. Oh, and Merry Christmas!" I charged forward and gave her a one armed hug. She laughed as she walked over and hugged Jon as well.

"I'm glad you guys could make it." She sighed as she let go and began un-bagging the groceries. Seconds later, Pat walked in, smiling. "Hey guys, way to show up late." he chuckled. Jon and Pat hugged, but when Pat moved to me, he glared at me. "What's wrong with you? Did Jon beat you up or something?"

I shrugged. "I slept weird... Stiff neck. Merry Christmas!" I gave him a one armed hug too. "Well, if you'll excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom." I casually took out some makeup, just enough to cover up the pink and red mark on my neck when Pat grabbed the arm that was stuck to my neck.

"I don't believe that for a second." he chortled, bringing me back to my spot. Jon threw a hand to his face and mumbled something like 'so close' as Pat gingerly removed my hand from my neck. I winced as if in pain as the blotchy mark was fully exposed. "Whoa! Would'ya' look at that!" he chuckled.

Mrs. Sharp bent over laughing. "So, that's why you two were late."

"It's not like that-" Jon began, face reddening.

I let my hand drop as I blushed in embarrassment. "Uh.... we...." I sputtered, unable to find the right words.

"You two were just having a whole bunch of fun, hmm?" Pat chuckled as he lightly patted me on the back. "It's Christmas, I wouldn't expect anything less."

I shook my head and looked to Jon who was sheepishly smiling at the ground. I glanced at Abby who was grinning and shaking her head as she threw away some plastic bags. "Um... well, we left the presents in the car so... I'll go get them-" I coughed awkwardly, beginning to smile myself.

I made it to the car when I felt a hand on my shoulder. Expecting Jon, ready to console me and laugh about the entrance we made, I was surprised to find Patrick standing over me. "You can't get away that easy, Ellie." he teased as he helped me grab the bags and boxes from the trunk. "Hope you're not too embarrassed."

I shook my head as I strung more bags onto my arms. "I'm pretty embarrassed. You couldn't let me hide in the bathroom in peace?" I giggled, calming down some.

He shrugged. "More fun this way. Have you learned nothing from hanging out with hockey players?"

"I guess not. I will get you back though, so watch your back Sharp." I joked as we trotted up to the door.

He feigned fear and bit his lip. "Ooh, I'm sooo scared."

I shook my head as we walked back inside. "You'd be surprised at what I'm capable of."

I was expecting him to say something like "You're right, I'm sure Tazer can attest to that.." with a wink and a smirk, but then I realized that it was Sharp, not Kaner. Instead, he said, "Yeah, we'll see.."

Upon entering the house, Pat and I put the presents by the tree only to find Jon sleeping on the couch with Madelyn sleeping on his chest. I couldn't help but laugh quietly as we carefully set the presents down. "Seriously, what did you do to this boy? I've never seen him come to my house and just sleep."

As Pat and I walked into the kitchen to help out Abby, she shook her head at us, smiling. "When you guys left, he asked where Madelyn was. Next thing I know, he's asleep. You're not pushing him too hard, huh Ellie?" she teased.

I shook my head and gasped. "Never. He gets enough of that at the rink, right?"

She nodded. "I'm only teasin'. Want to help me make the potatoes? The turkey is already in the oven."

Abby, me, and Patrick slaved away for about an hour and a half creating dinner. It went quicker than I expected. Jon awoke just in time to eat. Not all was lost, because the baby was in a great mood because of the nap. Also, Pat promised me he wouldn't let Jon escape humiliation of his pre-Christmas-dinner nap by busting his chops in front of the guys.

"Sorry... Must have dozed off." Jon yawned as he sat down at the table.

I shook my head. "Yeah, passed out is more like it." I joked. He rolled his eyes and gave me a peck on the cheek.

"Yeah, you still tired there, Captain?" Sharp interjected. "We need you ready and well rested for the game next week."

Jon shook his head. "I'm fine."

"I'd hope so, you conveniently missed every task in the preparation for Christmas dinner..." Abby jibed as she placed Madelyn in a high-chair.

He blushed and smirked. "Yeah... sorry about that. Look, I promise, I'll do the dishes to make up for it."

"Oh, you better." Pat chuckled as Abby sat back down.

We said grace and expressed thanks for having one another around as well as talking about how we were thankful for being around loved ones. The food was delicious, and by the time the meal was over, no one felt like moving. I was positive my stomach was big enough that you could roll me around the house if need be. Finally, Abby took Madelyn into the living room. Pat joined as he got some of the presents out.

Jon was stuck behind, cleaning the mounds and mounds of dirty dishes while the Sharps were preparing for present exchange. I stayed in the dining room and smirked across the room and into the kitchen at Jon. He caught my eyes and glared at me.

"Hey, you could help me, you know." He huffed sarcastically. I shrugged as Jon turned around, giving me, a wonderful view of his butt.

"I could..." I agreed quietly. I let my eyes linger. Not a bad view, so why change it?

Jon sighed, "Okay, will you please help me?"

"Fine." I laughed as I joined Jon by the sink. The two of us worked in an assembly line, Jon washing, me drying. Eventually, after what seemed like forever, Jon and I joined the rest of the bunch in the living room, where presents were lined neatly in a nice row.

"Take pride in your present alignment?" I teased as Jon and I collapsed on the couch next to Madelyn and Abby.

Sharpie rolled his eyes and mumbled, "Yeah, yeah, think fast, Ellie."

Within seconds, Patrick chucked a somewhat small, neatly wrapped present at my head. I caught it as if it was an easy feat, although it did hurt my hand a little. Everyone just stopped and got very quiet as I began opening the box. I glanced around only to see the group staring at me, including Madelyn. "What?"

"Uhm... hello, didn't that hurt?" Abby scoffed with a laugh. I shrugged.

Jon added, "Yeah, I was expecting you to duck out of the way or something. I didn't think you'd actually catch it."

I shrugged again. "I played baseball..."

"You mean softball." Pat corrected.

I shook my head. "No... growing up, I played in a co-ed baseball league. A flying present doesn't seem so scary when you have guys hurling baseballs at you twenty-four seven." With that, they dropped the subject as I began to rip at the present. "Aw, thanks guys, I wonder what it could be." I tore it open to find that the Sharps had gotten me a fake-tiffany-style bracelet, complete with a heart charm inscribed with the blackhawks logo. "Wow... cute." I giggled. I was not into the bling-y jewelry, but it was something I would wear around to humor them.

Abby read right through me. "It was Pat's idea." she rolled her eyes. I knew I liked her.

I looked to Pat with a curious glance. He shook his head and grinned. "Look at the back, Elizabeth."

I flipped the charm over to find it engraved 'Hawk-ey' with two hockey sticks crossed behind it. I bent over laughing at the bracelet. Jon, now wondering too, took the bracelet from me and laughed along with me. "Classy Sharp, classy." I got up to give him a hug and he moved from his original spot by the tree to meet me half way. "Gee, thanks, Patrick, I really do love that nickname." I rolled my eyes as I gave him a tight hug.

"Well, I thought it could stand for the way I first thought of you, as some brat reporter on Channel 8, originating from the city of a bad hockey team." he joked, letting go and returning to his seat. "I didn't know you hated the nickname so much. I'll make sure all the guys remember to call you that."

I hit him playfully and returned to the couch. "Now you know how I feel. Here." Jon joked as he took the bracelet and placed it on my wrist. "You guys should open one now."

"Well, here's one for Madelyn." Pat stood up and brought the bright, large box over to her daughter. "Look, honey, want to open another present." Madelyn goo-ed at the present and 'opened' the present, which mostly consisted of hitting it confusedly.

Eventually, with the help of Abby and Patrick, they opened the gigantic teddy bear with a little bow-tie. "Oh, look, Maddy, it's a bear." Madelyn giggled excitedly and hugged the teddy bear that was double the size of her. Immediately after she touched it, the bear began singing. Abby and Pat locked eyes and then looked at us. "What... is that?"

"Oh, it sings." Jon explained with an evil grin. Madelyn made the bear sing again as soon as it stopped. "We thought it would make a great addition for you new parents."

Pat grumbled, "So this thing can keep us up all night?"

I nodded. "Yeah, you know those relatives that buy you those obnoxious toys for your kids that annoy you to no end? Well, we're inducting ourselves into your family."

"You're welcome." Jon chuckled.

Pat shook his head as he carefully tugged the bear away from Madelyn who immediately began crying at the lack of the loud singing bear. "I seriously hate you two." he moaned as he put the bear in the other room.

Jon got up and went to the tree, scoping out another present. "Oh, here's one for you Abby." He picked it up and brought it over to her. "From Ellie and me."

Abby smiled as she took the tissue paper out of the little bag and dumped the contents onto the couch. "Oh, you guys are too great. Thank you!" Abby examined the miniature, soothing bath kit and the certificate for a all day reservation to a local spa.

"Well, we figured, a new mom will probably get stressed, so whenever you want, just go out and take a break from the baby. But, until you do have some extra time, you can have your own little spa day at home." I elaborated with a grin. Abby's face lit up at my words.

She grinned. "You picked this out didn't you." Abby got up and gave me a hug.

I nodded with a smirk. "But Jon bought it, so it was teamwork."

Pat returned in time to see the gift and nodded his appreciation. "Alright, time for Serious over there. Here you go bud, Merry Christmas." Sharpie picked up a present and brought it over to his teammate with a small smile.

"Thanks." Jon set the present on his lap and tore away at the paper. He glanced skeptically at Sharp as he took out the small plush animal. "What the f-" Abby held up a hand and pointed to baby Madelyn. "I mean... What the... heck is this?"

Patrick chuckled, "Haven't you ever watched Sesame Street? It's Bert, from Bert and Ernie?"

"He's the grumpy one, isn't he...?" Jon laughed as he set the 'mini-him' down next to me. "I would have never guessed you'd get me something ridiculous." Pat shrugged as he walked over and gave his teammate a slap on the back. "Thanks, Sharp."

He laughed, "What are friends for?"

"Speaking of friends..." Jon stood up and jogged over to the tree. He pulled a box out and handed it to Patrick. "Merry Christmas."

Patrick completely dismantled the wrapping paper as if it was his job. When he finally opened it, he raised an eyebrow and looked to Jon, confused. "What is it?" Sharp took out the small, black, metallic object.

"It's an ab-machine... I noticed you're starting to get out of shape." Jon patted Pat in his tummy to emphasize the pudge. "You should probably get to work on that."

Pat glared at Jon who was grinning at the sound of Abby and I laughing. Even Madelyn gurgled a giggle or two. I mean, come on, it was pretty funny considering Patrick Sharp... damn. Abby is a lucky woman, let's be honest here... His glare soon turned into a grin at his close friend. "Yeah, you'd know, better lay off the ice cream there, eh?"

A few more gifts were exchanged before Madelyn was put to bed and it was time for Jon and I to leave. Pat and Abby wanted, and deserved, some alone time, so we gave it to them. After we thanked them for the lovely evening, we made out way back to Jon's apartment.

"You don't think I look like that thing..." Jon asked with a curious glance as I played with the little Bert.

I laughed and placed it on his dashboard as he pulled into the parking lot. "No, he's much more handsome." I teased.

"Yeah yeah, why don't you go out with him." He shook his head as he hopped out of the car.

I sprinted over to him and locked arms with him. "Cause, I'm with this other lug." I laughed. Jon opened his mouth to say something else when we both looked over to find Pat's car in it usual parking spot. "Kaner!" I squealed. I ran to the elevator and jammed my finger on the 'up' button twenty times, even after I heard the elevator start to travel down.

Just as soon as the elevator came down, Jon joined me. We hopped in and road the elevator up. As soon as the doors opened, I nearly fell out with excitement. I looked down the hall to see Kaner fiddling with his keys, fit with a gigantic winter coat. "Kaner!" I screamed.

Pat jumped, dropping his keys at the sound of my voice. I jogged down the hallway to meet him, Jon trailing behind me. Pat turned to see me, shocked, and soon smirked. "Hey-oof!" I leapt and hugged Pat so hard I thought I would kill him. "Hey, miss me much?"

I gave him a peck on the cheek. "Merry Christmas." I sighed into his shoulder. He smelled weird, but I couldn't put my finger on it. It must have been the Christmas dinner.

Kaner laughed and replied, "Merry Christmas. You too Jon." He reached around my hug and gave Jon a handshake. "I'd love to give you guys presents... if you would let go, Ellie." I rolled my eyes as I let go. I picked up Pat's keys and unlocked the door, letting us all in. "Thanks."

"No problem. So, how are the boys? Did you guys have fun?" I asked with a smile.

Jon went into the kitchen and got us all a couple drinks. Kaner went to the tree and got two boxes, bringing them to the coffee table. I sat down next to him when Jon joined us. "It was fun. We had dinner at Carcillo's place with-" Pat's voice broke off. I waved for him to continue. "Oh, we had dinner with his dog."

"Dog... he doesn't have a dog." Jon insisted, raising an eyebrow.

Kaner shook his head. "Anyways, we had fun, and here are your presents." He handed us each medium boxes. "Merry Christmas, you guys."

I tore mine open without hesitation. When I finally opened the box, I was dismayed to find a plush hawk with a miniature blackhawks tee-shirt on it. "What the fuck Kaner?!" He smirked. "Why does everyone insist on this stupid nickname? I don't even work there anymore!" I hissed as I hit Kaner with the plush between each word.

Pat snatched the toy away and pointed to the box. "Look, you psycho, look in the box." He chuckled, gently pushing me away.

I skeptically looked into the box and smirked. "Thanks, buddy." I took out the chain necklace with my birthstone on it. "Much better than that doll." I moved over and gave him a hug.

"Yeah, that doll surprisingly wasn't me. Your bosses asked me to give it to you as a... 'welcoming' to the team." he explained. "Your turn Jonny." I sat down next to Kaner and watched as Jon cautiously opened his present.

"Can't wait..." he sighed with a smirk. Jon tore open the box and chuckled at the sight. He took out the giant sweatshirt with 'Chicago' across the front. "Thanks, Kaner, but I already have this one."

Pat smirked and awkwardly put his hand to his neck, rubbing it gruffly. "Uhm... that statement is not.. completely true..." Jon tilted his head. "Right, well, you see, what had happened was.... I wore your sweatshirt paint-balling.... a few times... and then i dropped it in the mud. Oh! And then, I ripped the shoulder off.. so... you're welcome."

Jon gaped at him, aghast. "When did this happen?"

"A couple months ago..." he laughed.

"I thought it was missing?! When were you going to tell me?" Jon boomed, staring at the impostor, red sweatshirt.

I shook my head at the two of them. Kaner grinned. "I figured 'what better day than Christmas?', right?" Jon slumped back into the couch as these words.

Pat's grin turned into a smile as he beamed at his best friend. "I'm teasin'..... look in the pocket ya lugg." Everyone liked practical jokes in Chicago. These hockey players and their strange customs... Jon sifted through the pocket and pulled out a gift-card to Dick's Sporting Goods. "I thought you needed some new gear... you're really starting to reek at practice."

I cackled and quickly tried to silence myself at the look Jon had given me. "Pat, you're annoying as fuck."

"And you love me anyways. Merry Christmas." he joked, reaching across the coffee table and patting Jon on the back. "Now where are MY fucking presents."

I scowled at him as I brought him our gifts. Pat wasted no time getting his presents out. "Thanks, Ellie, I desperately needed some. Now I can actually throw another party." he thanked as he unwrapped the miniature speakers I had bought him. When he opened Jon's gift, he was annoyed, similar to Jon thirty seconds prior. "You asshole." he laughed as he took out the 'free haircut' gift-card for Haircuttery and a snapback hat.

"You're starting to get a rat tail bud, and until you can get your haircut, you can hide under this hat." Jon chortled. "Merry Christmas." He grinned.

Pat nodded and gave a small grin back. "Yeah, Merry fucking Christmas."


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