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Here To Stay


Jon recovered just fine. He was out for most of the season and was absolutely devastated by his lack of playing time, but when he got back on the ice, I think, he was playing better than ever before. And, I was making an effort not only to help him out but to also be more open with him, which seemed to help him feel better... mentally at least. The Hawks made it through the first two series of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but got knocked out in the third round. It's not a complete loss though; I consider it revenge for them kicking my babies to the curb in 2010.
In other news, in case you were wondering, Logan and Pat were no longer in a sexual relationship... at least not officially. They 'saw' other people.... but every once in a while, I would find Pat's jacket or shoes by the door to my apartment. Then, naturally, I fled to Jon's apartment and hung out with him and Nick. I'm waiting for the day when they're both tired of sleeping around with other people and they realize they want a real relationship so that they can just go out with each other... Whenever I pitch this idea to Logan she laughs, and I wouldn't expect anything less. I know it'll happen though.
Speaking of Nick, he got himself a girlfriend named Marisa. Out of our little clique of friends, their relationship is probably the most normal, and the two of them are very happy together. Plus, she doesn't know anything about hockey, so I've been privileged enough to teach her some; you'd think it's boring, but she finds everything so interesting it revamps my own interest in the sport! And she's just a very down to earth girl, just perfect for Nick.
Everything worked out... for the most part: Jon and I still have our ugly moments, my new job is a little bit more time consuming than working at the station, and Logan and I occasionally fight over trivial things. Overall, it's life, it has its ups and downs. I never expected my world to change so much when I came to Chicago, but it's been worth it considering my confidence boost and fearlessness regarding taking command.
One day, I finally took down three of my four pictures on my "Wall of Failure", which I admit was stupid and dramatic of me. Logan argued against it, standing by her 'Evolution of Ellie' theory, but I told her why I put them up in the first place, and she actually helped me throw them away. I kept the last one up though, the empty one, and I found something to fill it with... something that wasn't a complete failure... at least not yet. It was a picture of me, Jon, Logan, Kaner, Nick, and some other friends at a mutual friend's party we went to over the summer. Simple enough. It showed what was really important throughout everything: your friends and family. Establishing a loving, and sometimes chaotic, family here in Chicago is one of my biggest successes, so I put it up on the wall.

Thankfully, because of them, I can successfully say, I'm here to stay... and I think that's okay.

Thanks again for all the sweet comments and ratings. It gave me a major confidence boost! I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Maybe a sequel coming up ;) We'll see. Thank you!


sequel please!
hockaayy hockaayy
i really hope you write a sequel! i loved this story!
van Riemsdyk van Riemsdyk
This was amazing :D Please post the epilogue!!!!!!
i love this story so much! please update soon!
van Riemsdyk van Riemsdyk
Aww, she tried French for him <3333 So cute.
neon.band.aids. neon.band.aids.