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Here To Stay

Chapter 7

I punched the elevator button and waited for the elevator to arrive. I tapped my feet and swung my purse around, impatient and pissed. "Elle!" Jon called after me. I turned to see him chasing me down. I groaned and sprinted to the stairs.

I opened the door and skidded down a flight of stairs in my boots, clearly not made for running, I might add. "Go away!" I hissed as I heard his footsteps clang down the steps behind me. His echo was getting louder and I could hear him coming closer. I was losing ground, quickly. "I mean it!" It was a long shot, the idea of me making it out of the apartment without Jon catching me; I was nowhere near as fit as the professional hockey player following behind.

I was so close to the last flight of stairs when I felt a hand grip my upper-arm. He yanked me backward and shoved me against the wall, not too roughly though. "Just listen!"

"No!" I tried to slap him, but he caught my hand and pinned it to the wall. "Jonathan Middle Name Toews!" I whined. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back against the wall. "Please, just let me go..." I couldn't bring myself to look at him, even though part of me wanted to.

"Not until we talk..." he insisted. "If I let you go... you promise not to run away... or hit me?"

I growled, "No promises. You lost that right." Jon must have thought this was good enough, because he let me go. He sat on one of the stairs and I joined him, maintaining a five foot distance between us.

"My middle name is Bryan, by the way. And..I'm sorry... I'm a little drunk right now... I don't know-" he trailed off, looking down at his shoes. Jon ran a hand through his hair and sighed. "I don't want you going out with any of the guys... that's all..."

"I never said I liked any of them... I didn't tell you anything, and you never asked... You can't just assume that stuff, because odds are, it's not true." I turned and glared at him to see him staring at the floor and nodding, not convincingly. "Look, I don't have feelings for anyone... even Stalberg... and you know that." I rambled, still thoroughly upset. "Or, I thought you did..."

Jon glanced at me, not saying anything for a while. I kept eye contact, waiting for him to explain. "I'm sorry.. okay? It was stupid of me to do...."

I stood up and threw my hands in the air. "You're damn right it was stupid. That was embarrassing! You know fucking well that I had a crush on you and- and you can't just do that to me... it's basically- you're playing with my emotions, whether you're trying to or not... and that's not okay." I continued, running out of breath. Honestly, That was the only reason I stopped yammering. The more I talked, the less I focused on my uneven heart rate.

Jon turned to me with a frown and the sincerest face I had seen on him ever. "Elle... I never... that's not- trust me I.... I'm sorry. I hope you're not too upset. I didn't mean to hurt you.. seriously."

I huffed, crumbling emotionally. "It's okay... Just... I don't get it. What's going on?" I sat down next to him and rubbed his back soothingly.

Jon gave me a incredulous look, but I remained confused. He stood up, flung his hands to his head and moaned. "You're going to make me say it, huh? Really?"

I shrugged and continued to stare. "I don't know what you're talking-"

"I like you! I like you a lot! I call you almost everyday because I love hearing your voice, I like having you over my apartment, I like seeing you at the games, I like hearing what you have to say about hockey- advice- no, I like just hearing what you have to say about anything. I feel horrible, because you make me happy... and I shouldn't be, not after my last relationship... not this soon. And I feel guilty, but I can't help it. I like you! I could love you! I don't know! I just want to be with you, alright?!"

I just let my jaw drop at this. What. The. Actual. Fuck. "I... I..." Use your words damnit! Nothing. I'd probably been waiting, wishing, dreaming to hear those words from this guy for, oh, I don't know, three years? And now, when I actually hear them for real.... blank.

"I scared you, didn't I?" he chuckled darkly to himself. "That would happen..." He ran his hands through his hair and glared down at the floor, avoiding eye contact. He was mumbling something unintelligible to himself.

Fine. No words? Then you're getting your ass up and doing something. Acting on impulse, I stood up and charged towards him. I hopped onto my tip-toes and grabbed Jon's head. I dragged him close and kissed him. He was stunned at first, but soon, our lips were dancing together, slightly parted. Keep in mind, I was definitely drunk at this point, and I didn't know what I was doing. But.. come on! What would you do?

I tugged at Jon's collar, trying to find the zipper on the costume. "Elle, I-" he started. My hands roamed from his chest all the way down his body. He moaned in pleasure. I stood back up and unzipped his costume shirt from the back, exposing his finely chiseled body. He reached for my dress and tugged it up over my head, exposing my white bra and underwear. "Cute." he purred into my ear. I tugged at his pants and yanked them to the floor. Jon stepped out of them and picked me up, kissing me on my neck and making me groan.

I snuck my finger under his boxer briefs, ready to slide them down, when he froze. I froze too. Is this really happening? Is this a dream? He is still thinking about Diane... he just mentioned her. I can't do this to him... As these thoughts rolled through my mind, Jon grew stiller and my pulse raced faster. I cursed myself. This isn't happening, not tonight.

"We shouldn't..." he whispered, so quiet it was almost inaudible. I disagree, but it's not really my place to say, now is it.

I shrugged. "I honestly wouldn't mind..." I laughed sarcastically.

"I do... I don't think it's right... not right now..." he sighed, frowning. He backed away from me and left me by the wall.

"No... You're right... this is stupid." I mumbled, not wanting to believe it.

Jon chuckled quietly, "Yeah, stupid...."

"Because... I think it's too soon... for you at least." I huffed, inching toward my dress. I slipped it on and hopped back into my boots as he did the same with his costume. I turned away, blinking away a few tears that threatened to fall. Jon shook his head and sighed. He sat down and I plopped down next to him. "So... where do we go from here?" He shrugged, readjusting my headband. "Well... you obviously feel the same way about me... somewhat... I just don't think you really do... completely."

Jon brushed my hair out of my face and put his hand on my cheek. "You have no idea..." he breathed, air grazing my lips. He leaned into give me another kiss, but I stood up and leapt out of the way. Why does he do this. It's so difficult not to give in... but even he admitted it's stupid... obviously not ready.

"Nope! Last time that happened, we almost ended up completely naked." I laughed with a half-hearted smile, shifting my dress as I stood. "Come on, let's go back." I held my hand out to help him up, and he took it. He's heavier than I thought.

He sighed, dropping my hand as he got to his feet. "I still don't know where we are."

"I think... we're friends... you have some things to sort out," I breathed. You so had your chance...

Once we went back to the party, things were fine. I didn't hang out with Jon so much, mainly because I was scared there would be a repeat of our last encounter. I danced a couple times with Viktor and once again with Bickell. Kaner snagged me for a slow song though, and was pestering me about what happened the whole time.

"What did you guys do out there?" he hissed over the loud music.

I shrugged as I rested my head on his shoulder. "Nothing... we just talked..." I closed my eyes and hoped that he would just drop it. Fat chance.

"And... are you guys dating?"


"Well, what happened?"

I didn't want to give him the satisfaction, but at the same time, I wanted to tell someone. "We almost... kind of... had sex."

"You what?!" He jerked away, trying to get a good look at my expression.

I nodded and tried to keep him still so I could remain on his shoulder. "Shh... it's no big deal. We didn't actually do it... We stopped, he's not ready. I told him... he has to think about things for a while, with Diane and all, I think he's just lovesick and wants someone next to him... but I don't want to be the rebound, especially if I'm not right for him after all."

"Dude... just bang him and get it over with." he scoffed.

Normally, I would have punched him, but I was too busy replaying the evening's festivities over in my head. "I wish I could but.. I care about him... and I'm not rushing him."

"I know... it's pretty obvious, considering you won't do it." Pat squeezed my shoulder and chuckled to himself as we slowly rocked back and forth.

"What's with you?" Logan questioned the next morning after the party. I shrugged. I haven't been acting any different, have I? "Ellie, you're cup is overflowing!" She raced to the counter and mopped up the hot coffee that was quickly spilling to the floor. I didn't notice that it had streamed over my fingers until she barked at me.

I gasped and put the coffee pot down. "Oh! Sorry!" I hissed as the steaming liquid scorched my fingers. I hadn't even felt it. I grabbed a paper towel and cleaned off the counter. "I wasn't paying attention..."

"Well obviously!" Logan picked up the soppy towel she was holding and skidded to the washing machine. I tossed my paper towel in the trash and continued making my coffee. Logan returned shortly and ran some cold water from the tap, shoving my hands under the water. "What is it? Did you and Jon get into a fight?" I shook my head as my slippery fingers wrapped themselves around the coffee cup. Still in my pajamas, I hopped over to the couch and cuddled on the cushions. "Well tell me!" She growled, sitting next to me.

I sighed and stirred my coffee with my finger. It hurt, but it kept my focus so I wouldn't have to look at Logan. "No... Jon and I are fine... great even... We almost had sex..." I huffed. The room fell silent, as I expected it to. I sure as hell ain't going to say anything. After about two minutes of silence, I put my cup down and looked up at her. She was frozen like a statue. I guess I am talking... "Logan... it's nothing..." I waved my hand in front of her face a couple times.

"You what?! When was this? What happened? Why did-" Before I could even comprehend the first question, Logan was firing off several more. She took a moment, pinched the bridge of her nose, and took a deep breath. "Okay, okay... So, what happened... just... tell me what happened." she finished calmly. After I promptly elaborated on the matter, I was smacked in the head with a pillow. "What the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you always looking out for everyone?"

"Last time I checked, that was a good trait to have..." I laughed, rubbing my head. I stood up and put my cup, still filled with coffee, in the sink, sick to my stomach about the whole situation. "Can we just drop this subject?"

"And you're passing up coffee? Ellie!" Logan was right behind me the whole time. "No, we cannot 'just drop the subject'! Where are you guys right now? Like... you're just friends, or dating, or what?"

"Friends... back to normal, as far as I know..." I huffed.

"Right... well....I don't know if I like this..." she mumbled.

I chuckled to myself. "Oh, well, that's good, because it doesn't matter whether you like it or not, it's happening. Furthermore, it's not your life! And as much as I value your opinion, no matter how extreme it may be, I make the final decision."

"But, Ellie! You like him! He likes you! Can't you just-" Logan argued.

I shook my head and pointed a finger at her, "NO! You haven't heard the things that he told me... She cheated on him! Not even the guys know about it... his self-esteem is really low right now, and he'd take anybody that wanted him... That's not healthy for either of us, so I'm letting him wind down before we do anything, and that is that. End of Story!" I blurted out.

It was just enough to shut her up. Unfortunately, he wasn't as torn up about it as I made it seem. His self-confidence was pretty good, actually, but he was definitely vulnerable, and I was not going to take advantage of him just so I could be happy, especially if he's not happy. I couldn't have put anymore thought into it if I tried...

"I'm... I'm sorry..." she sighed, leaning back in her seat. I shrugged and got up. "Really... I'll drop it."

I nodded. "I can deal with it on my own... Anyways, did you have fun last night?"

Logan coughed and nodded. "Yeah... yeah, lots of fun. I hung out with Kaner mostly, then somewhat with the other players. Met some new people."

"Good, good..."

The two of us fell silent for a couple minutes after that. Luckily, Logan had to start organizing for the Raffle Dinner Event thingy... So! I was kicked out of the apartment for the day while she made calls and got the process started. However, I had no work, so I called Nick. Unfortunately, he was with a physical trainer to work on his legs; apparently he was feeling tense. Naturally, I called my only other friend in Chicago, Kaner. He and Carcillo were hanging out at his apartment, playing NHL 12. Having nowhere to go, I was invited over, thankfully.

Jon wasn't there, which was surprisingly nice. I didn't want to see him for fear of what might happen... But, I did have lots of fun with Carcillo and Kaner. Carcillo and I played a couple games against Pat. He and I were on the Flyers, obviously, and Pat played as the Blackhawks. The Flyers kicked the Blackhawks asses almost five times in a row. Plus, I, playing Claude Giroux mostly, earned at least a goal a game and a hat trick one time as well.

"It's two against one, obviously I'm going to lose." Pat laughed, chucking the controller at the floor.

I shrugged. "Yeah, or maybe it's you getting your just desserts after your Stanley Cup winning goal, leaving Philly fans everywhere heart-broken." I teased, poking him in the chest.

"No offense, but I wanted to kill you after that." Dan laughed as he got up to get a drink.

Pat shook his head and leaned back on the couch, putting his arms behind his head and closing his eyes with a huge sigh. "Yeah, whatever. All I heard was 'Stanley Cup Winning Goal'! he chuckled. I scowled and started up a new game. When Pat heard the sound effects, he looked up to see what I was doing. "What's tha-"

"Wait..." I made a couple more clicks and fixed it so that he and I were playing against one another for the Stanley Cup. Flyers vs. Chicago. "See if you can do it again," I giggled, picking up his controller and handing it to him.

Kaner smirked at me and took the controller. Just then, Carcillo joined us, setting a cup of soda down for each of us. "Alright, but let's make it interesting, huh?" Dan immediately started laughing, ready for his friend's daily antics.

"Fine, what are the stakes?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

Pat put the controller down for a minute and crossed a leg over the other and grinned evilly. "If I win, you have to ask Jon out on a date." Carcillo's mouth dropped. "Oh yeah, Danny, forgot to tell yah, she and Jon have a thing going."

I whipped around and shook my head. "We do not have a thing." I insisted. Dan nodded and smiled at me. "And you're on!" I turned and beamed at Pat. Thankfully, I was a pro at video games, mainly because of Pat and Nick. "But, if I win, you have to help Logan with the Raffle-Dinner event." Logan had been complaining to me about how stressful it was. She was also nervous because she had to ask the guys on the team and see who would be willing to participate.

Pat glared at me, and then looked away, thinking it over for a moment. He stuck his hand out and waited for me to shake it. "Fine, it's a deal. I'll try to go easy on you."

"I don't know about that, she's actually pretty good. If this were real hockey, she'd definitely be a pro athlete." Dan complimented, giving me a literal pat on the back.

I smirked and stuck my tongue out at Pat before snatching up my controller. "Let's play."

With that, we started. It wasn't nearly as exciting as a real game, but it was pretty fun. I had an assist and a goal in the first period, making the score 2-0. Then, Kaner scored a goal, as himself. Then, we fought, and he won, unfortunately, against Coburn. We all agreed that in real life, Kaner would probably lose. Then, in the second period, he came back and scored a second goal, leaving it tied.

It basically stayed tied for the rest of the game. There were a couple penalties, however. It got more aggressive as well. For example., Kaner thought it would be a lovely idea to check me into the bench, and in retaliation, I knocked his helmet off and broke his hockey stick.

Finally, we played through regulation time and even through overtime. In the second overtime, we traveled up and down the rink. Eventually, I took my final shot on Crawford after a deke or two and scored. It was so cool, I leapt off the couch as if it were a regular game goal. Dan cheered with me, but Pat just zeroed in on the screen, mouth agape.

Pat put an arm out toward my stomach and pushed me back onto the couch. I squealed and glared at him. I leapt up again and started cheering like a maniac. Pat fell back, putting his hands on his face. Dan was cackling like a hyena, and the television was blaring music and celebrations for the Flyer's win. I danced in a circle, ready to take a victory lap around the coffee table. "Oh yeah! I won! You lost! Uh-huh! Oh yeah!" I sang to myself.

"Shut up!" Pat chuckled shaking his head. He picked up a pillow and threatened to throw it at me.

Just as I started to get really into my dance moves, the front door to their apartment closed loudly. All three of us froze and looked up to see Jon staring at us. The television was still making noise in the background, but it still seemed strange. I was in the middle of shaking my butt, Pat was hiding upside down on the couch while gripping a pillow, don't ask me how, and Dan was curled in a ball, laughing at the combination of our craziness.

Jon looked from me to Pat to Dan and back again several times in a row. "Uh..." he coughed as he slowly closed the door behind him. Pat sat back on the couch, Dan did so as well. I straightened up and sat on the couch and pretended like nothing was wrong. "Did.... did I miss something?" he asked as he took off his coat

"No.. just... playing some NHL 12." I answered, picking up the controller and waving it at him.

He nodded awkwardly and put his coat on the coat stand by the door. "Uh-huh..."

"Yeah... they got a little intense about it..." Dan explained further.

"Ellie beat me, and uh... we were getting a little over excited...." Pat insisted.

Jon shook his head and chuckled, "Whatever, I was just gonna ask if you guys wanted to go out to lunch real quick?"

"We would, but Pat actually has to head to the rink..." I giggled as I stood up. Pat glared at me as Dan stood as well. "Right, Kaner?"

Pat sprang from the couch, picked up his jacket, and stormed from his apartment, annoyed at the idea of helping his adversary. "What's his problem?" Jon asked as I grabbed my sweater. Dan and I exchanged looks and laughed quietly to ourselves as we followed Jon to his car.

"Just a sore loser, I guess..." Dan heaved a sigh and winked at me.

The three of us went to a Cafe in the middle of the city. There was a live musician playing and it had great food, but for some reason, not that many people were there. We got a table and ordered some food by the counter. Then we sat and waited for our meals to arrive.

"So, where were you, Captain Toews?" I asked with a smile as I sipped my hot cider.

Jon shrugged and tipped back in his chair. "Just went for a walk..." he responded vaguely. Dan looked at me, but I didn't return the stare. "How about you guys?"

Dan chirped up, leaning forward, elbows on the table. "Pat invited me over to play a couple video games. Then we were going to go to a bar later, play some pool, and watch the football game, but... he remembered he had other plans."

Daniel and I laughed, and Jon got confused, so we laid it out for him. Jon scoffed and feigned being hit in the heart. "Oh, it would be so horrible to ask me out on a date?"

I gave him a look that said 'you know that's no true'. "No, it wouldn't... But Pat was messing with me and I had to do something."

"Alright, prove it then, ask me out." Jon leaned forward, smirking at me.

Dan, who I forgot existed, commented, "Oh... he threw down the gauntlet." I turned to glare at him. "Sorry, Philly, but you sent my only form of entertainment to the United Center to help your friend... you're stuck with me until he's done."

I rolled my eyes and looked back at Jon who was now laughing quietly to himself. "Oh, shut up. I-I'm not asking you out, especially after what we just discussed the other day.... remember?"

"No, I get it, chicken... it's cool, it happens to the best of us...." he teased, a grin spreading across his face as my cheeks got redder.

I growled, "Alright, Jon, go out with me."

Dan cawed, "Challenge accepted!" Jon and I slowly turned and just gazed at him; he shrank down in his seat until we turned back around.

"Sounds good, I'll pick you up at seven." Jon chuckled.

I shook my head, realizing what I just agreed to. "No, I mean, wait-I didn't mean that and- You tricked me!"

"He did!"



Just as I was ready to protest, the plates arrived. I munched down on my chicken caesar salad as the boys enjoyed some bacon egg and cheese croissant sandwiches. We talked light-heartedly about how the next few games should be fun. The boys also told me about a couple pranks that Dan and Kaner pulled on some victims whose names shall remain private.

At the end, Jon paid for me, not allowing me to put even a cent in. Dan got bored with us too and decided he would rather spend the rest of the day making fun of Kaner as he served out his bet, so Jon dropped him off at the United Center.

Once he was gone, Jon and I sat in his Escalade... alone... together. We sat in silence for a moment, watching Dan walk in. "So... you paying for lunch... does that count as the date?" I laughed, sneaking a peek at him. Jon threw me a glance before he returned his attention to the parking lot as he backed out "Alright... worth a shot."

"Yeah... I still don't get why you don't want to go out with me..." he mumbled. Maybe it's because you can't commit to me...

I sucked in a deep breath, ready to elucidate in great detail every reason for my actions. "You're obviously still hung up on Diane, you still talk about her as if she was here. I feel like I'm the rebound chick and I don't want to be that girl, not for you. I feel like if I was, it would end bad anyways... Plus, after what just happened the other day? In the stairwell? And when we stopped? Yeah, that's a sign that this would be bad. You said it yourself." Jon snickered. "Why is that funny?"

"You really care..."

"Why wouldn't I?"

"Half of my past girlfriends were purely interested in the possibility as getting their picture in the paper or their face on the television." he sighed, reminiscing.

I countered, "Yeah... but I'm also not your girlfriend. " He smirked as he drove away from the United Center. "I don't get why you all of a sudden became interested in me though..." Jon didn't answer, so I clarified further. "Like, why did you act so mean towards me and then suddenly become my best friend the next day?" Exaggeration is key when making an argument... all I'm saying...

"Well... that's kind of the reason I was so mean to you... I thought it would scare you away..." he confessed with a chuckle. "Obviously that didn't work." I glared at him, confused and a little insulted. "I mean, I was attracted to you when I first saw you... I just... I felt guilty because, I was with Diane at the time, so I pushed you away."

"And I thought girls were complicated..." I mumbled, rolling my eyes.

Jon shrugged. "It's the truth. So, where do you want to go on our first date?"

"It shouldn't matter, because it's not happening." I laughed as he drove closer and closer to my apartment.

He pleaded, "Seriously, I'm ready for a new relationship. What will it take to show you?"

Rolling my eyes and crossing my arms, I teased, "You are not ready in twenty-four hours. You'd have to.... fly me to a rose garden in Paris and prepare a beautiful dinner and sing me a song."

"Well thats a stretch..." he laughed unhappily as he finished the drive to my parking lot. "What if I just took you to a nice little restaurant, quiet, private?"

I shook my head as I got out of the car. There was no way he could willingly get me to fly to Paris just so that he could go out with me. Okay, that's a lie. If Jonathan Toews invited you to Paris for a date, would you say no? That's what I thought... But under these circumstances, it did not apply. "Nope, it's Paris or nothing." I joked. "I'll see you later." I crossed the parking lot to the elevator, when Jon's hand clamped down on my fingers as I pressed the up button. "Jon-"

"Please, you haven't even given me a chance." he whispered, frowning at me.

I turned to face him, wriggling my hand free of his grasp. I tried not to look at him, but his stare was boring into my face. I looked up and melted in his gaze. "Jon...there's no way that you're ready, are you?"

"Yes, I am.." he answered breathlessly.

He promptly bent down and gave me a deep, long kiss. Just then, the elevator dinged open. Jon had slipped his hand to the small of my back and brought me closer so that we were touching. I reached up to push him away, when I heard an 'ahem' from the elevator.

The two of us opened our eyes to see Logan standing with Kaner, holding several rolls of paper. Logan raised an eyebrow, while Kaner was grinning like a child. "Well, well, well..." Kaner began smugly. Jon and I untangled ourselves and stood separated. "What do we have here?"

"Uh..." Jon coughed awkwardly and rubbed the back of his neck. I looked down and shrugged.

"You two looked... real cozy..." Logan chided with a smirk. She nudged Kaner who laughed with her.

I shook my head. "Ahem, uh anyways...what are you guys doing here? I thought you were at the rink-with Dan!"

"We're grabbing some papers for planning..." She answered with a grin.

"Oh, right, hows that going.... Loge?" I glared down at my feet, hoping they would leave immediately.

"Fine.. great even..." she sighed, uninterested in the event anymore. Her lazers were set on me and they weren't going anywhere anytime soon. "Well... we have to design the flyers and call some players... I guess we'll see you two later?"

Jon just nodded, unable to look up at either of them. I gave a fake smile as Logan shot me a knowing look. Kaner just shook his head and laughed as they made their way to the car. I slapped Jon fiercely. Once they were out of view and earshot, Jon mumbled, "I am so sorry..." I waved it off like it wasn't a big deal, but my cheeks were blushing like it was their job and my knees threatened to give out at any moment.. He smirked and poked my rosy cheeks. "You gotta work on that..."

"What? It just happens." I laughed, shakily putting my hand on the back of my neck.

The two of us hopped into the elevator and Jon pressed 23, my apartment level. "So... it's a yes then?"

"Wait, what?" I asked, stunned. I had completely forgotten about what happened before our wonderful diversion.

"The date?" he asked with a small smile.

I bit my lip and played with my hands. It could end horribly. It really could. I doubt he's actually over her so... But, it could go alright. Jon might honestly be okay with everything... ready to move on? Still... odds are never in my favor with these things... Hey! What happened to going after what you want?

"No." I answered confidently. Jon frowned and turned back on his serious face. Why the fuck does he do that? He lead me to my apartment. He stood at the door and watched me open it slowly. "You know very well that you're still all about Diane. Until you can work it out, I won't be the rebound." I sighed, turning to face him. I felt like I had said those words too many times already, but apparently, it wasn't sinking into his big, fat brain! Either that, or his brain was rejecting it all together. He was pouting at me. I shook my head and huffed. "Thanks for lunch."

He shrugged. "Anytime... mind if I-" Jon reached for the door and began to pry it open. I grabbed the edge of it and yanked it toward me. He gaped at my strength as it flew from his hand. I pulled with such force that I almost hit myself in the face. "Ouch... I know when I'm not welcome." he chuckled, still hurt from the rejection.

I shook my head. "I have to go to work... besides, I don't trust you right now..."

He gasped, "Me?! I'm the one you don't trust! You're the one who kissed me just thirty seconds ago, remember?" Jon crossed his arms and shook his head in disbelief

I smirked and shrugged. "You kissed me first, if I remember correctly. Nice try, but I'm not that dumb."

"Alright, alright... I see how it is." he laughed, backing away down the hall. "I'll call you later." He hollered.


sequel please!
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i really hope you write a sequel! i loved this story!
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This was amazing :D Please post the epilogue!!!!!!
i love this story so much! please update soon!
van Riemsdyk van Riemsdyk
Aww, she tried French for him <3333 So cute.
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