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I Can't Help It ~Sidney Crosby~

Chapter 1

I walked into the arena. I just got the job to be one of the Penguins' workers. I didn't want it. My friend made me sign up. I'm going to be doing everything from cleaning the ice to helping with the equipment. Today's my first day. I pulled my Penguins' crew/staff jacket closer to my body. I'm nervous. I don't want to see him. Sidney Crosby was my best friend and even my boyfriend for a bit. But he did something unforgivable. I can't tell you what it is.

I walked over to another staff member and said,"Um, I'm new. What do I do?" "Are you Alexis Jacobs?"he asked. I nodded. "Oh, follow me then,"he said. "I'm Freddy,"he said as we walked backstage. I smiled and said,"Nice to meet you." "You too,"he said. Freddy was an elderly man. Maybe in his late 60's. He opened a door and led me inside. It was Dan Bylsma's office. The head coach. Freddy left, shutting the door behind him. "Have a seat,"Dan said, motioning me to sit in the chair in front of him. I sat down and said,"Hello sir." "Call me Dan,"he said. I nodded.

"You're going to be doing a variety of things. You'll find out what they are soon. But for now, go down to the ice. The boys are going to come any minute now for practice. You'll set up their drinks and replace the equipment and stuff. So, you stand or sit in the penalty box and do it,"Dan said. I nodded and said,"Okay. Thank you, Dan." He smiled and said,"You're welcome Alexis. Welcome the Penguins." I smiled and walked down to the ice and stood in the penalty box. The guys skated out. I looked down when I saw Sidney. Please don't see me.

Tanner Glass skated over to me and said,"Hi, you new here?" I nodded. "What's your name?"he asked. I said,"Alexis." "Nice to meet you Alexis. I'm Tanner,"he said. I smiled. Kris Letang skated over and said,"Hi there. I'm Kris." "And I'm Alexis,"I said. "Maybe you'll learn something here,"Tanner said, skating away. Kris said,"Don't listen to him. You won't learn anything from him." I laughed. He skated away. I watched them skate around for a little bit. "Can you drop the pucks?"Sutter shouted. I looked around and saw a bucket of pucks sitting in the corner.

I picked it up. It was really heavy. I threw the pucks onto the ice. "Thank you!"Sutter shouted. I laughed. They started shooting at the net. I glanced over at Sidney. He looked confused. I looked away and watched Morrow and Eaton fake fighting. They're such little kids. "Make them stop!"James Neal shouted. I laughed and said,"Okay. You guys! Stop it!" They didn't listen. I shouted,"YO!" Everyone stopped and stared at me. "Stop fighting,"I said to Morrow and Eaton. They said,"Yes ma'am." They saluted and picked up their gloves. I smiled and said,"Thank you!"

"My stick broke,"Crosby said, skating over to me. I looked down and mumbled,"I'll get you a new one." I grabbed one and handed it to him, making sure our hands didn't touch. "Thanks,"he said. I glanced up as he skated away. First thing he's said to me in 6 years. I shook my head. Malkin skated by while saying,"Hello." I smiled and said,"Hi." Crosby looked over in my direction. I turned and looked at Tyler Kennedy shooting pucks at Fleury. "Look out!"Glass shouted. A puck was heading towards my head. I quickly caught it in my bare hands.

"Great catch,"Pascal Dupuis said. "You should be the goalie,"Eric Hartzell said. I laughed and shook my head. After practice, I followed the guys to the locker room. "You can come too,"Letang said, stopping in front of the door. I nodded and followed him inside. The guys were taking off their jerseys and talking. They were in their pads. The guys carelessly tossed their jerseys at the bin. Only 2 actually went into it. I walked over to it and got down on my knees. I picked up all the jerseys, turned them inside in, and placed them in the bin.

I dodged some skates while walking over to a chair and sitting down. "Come with me,"a guy in a Penguins crew jacket said. I followed him. He handed me like 8 boxes of pizza. "Here, take them to the Pens,"he said. I nodded and carefully took them into the locker room. Everyone ran up to me shouting,"Yay! Pizza!" I laughed and placed the boxes on the table. "Go nuts,"I said, moving away. Everyone grabbed pizza slices and ate them, grabbing seconds and thirds. This is a pretty awesome job, except for him of course.


I'm only on chapter 2 but i love that you actually noticed Tanner Glass haha and yeah :)
LGLaxfreak98 LGLaxfreak98
Interested to see where this goes:)
crosbyfan87 crosbyfan87