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I Can't Help It ~Sidney Crosby~

Chapter 4

I woke up and brushed my teeth. I put on some black skinny jeans and a white Penguins shirt. I put my Penguins jacket on and slipped on my gold converse. I walked across the hall to Sid's room. I opened the door and saw him sleeping. He was snoring lightly. I walked over to him quietly and touched his arm. "Sid,"I whispered. He woke up with a start. I laughed and said,"Sorry, but it's 8 am. Practice is at 10. Wake up." He rubbed his eyes and got out of bed. I pointed to the bathroom. He nodded and went inside it. I walked out of his room and went downstairs.

I walked into the kitchen and made breakfast. Sid came down 10 minutes later. "Come eat,"I said. He sat down at the table and I laid the plate in front of him. We ate eggs and bacon. I didn't really talk to him until I said,"I'm quitting today." "You can't!"Sid protested. I put the plates in the sink and said,"I have to." I washed the dishes and looked at the clock. It's 9:30. "Lets go,"I said. We got into Sid's car and he drove us over to the arena. We walked through the halls into the locker room. Everyone was chatting loudly.

I saw Dan Bylsma and walked over to him. "Hello Alexis,"he said. I smiled and said,"Hey Coach. I need to talk to you." "Alright. I'll talk to you in a minute,"he said. I nodded. Someone dragged me away. I looked up and saw Sid. "What are you doing?"I hissed. He said,"I can't let you quit." "Why not?"I shouted. James Neal asked,"Are you guys okay here?" I sighed as Sid said,"Alexis is trying to quit here." "What?"James shouted. I looked down and said,"I have to." James shouted,"Guys! Listen up!" Everyone stopped talking and looked up at James.

He said,"Alexis says she's gonna quit. Already." "No! You can't!"Malkin shouted. "Yeah! Stay!"Talbot said. Kris Letang stood up and walked over to me. "Can I talk to you for a minute?"he whispered. I nodded. Kris took my hand and led me into another room. "Why do you want to quit?"he asked. I looked up at him and said,"Because of Crosby." "What did he do?"Kris asked. I told him everything. I choked up near the end. He hugged me and then walked over to Sid. I followed him.

"Why did you do that to Alexis?"he shouted. Sid looked down and mumbled something. "Speak up,"Kris said. Sid looked up with tears in his eyes and said,"I was stupid. I didn't know anything back then. I played her and it wasn't right. I don't deserve love." Kris said,"Damn straight." Sid looked at me and said,"I'm so sorry. I was so wrong back then and I shouldn't have done that. I was just a kid who didn't know anything. I'm such a god damn idiot!" He slammed his hand of the top of a bench. It cut him and his hand started bleeding.

I wiped the blood away and wrapped his hand with gauze. "I'm sorry,"Sid whispered. I ignored him and looked over at Dan Bylsma who was walking over to me. "Are you really thinking about quitting?"Dan asked. I said,"I don't know Coach." "Please, just give it one more chance. We love having you here,"Dan said. I said,"Only on one condition." "Which is...?"he asked. "Crosby doesn't interact with me in any way,"I said. Dan said,"Okay. I'll go talk to him right now." I nodded as he walked over to Sidney Crosby.

For the whole practice, Sid didn't even look at me. After practice, I didn't have a ride. I came with Sid. Now what? James Neal came up to me and asked,"Need a ride?" I asked,"How'd you know?" James said,"Sid told me everything. Come on. Lets go." I nodded and stood up. We walked over to his car. I told him my address. When we got to my house, I said,"Thanks James." "No problem,"he said. I got out of his car and said,"Bye." I shut the door and walked into my house. I bit my lip as I shut the door. Sid actually cares, but it's too late now.

Later on, I went to the mall. I saw Talbot, Morrow, Letang, Orpik, and Crosby in the store I was in. Please don't see me... I looked at some shirts. "Alexis!"Letang shouted. I turned around and forced a smile. "Hi guys,"I said. "Will you help us?"Talbot asked. I laughed and said,"Sure." "We need clothes for a special meeting,"Morrow said. I nodded and said,"Okay. Lets go then." I walked around the store and threw stuff at the guys. "Here, try this on,"I said to Orpik while filling his arms with clothes. Lastly, it was just me and Sid. I picked out an outfit and put it in his arms. He walked into the changing room.


I'm only on chapter 2 but i love that you actually noticed Tanner Glass haha and yeah :)
LGLaxfreak98 LGLaxfreak98
Interested to see where this goes:)
crosbyfan87 crosbyfan87