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I Can't Help It ~Sidney Crosby~

Chapter 3

I took out my phone, which was ringing. I answered it,"Hello?" "Hi,"someone said. It sounded like Crosby. "Sid?"I asked. He said,"Yeah." "How do you have my number?"I asked. He explained,"At the morning skate, I was sitting next to you on the bench. You weren't paying attention to me, so I took it out and texted my phone with your phone and then I got your number." I said,"Okay. Now don't ever call me again. Bye." I hung up and flung my phone across the couch. I picked it up again and looked through my contacts.

I found Dan Bylsma's number and called it. "Hello?"he said. I said,"Hello sir. I won't be able to come for the game. I'm not feeling well and I just don't think I'll be able to make it to the game. I'm sorry." Dan said,"Alright. I hope you feel better. Get well soon." I said,"Thank you sir." "If you feel better, the next practice is tomorrow at 10am,"he informed. I said,"Okay, thanks. Bye." "Bye,"he said. I hung up and took a deep breath. I just can't do it. I need to quit. Sidney's making me skip my job, which I need. I might as well get a new job. I've had enough of him.

I watched the game on TV. The Penguins won 3-1. Who scored? Jarome Iginla, Kris Letang and.... Sidney Crosby. I turned off the TV and kinda just sat there until the doorbell rang. I stood up and opened the door. It was Sidney. "How'd you find out my address?"I asked. He said,"I made Coach tell me." "Well, just leave me alone. I'm quitting this job tomorrow,"I said. Sid said,"No! Please. Everyone loves having you work there! It's way funner with you around." "Funner is not a word,"I said, attempting to close the door on him.

He stuck out his hand and opened the door more. "Can I please come inside? I'm freezing out here,"Sid said. I sighed and said,"Fine. Only for a little bit though." He nodded and walked inside. He sat down on the couch. I sat on a different one. I turned on the TV and saw a Crosby interview. "Oh, I remember this one,"Sid said with a laugh. I rolled my eyes. He continued,"They asked me the weirdest questions like- And you don't care." I nodded and changed the channel. The highlights of the Penguins and Bruins game were on. I turned the volume up and watched it.

"You're completely ignoring me Alexis. I thought you would've forgiven me by now,"Sid said. I said,"No. Why would I forgive you? You broke my heart and left me. I had to move to Pittsburgh from Nova Scotia. Every time I hear your name, I remember what you did." "What do I have to do to make you forgive me?"Sid asked. I crossed my arms and said,"Die in a hole." He chuckled and said,"Besides that." "Nothing,"I said. Sid said,"I have something to give you." He pulled something out of his pocket. It was a little box. He handed it to me.

I opened it and almost cried. It was my mom's necklace. She passed away and the necklace was what I remembered her by. I was devastated when I lost it. I was 16 back then. "I found it the last time I went back to Nova Scotia. It was at my house, under one of the couches. We used to always hang out at my house and I guess you dropped it there one day. I remembered that it was your mom's that you kept, so I brought it with me when everyone told me that you moved to Pittsburgh,"Sid said. I said,"Thank you so much Sid."

He wiped the tears away from my cheeks. I didn't even realize that I was crying. I looked up at him straight into his hazel eyes for the first time in 6 years. He leaned in. Our lips collided. We pulled away. My breathing was shaky. Sid smiled. I realized what had happened. "So, do I get a second chance, or what?"he asked. I said,"No! I can't believe you kissed me! Leave!" I looked down at the necklace. When I looked back up, Sid was opening the door. It was a full on blizzard out there. "Wait!"I shouted. Sid turned around. "Yeah?"he asked.

I sighed and said,"I can't let you go out there in that kind of weather. Stay until the blizzard stops." He nodded and said,"Thanks." Sid shut the door and just kinda stood there. I awkwardly sat down and said,"Um, you can sit. Make yourself at home." Sid sat down next to me and said,"Look, I'm sorry I kissed you. I just had to feel your lips one more time." I moved a little bit away from him. He moved towards me again. "Why does everything I do make you mad at me?"Sid asked, looking into my green eyes.

I sighed and said,"You're so used to everybody loving you. You just have to get used to me hating you." Sid said,"It's so hard though." I let out a laugh and said,"I know Superstar. You might as well get used to it. I'm not gonna start liking you any sooner." Sid touched my cheek with the back of his hand. I looked up into his eyes. It was pretty hard looking through the bangs covering my eyes. Sid chuckled and put my bangs to the side, looking straight into my eyes. I looked down as Sid smiled. I looked outside. It was still snowing. Then I looked at the clock. 10:54pm.

"Um, I think you should sleep over tonight. There's a practice tomorrow morning at 10, so we can just go together,"I said. Sid said,"Okay, thanks for being nice." I nodded and said,"Well, even when I hate someone,
I'm still nice to them." "Where do I sleep?"Sid asked, looking around. "Guest room. Upstairs, third door on the left,"I said. He nodded and said,"Thanks. Well, good night." "Good night,"I said as he went up the stairs. I went up to my room(which is across from Sid's room) and lay in bed thinking about that kiss.


I'm only on chapter 2 but i love that you actually noticed Tanner Glass haha and yeah :)
LGLaxfreak98 LGLaxfreak98
Interested to see where this goes:)
crosbyfan87 crosbyfan87