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well that's a first


"Coach Q of the Chicago Blackhawks has fought and won in the battle for A.McLean, a talented member of the London Knights, alongside World Junior player Max Domi himself. Why is there so much hype surrounding this one player?

Well, if you haven't heard yet, young McLean will be the first woman to play in the NHL!

Best of luck to Alexis as she heads to Chicago for her first meeting with the Coach and some players, leading up to her first team practice, which will also mean lot of interviews."

First game of the season.

First game of the season on my first NHL team.

First game of the season on my first NHL team as the first women in the NHL.

That's a lot of firsts.

Oh, God, yeah I definitely gotta pee!

disclaimer: the only thing i claim ownership of is the character's that i create, not any of the blackhawks or their coaches. i'm not affiliated with the chicago blackhawks or in any way any hockey organization.

the blackhawks: basically, lexie is 19 when she's drafted and I'm using the current 2015 Blackhawks roster but everyone is two years younger (eg. Sharp is 31, Keith is 29, and Kane and Toews are 24.

if you enjoy the story always feel free to comment or message!


Alexis McLean

Alexis McLean

Lexie McLean. Left Wing. Nineteen. Currently signed to a three-year contract with the Chicago Blackhawks. The first women to play in the NHL. (faceclaim: nina dobrev - her body will obviously be of more of an athletic build)

Jonathan Toews

Jonathan Toews

C (Centerman and Captain) for the Blackhawks. Seemed to have hated Lexie, although he was just trying to avoid her (the whole having a crush on a team mate thing hadn't previously been an issue of his)

Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane

RW for the Blackhawks. Lexie's best friend, also extremely close with Jonathan Toews. Has a deep love for Lexie's dog.

Patrick Sharp & Brent Seabrook

Patrick Sharp & Brent Seabrook

LW and D of the Chicago Blackhawks. Both especially close with Lexie.



Named by Patrick Kane. idk it's a dog pretty self explanatory.



Great start