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Having Faith

Chapter Two


When she got back to the apartment after buying ridiculously priced textbooks Juliette found Riley with about 20 law texts spread across their dinning room table a pen in her hand and a highlighter behind her ear.

“Your professors already give you hundreds of pages to read for the first day of class?” She asked sitting down her books on the couch in the living room.

“Hundreds, thousands it all feels the same anymore.” Riley replied never looking up from the small print.

“And I thought the nurse practitioner program was insane. At least our books have pictures.”
Riley rolled her eyes. Giving her roommate a look.

“Your program is just as hard so don’t play it down just because your books or way more colorful and interesting.”

“I don’t know about interesting but they are definitely easier to read, what is that 10 point font?”

“Maybe 9. God I think it is time for a break. Want to make something or run down the street to get something?”

“Well I am assuming neither of us have been shopping since coming back so unless you want to eat some grape jam and tuna fish I’m thinking we should grab a quick bite and maybe get groceries afterward.”

“I knew I kept you around for a reason.” She said laughing as she headed to her room to grab her coat.
Juliette just glared at her retreating back and looked through the cabinets quickly to make note of anything they might need. Her search told her they pretty much needed everything so it was going to be a long afternoon. Once Riley was back in boots and proper winter attire the two of them left and went down the block to a little diner they frequented. While they waited for their orders the two girls jotted down what they needed on a note pad Riley carried around for quick note taking even though her phone was more than capable of taking notes. After the grocery list was finalized and their stomachs full they bundles back up and headed back to they apartment to grab one of the vehicles rather than carry 10 bags of groceries in the frigid Chicago weather for ten or more blocks.

While they were down the snack aisle, which always ended in way too many packets of cookies, Juliette figured she should let Riley know about her phone call with Jonathan Toews.

“So I talked with Jonathan Toews before I went to the bookstore.” She said casually.

“Really? Was he still a douchebag?” Riley asked not looking away from a thing of double stuffed Oreos.

“No he said he would pay for everything so I told him he could just send me a check but apparently that alone wasn’t enough to make up for the way he acted (Riley scoffed ‘no shit’ she mumbled) so he said I should come to a game and he’ll leave a pair of tickets at will-call for me whenever I’m available.”
That caught Riley’s attention and she looked up from the two packs of Oreos she was debating between.

“He didn’t?”

“You think I would make that up?”

“So when are you going?”

“I don’t know I wanted to ask you when you were free since there are two.”

Riley’s face lit up at Juliette’s remark and she walked over and engulfed as much of her taller friend in a hug as she could.

“You are the best, seriously! It’s been ages since I went to a game and the lockout has been brutal. This is so great. But he is still an asshole.”

Juliette laughed nodding her head in agreement. The two of them left the aisle with only a couple packs of cookies and decided to check their respective schedules once they got home. The rest of the shopping trip was quick and once everything was in their spots in the kitchen they pulled out their calendars. The next week was pretty busy for both of them but with the Hawks shortened season games were practically everyday. They both decided on a day in late February against the Blue Jackets.

After they decided Juliette texted Jon since it seemed easier and with less of a chance of them playing phone tag considering the Hawks were getting ready to leave on a long road trip. He replied not too long after saying no problem and letting her know where to go to find the tickets and what entrance to enter through.

The Hawks were on a bit of a point streak that started with a harsh 5-2 beating over the 2012 Stanley Cup Champs and had extended to 17 games before the game against Columbus. Riley and Juliette were maybe having a bit of a different start of the year with some how even more work than the previous semester and no more time to do it. But long hours between the library and their dining room table they were somehow managing to keep up but they were looking forward to taking a break on Sunday and watching their favorite team hopefully continue their impressive run.

“So did Jon happen to mention anything about after the game?”

“What do you mean? Like going to and meeting the guys to get pictures or something?”

“No I meant like post game celebration at a bar or something.”

“Umm no should I have asked? Should I ask now?”

“No,” Riley said quickly, “I was just thinking if we were I should bring something besides this jersey.”

“Well I don’t think they will just invite us out I mean he doesn’t even know me.”

“It could be a gesture to make up for his shitty behavior.”

Juliette rolled her eyes as she grabbed to only jersey she owned, a Crawford one that she had bought during his struggles last season because even though it was tough he kept his head up and came out even better this year.

“I think the tickets pretty much made up for that.” Juliette said.

“I don’t think so but I’m going to bring a cute top just in case and some awesome heels.”

“Heels? Isn’t it a bit cold and icy?”

“Psst I’ve walked in worse weather.”
“Whatever you say. Well I’m going to be sensible and wear flat shoes I mean I’m already 5’11” I don’t think I need to add 3 inches to my height.”

“We can’t all be tall. And don’t wear you converse for the love of god.”

“I wasn’t going to calm down. I have cute flats.”

Juliette grabbed the shoes from her closet and a shirt Riley threw at her. She hadn’t worn it yet considering how it wasn’t pretty much specifically for a night spent out at a club. And with school and everything she hadn’t been out for a while.

Once they were both ready and in their game clothes they locked up the apartment and headed down to Riley’s car, she insisted on driving and paying for parking since Juliette was the reason they had tickets.

The United Center was already busy considering it was about 45 minutes to puck drop. But still surprising considering it was only the Blue Jackets, who were moving in the right direction but not quite a super exciting opponent. But the Hawks point streak was not going unnoticed by the city so the crowds were even bigger than normal it seemed.

Once Juliette and Riley found will-call and gotten their tickets along with two jerseys one being his and the other being a Kane jersey the girls made their way into the UC with the crowd. After getting their tickets back from being scanned Juliette checked their tickets to see their seat location. The seats weren’t glass seats but they were a pretty penny non-the-less. They were in the 100s sort of near the back to give a good view of the entire ice.

After the girls located their seats they figured their was enough time to grab some beer and food before the teams came out for warm ups. Not surprisingly the lines were long everywhere so they just picked the first spot they found and waited. After about five minutes they placed their orders and made their way back to the seats. They guys were already out when they were seated. Juliette put her beer down and looked at the insane amount of nachos before her. She probably could have split it with Riley but she just shrugged and grabbed a chip. Riley was busy watching warm ups and seemed to be following someone on the ice. When Juliette looked she noticed it was Jonny who seemed to be looking in their general direction when he skated by. The next time he did he noticed Juliette gave a small nod and focused his attention more fully on warm ups. He must have been worried she wouldn’t show.

Warms up ended and pretty soon the one and only Jim Cornelison opened the game with the Star Spangled Banner. But like that the carpet was of the ice and Jonny was lining up against the Blue Jackets to take a face off. With a quick win from the Hawks’ captain the game was off.

The game didn’t seem like it was going to ever have a goal until late in the second when Shaw put in a nice pass from Bickell and that ended the period on a high note. The third period was pretty intense considering it was only a one goal game but Crawford shut down every attempt and ended the game with his first shutout of the season and the teams first shutout in about 100+ days. It was a great game even without a ton of scoring.

Once it was over Juliette pulled out the other thing she noticed in the ticket envelope. Apparently Jon had thrown in a couple of passes to get them access to the restricted part of the UC. So they asked a security guard and he pointed them in the right direction. When they made it to where they were suppose to be they were told to wait in the hall and Toews would be out as soon as he was done. It took quite some time probably close to 20 minutes but considering Jon was the captain the press was always looking for a quote or two plus he for sure needed to shower neither were surprised. Riley just killed time on her phone occasionally showing Juliette some quotes from the team that were already on Twitter, while Juliette played some game that was popular at the moment.

Some guys started to trickle out of the room and really didn’t pay any attention to the random girls just hanging outside their locker room fans being down there must have been pretty normal.
Jon eventually came out by himself with a bag full of what seemed to be water bottles. Juliette knew hockey players, like all athletes, after and during a game needed to stay hydrated but he seemed to be over doing it a bit.

“Hey, I am glad you could make it Juliette.” He said drawing her attention away from the bag of bottles.

“Me too,” she said, “The seats were great and thank you for the jerseys.”

“I see you didn’t wear it though.” He said smiling at her in his goalie’s number.

“Well Riley already had #19 on so I figured that would suffice. Plus as much as I like Kane as a player I already had my favorite player’s jersey on.

“I understand completely. And it’s nice to meet you Riley.” Jon said extending his hand.

Riley shook his hand while her cheeks turned a light pink. Juliette was surprised considering how angry she had been earlier she was afraid she might say something but a speechless Riley is pretty rare. That’s when she noticed a short blond had stuck up on them.

“So Jon which poor girl did you rear end with your car?” Patrick Kane asked his captain and the other half of the Hawk’s faces of the franchise.

Jon rolled his eyes at the blond but introduced Juliette to Patrick who was just about her height. They shook hands and then Juliette introduced Riley to him but her response was nothing like with Jonathan. Patrick asked if they wanted to go out with the team for celebratory drinks. Juliette was reluctant but Riley quickly agreed before Juliette could say anything. Jonathan reassured Juliette that it wouldn’t be anything too crazy considering their shortened season where days off were few and far between.
Once everything was settled they headed out to the parking lot. The group included most of the team, and some of their girlfriends, except for a few of the players who had wives and kids at home but the group was still fairly large.

“Nice jersey.” Someone said from beside Juliette.

“Thanks.” Juliette said blushing slightly at Corey Crawford’s comment.

He just smiled and continued walking with her and the rest of the team.
Jon decided that he would take the girls to their vehicles and meet the rest of the guys at there usual post-game spot. As they were pulling up to Riley’s car Jon looked like he remembered something and turned to look at Juliette.

“So how much do I owe you for the damages?” He asked.

“Oh well I did get an estimate but you really don’t have to do that. I mean you gave use game tickets and jerseys I’m sure we’re even.” She said trying to avoid the pity from the man.

“No I said I would pay so I am going to. What did the shop say?” He asked looking at her.
Juliette hesitated but Riley knew the estimate was in her purse so she jumped from Jon’s SUV to dig through Juliette’s purse which she had left in Riley’s trunk. When she finally had it she quickly handed it to Jon before Juliette grab it. Jon looked the paper over and said he would write Juliette a check after their drinks. Juliette thanked him hopped into Riley’s car and they followed Jon into the city. About ten minutes from the arena they pulled into a parking lot for a bar across the street. Riley grabbed her other clothes from the car then told Jon that she needed to change so he turned around.
Riley quickly shed her jersey and replaced it with a brown sequin top as well as replacing her flat shoes with some ridiculous heels. She looked at Juliette as if to say ‘what are you waiting for change’. Being a bit more reserved then her friend Juliette flushed but slipped off her Crawford jersey and Blackhawks top quickly replacing it with the ‘club’ top as she now referred to it. She threw her coat back on because the cold was brutal and not the ideal weather to be changing in.

Once at the bar’s enterence Jon easily got them into to the club given his ‘celebrity’ status. Inside was pretty busy but the team was easy to find considering they were in a sectioned off area. Kane was the first to notice them and walked up immediately to ask Juliette what she was drinking promising her Tazer would take care of her bill. So she let the blond order for her and joined him at a table with some of the ‘kids’ and Crawford.

“So you’re the girl that the captain was a dick to?” Shaw asked.

“I guess so. And you scored a goal or something tonight right?” She asked sarcastically.

“The GWG and only goal!” He told her with way too much enthusiasm.

“Is he always that loud?” Juliette asked Leddy who was standing next to her.

“Worse usually, I don’t know how I live with him.”

“HEY! I’m going to find Chaunette she won’t be so mean to the guy who won us the game.”
Crawford raised his eyebrow as Shaw said that.

“Excuse me?”

“I mean besides you buddy. Congrats on the shutout by the way.”

“Thanks now go bother your girlfriend, Mutt.”

Shaw walked away leaving her with Leddy, Saad (was he old enough to be in here?), Crawford, and Kane who had just come back with her drink plus shots.

“Shots for the shutout and an 18 game point streak.” He told the group.

The guys each grabbed a shot including Saad, there was no way he was 21 even with the facial hair, Juliette thought.

“Don’t think you’re getting out of this lady.” Kane said to her.

“Can I bow out saying I have classes tomorrow?”

“No! Poor excuse and one won’t kill you, come on.”

Juliette just rolled her eyes. She had no idea what is was in the drink but it was a bright neon color and she was a bit worried considering Kane was the one who got it. They all raised their glasses including the other guys on around cheering to Corey and the 18-point streak. Once she took the shot and got a taste it wasn’t too bad but man was it strong. She decided to stick with her mixed drink for a while.

“So they let 19 year olds in here?” Juliette asked looking at Saad.

Leddy started cracking up. The rest of the table chuckled but Saad sort of frowned.

“I’m twenty actually.” He told her with a surprisingly soft voice given his size.

“Sorry kid. Well I guess you don’t look too young so they let it slide huh?”

“That’s why he’s the Man Child!” Kane laughs from beside Saad jostling him a bit.

Saad seemed to relax realizing Juliette was just giving him a hard time.

“Well come on are you even of age?” Leddy asks her looking her over like he doesn’t believe she’s actually 21.

“I think I’m older than you kid so yeah.”

“Really I don’t know if I believe you!”

“Why’s that?”

“You just look like you could be my younger sister.”

“It’s probably because my hairs up. I promise you I’m of age the only one allowed to be underage drinking it that guy.” She said pointing at Saad.

“I don’t know Leddy I think you have a point. I’m going to have to see some ID. I don’t want to be caught giving a minor alcohol.”

Juliette just rolled her eyes and pulled her ID out of her back pocket, she hated bringing a clutch or purse into a club. She handed it over to Kane and he quickly scanned it she knew exactly when he found her birthdate because his eyes sort of got bigger.

“You’re older than me? But you said you’re in school.”

“Graduate school, yes. So yeah I’m 25.”

“Jeez so you’re pretty smart?”

“I guess? It’s just more of the same stuff just more in depth to what you want to study specifically.”

“So what are you going for?” Leddy asked.

“Well I have a nursing degree already but I want to be a nurse practitioner which requires a Masters’ so I’m going to Loyola right now and I will be done in the spring.

The guys all seemed impressed. It wasn’t anything unusual but they were all professional athletes. School to them was probably always second after hockey so degrees probably seemed unreachable, in a sense, to them.

“It’s really nothing guys most people do it all the time. I mean not all of us are born to be professional athletes.”

They all sort of took in her comment and went back to their drinks. Kane wanted to head down to the dance floor with Saad but the rookie wasn’t having any of that so he ran of towards his captain who was standing with Riley and a couple of the other guys. Kane just laughed and some how got Leddy to follow him, they promised Juliette they would talk to her again before they left for the night.

About that time Riley must have become pretty restless because she was grabbing Juliette away from Corey, the only one left at the table, and over towards mass of people on the dance floor. She just looked over her shoulder and gave Corey a look like ‘what can you do?’ he laughed and was joined by his captain, probably to give him a personal congratulations.

The girls danced for a bit before Leddy and Kane found them. Kane clearly did not care that his dance moves were basically limited to the ‘Kaner Shuffle’ while Leddy just stood there and laughed at him. But after another round of shots the four loosened up a bit and just danced without a care. Before they went back to their table Leddy gave them another shot which Juliette was starting to feel considering it was her third plus her drink, which seemed to always be replaced before the other was emptied. So she was probably a bit tipsy and sitting down seemed like a great idea. Once she sat down Riley basically laid on her causing Juliette to be shoved into Crawford who was talking with Jon next to them.

“Sorry! Someone decided to fall on top of me.”

Corey laughed and just waved his hand like it was no big deal.

“Is she starting to feel all the drinks?” He asked.

“Yeah she’s a bit of a light weight so I forgive her.”

“Fuck off. It’s not my fault I’m short.” Riley said into Juliette’s arm.

The other three laughed and she flipped them off without even looking up.

“I think I’ll wait till I’m sobered up and drive us home. Be lucky your first class isn’t until noon Riley.”

Riley grunted from her spot not wanting to acknowledge that it was a school night. Jon offered to drive them home but Corey looked at his captain and told him he didn’t think Jon wasn't quite sober enough to drive either so he took off towards the bar to grab some water. Once the four of them had finished the water Corey still seemed like the only one okay enough to drive them home. He told Juliette he would drop them off and that Riley’s car would be fine till tomorrow afternoon so Juliette gathered up Riley and headed out to his car. Unfortunately it was his small sports car and not his bigger vehicle so it was going to be a bit of a squeeze.

Riley seemed to be complaining about something as Juliette put her in the back seat and then followed after her.

“I want to sit by Jon he looks more comfortable and warm then you.” She told Juliette.

Juliette made eye contact with Corey through his rear view mirror and the two shared eye rolls. Jon just grinned from the front seat but no one made a move as if to switch seats.

“You wound me Riley.”

“I still like you best but I’m not attracted to you sorry babe.” She said implying that she was attracted to Jon.

Jon flushed but his grin got even bigger and Corey just laughed at the drunken exchange.

“Alright love birds lets get you home.”

Corey decided to drop the girls off first and then take Jon back to his place to crash for the night. Luckily Juliette could give directions and they were pulling up to their apartment building in no time. With some help from Corey they got Riley out of the back because she was refusing to help at all while Jon just watch the whole thing half asleep.

Once Corey was back in his car Juliette asked him to let her know when they got home, before she could rethink it and realizing she sounded like a concerned mom. He just laughed got her phone number and told him they would be fine before he drove back downtown.

Juliette easily got Riley to their apartment after the girl started to take some of her own weight. She took her to her room and let Riley change while she grabbed a bottle of water and some Tylenol for the morning. Riley was already changed and passed out by the time she returned so she just left the stuff on her bed side table and set her phone alarm to give her enough time to get to class.
Juliette got ready for bed herself and just before she was getting into bed her phone buzzed signaling a text it was from a number she didn’t know but she had a feeling it was Corey.

(From: Unknown) Made it back safe.

Juliette programed the number into her phone.

(To: Corey) Thanks for letting me know! We made it over here too.

(From: Corey) Good to hear. I hope you had fun and hopefully you can come out again. Maybe this time without getting into an accident with one of my teammates.

Juliette laughed.

(To:Corey) We’ll see I guess. Goodnight.

(From: Corey) Night Juliette.

With that Juliette set her alarm hoping to get a decent amount of sleep before her 10 a.m. class in the morning.


So it's been about 84 years since I updated this and I sincerely apologize for that. I know I don't enjoy waiting for updates especially when it takes a year basically but being an adult is hard.

***But the important part is that if you haven't reread the first chapter you should do that because I changed A LOT. Before it was set in the 2011-12 season and my OC was 21 but now it is the lockout season and I made Juliette and her roommate a bit older. I just thought the character was too typical (because she was me in a way) and I didn't really like where the story went the first time around. So please read chapter one again and then come back here for chapter two.

I'm trying my hardest to sort of keep the guys in a relatively believable character but I don't know them except from interviews and goofy BHTV specials.

Well I hope you like the new direction I took and I will try and update this more regularly but I'm not promising anything.

Thanks for reading.


P.S. Any feedback is welcome! And I apoligize for any grammar or writing mistakes now. I edit it myself because I don't really know anyone who would be willing to do that for me.


I'm so glad you both like it! I just felt in the original story Juliette had that 'mary sue' personality and I didn't want that!
But I'm happy you like the changes and I will start working on chapter three ASAP and try to find better subtitles for the chapter :)

agourlay agourlay

Loved the re-written first chapter :) and second chapter was amazing!! I love your style of writing!! can't wait for the next chapter

still good

I have been thinking about this story for awhile and I will try my damn hardest to edit the second chapter tonight!
And I'll post more in a AN to explain the extremely long absence!
Thank you for the comment!

agourlay agourlay

updateee please love this :)