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Having Faith


Juliette was just trying to make it through nursing school when a car accident with a certain Captain Serious creates a chain of events in the young woman's life.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and I own nothing related to the Chicago Blackhawks franchise. Only the original characters are mine.

Author's Note: *4/7/14* As of today I'm going to try my best to try to post every week or two. With this I have changed a lot from my original story line so please reread Chapter One again. Thank you so much


  1. Chapter One

    In which Captain Serious is a douche but, an attractive douche.

  2. Chapter Two

    A game and a shutout. It's been A LONG time for both.


I'm so glad you both like it! I just felt in the original story Juliette had that 'mary sue' personality and I didn't want that!
But I'm happy you like the changes and I will start working on chapter three ASAP and try to find better subtitles for the chapter :)

agourlay agourlay

Loved the re-written first chapter :) and second chapter was amazing!! I love your style of writing!! can't wait for the next chapter

still good

I have been thinking about this story for awhile and I will try my damn hardest to edit the second chapter tonight!
And I'll post more in a AN to explain the extremely long absence!
Thank you for the comment!

agourlay agourlay

updateee please love this :)