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I Can Wait Forever

Chapter 1-Meeting You Was Fate...

Charlee's POV:

I smiled as I thumbed through my old photo album. I traced my finger around the fifteen year old face of my boyfriend Carey Price. The picture was taken a few months after we met and remembered that day vividly...it was a warm July night in Anahim Lake, I had just moved there from Montreal with my mother. My parents had gotten a divorce and well...my mother got me and my dad got my brother, Luc...

"Why do we have to move, mom?" I asked her as we loaded some things into the car

"Because, Charlotte, your father got the house." my mother replied sharply

My heart was completely broken. I mean, my parent's divorce wasn't a surprise to me, they had fought ever since I could remember. The fights were never physical, but still. Five months ago, my mom had decided she had had enough and filed for divorce. The court battles were the worst and in the end, I was "granted" to my mother and my 13 year old brother, Luc, was "granted" to my father. Another piece of the divorce, was that me and mom had to leave our home and we were moving 3,000 miles away to Vancouver.

My names' Charlotte Arquette, but I like to be called Charlee. I'm fifteen and from Montreal, Canada. I speak French and English fleuntly, I like writing music and I play the guitar. I'm sort of a "fashionista". Fashion is just something I've always loved. I'd consider myself to be happy and carefree. This is me. This is who I am, but on this day...this day I'm Charlotte, who is moving across the country with her mother.

I hardly remembered the 2 day long trip "Charlee, wake up. We're home." my mother said, shaking me awake. 'Home' I remember laughing to myself about her calling this place 'home'.

I woke up from my seat in the car and looked at our new house, it was small and quaint, but it looked cozy. I sat up and got out of the car, grabbing my backpack from the back. "Salut
." a boy's voice called from the sidewalk.

I turned around and was met by a boy, who looked about my age. He was average height, with black hair and was wearing hockey goalie gear, holding his helmet in his hand. "Bonjour." I replied with a small smile. He was cute.

"Bienvenue à Anahim Lake. Mon nom est Carey, quel est votre nom?(Welcome to Anahim Lake. My name is Carey, what's your name?)" he asked

I smiled at him, "Merci. Mon nom est Charlotte, mais vous pouvez m'appeler Charlee. Parlez-vous anglais?(Thanks. My name is Charlotte, but you can call me Charlee. Do you speak English?)"

"Oui." he laughed. "I speak English. So you're just moving in?"

I nodded, "Yeah. Me and my mom." I said, motioning towards the house and my mom trying to figure out how to keep the door open.

Carey smiled at me, "I guess we're neighbors. I live across the street." he said, pointing to the house directly acrross from mine. "How old are you?"

"I'm fifteen." I replied

"Cool, me too...well I will be next month." he laughed

"So you play hockey?" I asked

Carey nodded, "Yeah. I'm a goalie. Do you play?"

I laughed and shook my head, "Oh no...I'm not much of a sports player, but I watch."

He smiled, "Cool. Well I gotta get home for supper. It was nice meeting you, Charlee."

I smiled and watched him walk into his house...suddenly, living half-way across the country, suddenly didn't seem too bad...

"Charle, supper is ready." Carey called from the kitchen

"Okay." I replied smiling at the photo once more. We were only fifteen then, but I knew he was something special...and here we were, eleven years later living in Montreal together.


Okay, so this is how this is gunna go. I'm going to have past events mixed in with "recent" ones:) All things "past" will be in italics.


Keep 'er going!!! :)