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I Can Wait Forever

Chapter 2-Becoming Your Friend Was Choice...

Carey's POV:

I put the rest of my gear into my bag. Me, PK Subban, Colby Armstrong, and a few other guys had just got done with an optional practice. "Rendez-vous demain, Carey.(See you tomorrow, Carey." Rene Bourque called, waving.

"Au revoir.(Goodbye)" I called back, heading out to my car. We were in mid-season and today was one of our optional practices. The drive back to mine and Charlotte's house was a half-hour, which I never minded because I liked having time to myself to think and clear my head.

I turned on the radio and flipped through a few stations. Just then, a familiar song came onto the radio. Avril Lavigne's "Coplicated.", I smiled as I remembered the day after I met Charlee...

I looked across the street seeing her play her guitar on the front porch. "Mom, I'm gonna go across the street and see the new neighbors..." I called as I headed outside, looking both ways before crossing the street.

Charlee was singing, "Tell me...why'd you have to go and make things so complicated...I see the way you're...oh hi."

I smiled, "Hi. Sorry if I scared you..."

She laughed, "It's fine. I was just singing...do you like Avirl?"

"She's okay. You have a great voice."

"Thanks." she smiled

"So, did you get all moved in?" I asked, sitting beside her

"Mostly...my mom still has some kitchen things to unpack and I have some clothes to put away." I smiled

"Do you need any help?"

"If you want to." she laughed

I smiled at her, she had the cutest laugh ever. "Sure. I don't have to play today."

"So you play for a local team?" she asked, leading me inside her house.

"Well...not right now, but I should be playing for the Western Hockey League soon." I smiled

"Cool. So this is my room." she said with a smile.

Her walls were covered with band posters of The Beatles, The Who, Avril Lavigne and a few other bands. She had some pictures on her walls of her with some other girls and then had another photo of her and a boy, that looked like he could be her brother. "It's nice." I smiled

"Thanks. This is me and my little brother, Luc. He stayed in Montreal with my dad." she said. I just nodded as we sat down and folded some tshirts and put them away in her dresser. "Have you lived here your whole life?"

"Yeah with my mom and dad and sister, Kayla. If you don't mind me asking...why doesn't Luc live with you and your mom?"

She looked down, "My parent's got divorced and my dad got custody of him and my mom got me."

"I'm sorry..."

"It's okay...I mean it's difficult, but we have to move on, you know? I mean so far it's been good here and I got to call my dad." she replied with a soft smile

I smiled back at her, "So you like it here?"

"Yeah...I mean I've already made a friend." she said looking up at me

I smiled back, "I'm glad I can be your friend..."

I smiled to myself as I pulled into our driveway, remembering that day. She had just moved into my neighborhood and we became friends right away. Every day after that, we'd hang out together and talk. Charlee had taught me to play guitar and we'd even play hockey together. She was my best-friend and still was.

"Hey. How was practice?" she asked, pulling he reading glasses off as I walked into the door.

I smiled as I leaned down to kiss her, "It was great. The game tomorrow should be a good one. So what do you want for supper?" I asked, going to the kitchen and looking in the fridge.

"I thought maybe we could go out tonight." she called back to me

I smiled, "That sounds good. Where do you want to go?"

"Does Da Vinci sund good to you?"

"Sounds excellent." I said smiling, heading to the bedroom to change my clothes.

Charlee came in and hugged me, "I love you."

I kissed her, "Je t'aime, Charlee.(I love you, Charlee)"


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