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Falling For The Enemy

chapter 1

Taylor's POV
Today i was moving with my brother Sidney Crosby, and yeah the Crosby the face of the NHL

My parents are making me move with him since i got in trouble with the cops for the 3th time and there tired of it so there sending me there to see if i can change

Right now im waiting for my brother to pick me up from the airport but he's still not here a couple of minutes later i got a phone call

Phone convo (t- for taylor and s- for sidney)

S- hey fleury and i are here were are you

T- by the lugage
S-okay on my way
End of convo

I see my brother and fleury coming closer to me

"Hey sis" sid said hugging me
"Hey sid, hey fleury" i said
"Hey tay" fleury said hugging me
"Vero missed you" he told me
"I missed her too" i told him
"Okay well we should get going we have a game tonight" my brother tell me and fleury
"Okay" i say as we left the airport

At the house

"Do you remenber were your room is" sid ask me
"Yeah" i say as i took my stuff and went to my room
I stared unpacking when i heard someone yelling
"Weres my best friend" yelled someone but i knew who it was
"Beau" i yelled running down the stairs
When i got downstairs i ran into beau arms
" I missed my best friend" beau said
" I missed you too" i tell him
" I still can't believe you left me with these idiots" he said when we reliesed the hug
"HEYYYY" sid and brandon sutter yelled brandon had come with him
"Hey you coming to the game tonight" my brother asked me
"Sure why not... Who are you playing"
"The Flyers" my brother said
"Awesome this is going to be a great game" you said
"Yup" my brother said
"And if you could get in a fight with giroux tonight that would be even better" i told my brother laughting
" Will just for you" my brother said hugging me my brother got ready and we left brandon and beau followed us there

Hope you like it!!

Just to let you know she hates giroux in the biginning but then she starts to like him


hope you liked it!!:)


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