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Falling For The Enemy

chapter 2

Taylor's POV
When we arrived at the game my brother went to the lockeroom to get ready so i went to my seets i wdnt and sit with Vero Marc-Andre wife
"Omg tay i missed you" she said hugging me
" I missed you to V" i told her
We watch the game, my brother ended up in a fight against Giroux, my brother obvs won the fight.
The penguins won 3-2
When we were done i got a text from Max Talbot ( pretend he still play's for the Flyers) saying i needed to go see him
I didn't want to go so i just told him to come see me when he got out of the lockeroom
I went to see my brother to congragulate him on winning the fight against giroux
"Hey nice fight" i told my brother hugging him
"Thanks sis" he told me
I went to congragulate the other when max texted me to go see him that he was outside waiting
"Hey sid all be back im going to go see someone" i told my brother
"Who" he ask
"An old friend " i told him
"Dude she's obvs going to see talbot" marc said
I left and went to see him
"Hey" i said hugging him
"Je ter beaucoup manquer" ( i really missed you) he said
I knew french since i took it in school
"Moi aussi" (me too) i said
"Comment sa va mon ami" ( how are you my friend) he said
"Bien toi"( good you) i said
"Bien"(good) he said
"Hey talbot we need to go" giroux came and said
"I faux jalle mes je te parlera betot" ( i need to go but i will talk to you later) he said
"Okay bye" i said
I went back to see my brother and we left
"Hey we have an away game tomorrow against them again want to come, i talked to coach he said you could" my brother asked me
"Sure what time do we leave" i asked my brother
"3 in the morning so pack when we get home since we leave in like 4 hours" he told me
"Okay" i said
When we got home i went straight to my room and stared to pack
I got dress into comfy clothes (picture) and watched tv till we had to leave to go to the airport
At the airport
"Hey zoe you coming with us" marc asked
"Yeah" i said
We got on the plane i sat next to kris letang and fell asleep

Hope you liked it!!! comment to let me know if you liked it


let me know if you liked it!!:)


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