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Falling For The Enemy

chapter 3

Taylor's POV
We got to the hotel in like 7 in the morning so i went to bed till 10
When i woke up i went to take a shower and got dress ( in the picture 1st) and decided to go in the city my best friend from halifax that i do everything with is here for a week so i decided to hangout with her
And if your wondering she's just like me
" Hey sid i'm going out" i told him
"Were" he asked me
" I don't know ive never been here before so i wanted to explore" i told him
If he knew i was going with kayla he wouldn't be happy
"Okay" he said
I left and met kayla at starbuck
"Hey tay" she said hugging me
"Hey kay" i told her
"So how are you" she asked me
"Good you" i asked her
"Good" she said
We keep talking till she had to leave when we said goodbye i saw some Flyers arriving
There was Max, Giroux, couturier, and both Schenn max had saw me and waited till kayla left to came see me
"Hey was that kayla" max asked me
"Yes and please don't tell my brother i'm not supose to hangout with her" i told him
"Yeah and you now there a perfectly good reason why too" he told me
" Please just don't tell him he to pretective he doesn't want me to hangout with any of them" i told him
"Yeah well maybe next time don't do something to get you into trouble" he told
"Yeah i know i lerned my leson when my parents made me move with him and now i can't see them" i told him
The other came to see what was going on and asked who i was
"Guys this is Taylor" max told them
"Hey" i said and waved
"Wait werent you the girl max was talking to at the penguins game yesterday" Giroux asked me
"Yup" i said
"Then what are you doing in philadelphia" he asked again
"Because you guys are playing against my brother again tonight" i told him
"Wait you're brother is on that team" he asked me curious
"Yes" i said
"Who" brayden schenn asked
"The one Giroux lost a fight against last night..." I said
"Crosby" they all said with shocked faces
"Yup and i have to go by max" i said and left

Hope you guys liked it!!:)


hope you liked it!!:)


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